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User Review : Devil May Cry 4

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    May The Devil Cry a River?

    I'm reviewing the game as I speak, I thought this would make the review more short and pure.

    As I look on, I can say that the graphics are the best I have seen in any multiplat so far, this is probaply do to the fact that the Ps3 was the lead development platform. We all know how some 360 lead developments went...

    Sound is beautiful, it is pure and feel as though its cleaning your ears.
    No, screen tearing, no frame issues....little mind herrasing jaggies but, who cares..

    The cut-scenes are just phenomenal, I have never seen any such action choreography in any type of medium period. Every time I take down a boss it feels as though I have actually accomplished something.

    Keep in mind guys, I'm reviewing this as I play so I apologies for the bad review terms. It is better to have it more user focused like this any way, instead of it being a term paper.

    The dificulty as as much as ever with DMC4, I personally thought DMC3 was easy as cake, but for some reason this takes me a lot longer to clear...have I gotten old, or is it just my inteligence going down from all those mindless hours of games?

    Character presentation is very detailed, it feels like you are watching a AAA movie...from the first scene to the last where you finally defeat your foe.

    The story is VERY intruiging, it actually took me time and thought to figure out some key parts of the story.. I really like that. DMC4 is looking to be the new Final Fantasy to me.. minus all the useless hours of slow RPG movements.

    All in all, DMC4 is a must play for each and every true gamer as it offer best of all worlds.

    The fair rate for this game would be a ( and I know .. don't be shocked!)

    Top notch
    Very good for a multiplat
    Very pure
    Fun Factor
    With the recent added ranking lists on the PS3, its looking good for both consoles.
    not bad, but very far from a real online game...
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    Kulupoo3762d ago

    can you tell us abit about the online function? i would love to know more

    Mercutio3762d ago

    The Online function is only available on Ps3 :(

    There is this world ranking system, so you can see who is the best devil hunter, it also lets you see how good your friends are, PLUS there are achievements ( first ps3 game to have it...)

    paul_war3761d ago

    Uncharted has an achievment system, you unlock points upto 1000 for compleating tasks, collecting things etc. Not online though.

    Kulupoo3761d ago

    I just got it 2day... installing right now... and reviewing Dante's past while waiting through the installing...
    maybe I should pop in DMC1/3 to my PS2 and play abit of that...(I HATE DMC2)

    3761d ago
    ACX1743760d ago

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree. Although I really like the DMC series, DMC4 lacks originality to have it be as high of a score that you gave it. The gameplay is great, of course that's what it is mainly about for the DMC series however this game does not create anything unique as DMC3 did by taking a step forward in terms of gameplay since it feels very similar to as if you were playing DMC3. Of course the graphics are nice (what isn't nowadays) and considering that puzzles were rather odd (note the camera still needs work because your faced with a hard angle sometimes making it difficult to see what your doing, obstacles feel rather weird since the controls don't really match it) and considering this is next generation, it could have used more work. By all means this is not a bad game, nor does it deserve a low score, but this score seems too high.

    I felt this review was rather biased and was not judged in a fair way because to rate or judge anything, you have to look at it from all angles not just your own personal thoughts.

    ASTAROTH3757d ago

    but just too high in my opinion. As for the game being a good looking multiplat effort I have yet to play the 360 version to state my opinion. Its been nearly half a year after the only better version of a multiplat game on PS3. That game was Oblivion. To me not even Call of Duty 4 has detrone Oblivion. Speaking of CO4 I dont understand why most people said it was better looking on the PS3. I am a PS3 fan who also have a 360 and to me, after comparing both version the 360 is way better looking. Better textures, aliasing, colors, controls,etc. Just in the sound dept the PS3 version wins. Im tired of multiplat games that looks better on the 360 and my expectations are higher for MP nowadays. After played Uncharted and RCF I am convinced thet the PS3 is more than capable of better looking multiplats than the 360.

    I dont want developers to downgrade the game to run smoth on both platforms ( anyone have played NBA 2K8? looked worse than 2K7. ) I want devs to take the time effort and love that the PS3 needs. Thats why most people dont buy MP on the PS3. Did you knew that devs??. Anyway if a game as good looking as DMC4 could run better and look sligthy better on the PS3 why LOST PLANET looks so [email protected]!!??

    I dont get all these MP development so for now I will continue to buy MP on the 360. The only exeption OBLIBION...and now DMC4. Time to go and play the 360 version in a friend's house. Time to compare. LOL!

    Niclas3711d ago

    Finally a review that isnt f*ck up, gj man