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Rating-Pending: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

1406d ago - If you are looking for a game that offers a great variety of gameplay and offers re-playability,... | Xbox 360

Deus Ex: Human Revolution 'The Missing Link' Review - IncGamers

1406d ago - IncGamers: The Missing Link is inessential in terms of how it affects the main Human Revolution n... | PC

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link DLC Review | The Controller Online

1407d ago - Scott at The Controller Online writes: "Eidos Montreal looks to fill in some of the blanks with i... | PC

Destructoid | Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link

1407d ago - The first real piece of DLC has been released for the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- weap... | PC

[Review] Deus Ex: Human Revolution (GamingDead)

1408d ago - GamingDead: "Before I get into any of the details, let me just say that I have limited experience... | PC

MyNiritori Reviews | Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1409d ago - Deus Ex: Human Revolution lets you play through the story of Adam Jenson, an ex SWAT member who i... | PC

PCGamer - Deus Ex: Missing Link review "the way it’s handled isn’t ideal."

1413d ago - PC Gamer has reviewed the upcoming DLC Missing Link for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As expected, D... | PC

How Deus Ex: Human Revolution Blew Me Away – It Didn’t Suck

1413d ago - Deus Ex: Human Revolution is easily one of the candidates for Game of the Year. It manages to do... | PC

Raw DLC: Deus Ex: Human Revolution video review – via Studio 33

1414d ago - It’s a rare occurrence when those funky fresh lads from DLC are actually in agreement for game’s... | PC

Glossy Eyed reviews Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1414d ago - Over the course of the past four years, the team at Eidos Montreal has been building a prequel to... | PC

The Married Gamers: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review (Xbox 360)

1415d ago - John Catuira, of The Married Gamers, reviews Deus Ex: Human Revolution and remembers the nostalgi... | Xbox 360

Liquid: A review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution [PIXELS OR DEATH]

1415d ago - Pixels or Death's Adam Harshberger did not find Deus Ex:Human Revolution to his liking. He was an... | PC

Deus Ex HR Review Onlive (Goozernation)

1416d ago - Deus Ex Human Revolution is a great game hands down. There are so many options available to the p... | PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC Reviews - The Armchair Empire

1417d ago - "For all the myriad ways that Human Revolution comes up short, it excels in a single point: you a... | PC

More Than A Gamer | Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

1419d ago - It's not often that I can say one of my fondest memories of an espionage, first-person shooter, r... | PC

Black Panel Review - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1420d ago - The Black Panel writes: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a rare beast. Not many games can pull off a... | PC

Horrible Night Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1420d ago - Justin Gifford: "Human Revolution, while not flawless, is a rich experience with outstanding grap... | PC

Deus Ex:Human Revolution [Review]

1422d ago - Any developer wants to create a decent stealth game will find that the competition is very tough,... | PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review: Ironhammers

1424d ago - Ironhammers: All of the nooks and crannies of Human Revolution’s moments of stunning and not-so-s... | PC

Saving Content: Deus Ex Human Revolution Review

1425d ago - I’m glad that Deus Ex: Human Revolution exists, and it’s worth checking out if you want something... | PC


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CPUGamer | Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

1425d ago - "Here is something heartwarming: even though most of the people involved in the original Deus Ex... | PC

Occasional Gamer Review | Deus Ex Human Revolution

1426d ago - First of many reviews by the 'Occasional Gamer'. Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution | PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review - Complete Edition

1426d ago - Nightmare Mode delves deep, giving you one of the most complete and exhaustive Deus Ex: Human Rev... | PC

VideogameUK Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1427d ago - From the review: "In the gaming bible it’s well known that for many believers Deus Ex was the... | Xbox 360

Deus Ex Review - LAG

1430d ago - LAG - As I’m sure anyone with an internet connection and a passion for video-games is well aware... | PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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