Dev of the Day : Harebrained Schemes
  Strategic Combat with Sci-fi and Magic Mixed gives you Shadowrun Re...

From FogKnight   RPGs are one of the biggest genres in the history of gaming. As text-based video games have role-playing elements implemented in...

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Does Warren Spector Have a Point?

527d ago - Mike writes, "The other day, game developer Warren Spector was giving a talk at DICE and he made... | Industry

Out of continues Ep 61: Non Linear Games

533d ago - Stafa and Ali talk about Far Cry 3 and Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed this week. The main t... | PC

Our Week in Games – Week 25

533d ago - Nick Writes: Chris is off this week putting the world to rights. As a result, I get the honour of... | PC

Making those Old Game Shine

535d ago - A feature piece on several mods for old PC games. | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

CGPodcast Jan 04, 2013

562d ago - This week on the C&G Podcast the crew talk about Sword and Sworcery for Android, Tomb Raider Mult... | Xbox 360

The deleted scenes of Deus Ex

563d ago - EuroGamer - Examine Warren Spector's personally annotated copy of the first Deus Ex design docume... | PS2

Video Game Orchestration Volume 1 Review-

564d ago - Video game music is always something that strikes a chord (pun not intended), it can make or brea... | Culture

GTA: Deus Ex demo released

564d ago - Mod developer DX_Denton has announced the release of a demo of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mod... | PC

10 Awesome Games With Terrible Voice Acting

593d ago - Thankfully these days, we mostly find ourselves applauding games for how realistic and cinematic... | Nintendo DS

Deus Ex - New Vision Version 1.5 & HDTP Beta Released

597d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Great news for all Deus Ex fans, as the team behind New Vision has released it... | PC

What Defines A Classic?

605d ago - writes: 'The current console generation is home to a number of initiatives that see e... | Xbox 360

Warren Spector: Epic Mickey on 3DS inspired by Suikoden

620d ago - When you imagine the sort of games that influence Deus Ex/Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector, you... | Industry

Lockpicking in Video Games: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

621d ago - Lockpicking seems to be a popular video gaming trend as a game mechanic. From simple "click here... | PC

Why the Boss Battles of Deus Ex Were Actually Brilliant

621d ago - There were many complaints about the boss battles in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, calling them out-... | Culture

The Top 10 Video Games Of All Time (In My Opinion Anyway)

623d ago - DaxGamer - "Ok all, these are the Top 10 Games that I keep coming back to for some reason over th... | PC

Our Week in Games – Week 15

630d ago - In other news the folks over at Reticule Towers have been busy playing games from every corner of... | PC

Dean "Rocket" Hall at GamerCamp in Toronto

636d ago - This years Gamercamp happening from 3rd to 4th November in Toronto, Canada will welcome Dean "Roc... | PSP

What Musicians Should do a Video Game Soundtrack?

670d ago - Video Game scores need to be more epic. I decided to handpick some of my choices for a video game... | PS2

Top 5 Gaming Soundtracks

670d ago - Music is important. We all know that. Not only is it pleasurable but it adds an... | Culture

Fantastic Neighborhood 29: The (Dearly) Departed

683d ago - In this episode, Fred and Jon ask if Deus Ex is racist, say goodbye to some dearly departed gamin... | Xbox 360

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Warren Spector Explains How Epic Mickey Is Like Deus Ex

684d ago - Kotaku - A cybernetically enhanced secret agent with a sniper rifle. A mouse with a paintbrush. Y... | Wii

Games you must play before you die: Deus Ex

685d ago - If you haven't played the original Deus Ex, stop now and play it: it's one of the games you must... | PC

Retronomicon: Deus Ex

690d ago - This week the Retronomicon examines a game that was ridiculously far ahead of its time and is rig... | PC

Warren Spector reminisces about Deus Ex, wants to see an HD remake

695d ago - Warren Spector took part in a replay of his masterpiece Deus Ex and dished out loads of interesti... | PS2

Warren Spector was going to create a Command & Conquer RPG title; would love to see a Deus Ex HD

702d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Deus Ex is one of the classic PC games. A game that most PC gamers love and wo... | PC

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