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XViREnt Passes Kickstarter Campaign, New Teaser Video Launched

53m ago - Upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible online title XViREnt has officially passed its Kickstart... | PC

How to Set an Appropriate Atmosphere for Your Game

4h ago - A blog post about a philosophical concept known as 'embodied cognition' and how this applies to g... | Dev

N-Fusion’s Jeff Birns on Founding a Studio, Shifting to Mobile, and Deus Ex: The Fall

4h ago - Gamesauce says: "To learn more about N-Fusion and The Fall, GameSauce interviewed the CEO of N-Fu... | iPhone

A Massive Entertainment exclusive: From 'Ground Control' to 'The Division'

10h ago - Artists, survivalists, perfectionists, these are some of the traits you could use to describe Mas... | PC

Dark Souls II Review

Now - Drew digs deep into Dark Souls II and delivers a first… | Promoted post

Revised Tuscany Demo Now Available

14h ago - A new downloadable demo has been made available for Oculus Rift users today, as Firelight Technol... | PC

Zoe Quinn's Follow Up To Depression Quest Will Be A FMV Game

14h ago - Ricky from Twinfinite writes; "The FMV genre is one of the most mocked types of the games in the... | Dev

Dark Lands: Making a Game True to Ourselves

17h ago - Gamesauce says: "Mingle Games is an independent game development studio with main focus on mobile... | Mobile

Naughty Dog: Next Uncharted Will “Benefit Heavily” From The Last of Us Dialogue System

21h ago - T1 - There’s a lot more to a dialogue system than meets the ears. In a recent interview with The... | PS3

Why Wulverblade's developer abandoned iPhone - and his savings

1d 1h ago - Interesting interview with Michael Heald, the developer of stunning looking Xbox One historical h... | PC

The Last Federation Out Today, 25% Off During Launch Week

1d 1h ago - Arcen Games: "Arcen Games is proud to announce The Last Federation launches today for Windows PC,... | PC

Sony Reveal Project Morpheus Multiplayer Plans

1d 2h ago - Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus is the latest step into virtual reality (VR)... | PS4

Is DRM good for games?

1d 4h ago - Today on Friends List, Features Editor Russ Pitts and Reporter Dave Tach ask: Is DRM good for games? | PC

TLF Video: Watch Lead Dev Chris Get Repeatedly Smashed By Hard Mode

1d 8h ago - Arcen Games: "From the creators of AI War: Fleet Command comes The Last Federation -- an all-new... | PC

Popup Dungeon: Making a More Immediate Game

1d 8h ago - Gamesauce says: "Based in Texas, Triple.B.Titles is a studio run by family. After working on thei... | PC

The Escapits: Interview with Mouldy Toof Studios' Chris Davis - TGH

1d 8h ago - At this year’s EGX Rezzed we spoke to Mouldy Toof Studios’ Chris Davis about his newest game, The... | PC

Dynamic Global Illumination in Fable Legends

1d 16h ago - Lionhead : "Since Epic released the full Unreal Engine 4 source to subscribers, we've had a nu... | Xbox One

F2P: Both sides need to stop looking at statistics, and start looking at society

1d 19h ago - Michael Cromwell takes a critical look at the societal acceptance and non-acceptance of free-to-p... | Industry

Snap Marty Up Quick, 343i - O'Donnell Is Halo

2d ago - Dealspwn: "It began immediately -- comments, Tweets, status updates all suggesting that 343 Indus... | Xbox 360

The NewsCube Podcast: PAX East, Steam Controller and Final Fantasy XIV

2d ago - The Cubed Gamers team takes on the issues of the day in gaming with their weekly podcast. | PS4

Interview: The new Shaq Fu will have DLC

2d ago - An interview with the devs at bBig Deez reveals plans for extras to the sequel to one of the wors... | PC

Follow N4G on Twitter

Now - Follow N4G on twitter and get the hottest news of the day as well as early contest announcements. | Promoted post

Secret Santa: It’s a Stealthy Xmas – A Rediscoverable Seasonal Game

2d ago - Gamesauce says: "Secret Santa: It's a Stealthy Xmas is an HTML5 stealth-based platform game with... | PC

0rbitalis: Interview with Alan Zucconi - TGH

2d ago - At this year’s EGX Rezzed TGH got to stand in the indie games tunnel and speak to Alan Zucconi ab... | PC

JetGetters Just Cancelled Their Kickstarter, Giving Funders The Game & Their Money Back

2d ago - It's a well-timed act of goodwill, in this time when crowdfunds have faced increasing skepticism. | PC

How MMOs on Consoles Will Change Multiplayer & The Way We Game

2d ago - Whether you see this as a good or bad thing, MMOs have been made available on consoles and they a... | Culture

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel May Not Be Full Price

2d ago - The new Borderlands game's size raised quite a few eyebrows because of its obvious similarities t... | Dev
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