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Is Deus Ex: Human Revolution really out on Wii U next week?

381d ago - Square say it hasn't officially announced a release date yet. | Wii U

Top 10 Square/Square Enix Games

396d ago - Gaming Union: "Square is a company that has a rich history and it's been responsible for so many... | PS2

Seven things any Deus Ex: Human Revolution sequel must have

401d ago - OXM UK: "I won't lie; when Deus Ex: The Fall was announced as an iOS only game, I was crushed. I... | PC

Checkpoint Reached #11

408d ago - This week we have the whole cast talk about Deus ex Human Revolution, Ghost Recon Future Soldier,... | PS2

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (XB1) Review

Now - Ken mows down massive armies in the latest Musou game. | Promoted post

Five Bad Video Game Habits I’ve Finally Broken After Playing for 20 Years

409d ago - UM writes: If you’ve played video games for practically your entire life as I have, you’ve probab... | PC

Stealthy Sunday: Selling Stealth

414d ago - This week's Stealthy Sunday has OmniGamer taking a look at some of the best commercials in stealt... | GameCube

Green Man Gaming Takes 75% Off Dozens of Square Enix Games

416d ago - 37 games are discounted during this sale, which features the Tomb Raider reboot for $12.50, TR I-... | PC

Weekly UDK Gallery; STALKER, Prince of Persia, God of War & Deus Ex inspired maps included

421d ago - DSOGaming writes: "The highlights of this week are the maps that were inspired some popular games... | PC

‘Dead Space’, ‘Shadow of the Colossus’, and ‘Deus Ex’ Movie Updates

421d ago - Despite a few successes peppered over the course of several decades, the general consensus is tha... | Culture

Top 6: Unique Features of Steam We Love

430d ago - Happy Steam Sales! Rather compile a banal list of why we worship Valve and their propriety servic... | PC

Mad Science: Developers Turn to Science to Build a Better Apocalypse

440d ago - Polygon: "How real-life science impacted games like BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us and Deus Ex... | Culture

Psycho PASS meets Deus Ex: Human Revolution in this amazing video mashup

440d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Psycho PASS was easily one of the best anime shows of the previous season. Tha... | PC

Amazon's Square-Enix Gamer's Bundle Launches

453d ago - Hardcore Gamer: The Square-Enix Gamer's Bundle gets you Hitman: Absolution: Professional Edition,... | PC

Weekly Digital Roundup: The pre-E3 madness edition

464d ago - "It’s the calm before the storm. While there are some neat new digital games and sales going on t... | PC

CBS Movie To Be Based On Deus Ex Human Revolution

466d ago - As reported earlier this week, CBS has trademarked a domain name to include Deus Ex as their next... | Culture

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Hands On [Daily Joypad]

469d ago - Let’s face it – a full-price port of a two year old game is not the most exciting of prospects, e... | Wii U

Square Enix Trademarks The Fall, Possible Movie?

469d ago - Developer Eidos is known to tease their fans and they are at it again! This morning Eidos tweeted... | PS4

NA PlayStation Plus: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free for Members

470d ago - Posted by Paul Sullivan // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms- Welcome to June’s... | PS3

PS4 PlayGo Has it's Work Cut Out

474d ago - Clickonline writes "Bit of an emotional post this one – the emotion in question being FrustrANGRY... | PS4

Backlog Quest: ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’

480d ago - StickSkills: "Let’s face it – publishers release a lot of games, and it’s almost impossible to pl... | PC

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post

'FIFA 13 Bundle', 'Borderlands 2', 'Mark of the Ninja' added to Amazon Mayhem

485d ago - XMNR: Saturday is day 3 of Amazon's Mayhem Sale and some new games have been added to download PC... | PC

First Person Shooters: There Can Be Only One

505d ago - Following a row over what is the best first person shooter currently available, the Zero1gaming w... | PC

Square-Enix Super PC Sale

506d ago - Square-Enix is having a massive sale on their official site. Several games up for grabs are redee... | PC

Here is what Deus Ex: Human Revolution would look like in CryEngine 3 - CE3 Cloth Simulation Demoed

513d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Our weekly CryEngine 3 gallery is dedicated to two things: the recreation of D... | PC

RePlayed: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

514d ago - "magine a world without physical limitations, a world where you can change anything about yoursel... | PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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