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Welcome Back to Warframe

137d ago ... It's been awhile Tenno!!! I haven't posted a blog topic in a long time. But, I was prompted to do so by an article that was discussing whether or not Warframe is better than Destiny. I won't touch that topic at all in this blog. What I WILL do is explain the myriad of changes that the game has undergone since the beginning. It really IS quite a different game. For those that don't know Warfr...

At a Glance: Chainsawesome Games

218d ago ... [b]Chainsawesome Games[/b] is a very small studio out of Canada that was founded in 2012 by two former Frima Studio developers. Since then they have released their first game on Steam, BeatBlasters III, and are currently working on their second game, Knight Squad, for Steam and Xbox One. [b]Knight Squad[/b] is a 1 to 8 players action game that can be descri...

Lost in Discussion: An Interview With Chris Iacobucci

221d ago ... [i]Chris Iacobucci discusses with us how PixelNAUTS came to be, a bit about Lost Orbit, and their ultimate goal to take over the world.[/i] [b]Valenka:[/b] Tell me about the team at PixelNAUTS – how did the company form? [b]Chris:[/b] Alex and I met in college. He sat next to this strange hippie of a man and I thought they were best friends. We didn’t even talk to for the first semester....

Destiny: The Cosmic Mausoleum

270d ago ... The longer that you spend in Destiny’s Tower hub-world, the more that you’ll quickly become accustom to its many practices and rituals. After being ferried into its courtyard the breadth of The Tower opens up in front of you, the opulent, regal decoration of its many expanses a far cry from the war-torn planes that exist beyond its borders. To your right, the Cryptarch ponders the contents o...

Beanman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Perspective)

328d ago ... This feels like a pinch-me moment as I type out the following: a few of the most heavily hyped AAA blockbusters, whose advertisements were undoubtedly plastered all over big gaming sites during their release, have recently received some rather underwhelming reviews scores. Some of the most popular victims would be Destiny (1) and The Order: 1886 (2). And while the results are currently undete...


348d ago ... Here they are, the N4G GOTY winners as chosen by YOU, the N4G users! That's right, all nominations and votes come from registered N4G users! Thousands of votes were cast and here we are, the games of 2014: News Story of the Year LizardSquad DDoS on PSN/XBL Best Voice Acting Trey Parker, various, South Park: The Stick of Truth Most Replayable Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Best New VG...

I Am Disappoint: Destiny Part 2

436d ago ... Why, hello there. Perhaps you may have noticed but, this is coming out much later than I would've liked. That's simply terrible, because by now discussion surrounding Destiny has most likely simmered to the point of me having to toss it in the microwave before anyone is interested in taking a bite again. So, as a nice little warm-up before I delve into my more constructive breakdown of the s...

Thanksgiving Day and Titan One PS4 Bundle Winners Announced!

443d ago ... I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. We also appreciate everyone sharing what they were thankful for. Now, I have a slight admission to make on my part... we actually had 3 $50 Amazon US gift cards to giveaway, so we had 4 winners! Here are yesterday's lucky lot. === The 3 people who won a $50 Amazon US gift card are: TotallyNotGlenn -- who is thankful for his mom, his colleg...

N4G October Contest Winners!

468d ago ... Congratulations October winners! Our November contests are here: and the chance to win a Destiny PS4 bundle is here: The $50 COMMENTS - EIGHT WINNERS!: Each of the 8 Winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card! poppinslops EastOfTheAnduin starchild DragonKnight TheUpbringer coolbeans InTheLab Ginesis B...

Win a Destiny PS4 Bundle plus a Titan One and Bluetooth Adapter

470d ago ... [CLOSED] Hey, guys! John from ConsoleTuner must like you a lot. From now through November 15th you can enter to win a Titan One plus bluetooth adapter and a Destiny PS4 bundle! HOW TO ENTER: 1. Comment on this blog. You can comment more than once, but only your first comment will count as an entry. 2. Comment on the news story for an additional entry:

N4G November Contest Details

471d ago ... Be warned. This is November. Then comes December - and in December cgoodno will be posting the contests as I’ll be out until 2015. So if it’s December and you’re reading this, go find cgoodno. November winners will also be hearing from cgoodno, so if you're a regular to this zone DON'T PANIC. You can more or less trust him. Also: tomorrow a contest will start that may involve the words "PS4"...

I Am Disappoint: Destiny Damage Control

475d ago ... I know, I know, another whiny blog about what's wrong with Destiny. Well, if it makes you feel any better, this has less to do with my actual Destiny experience and more to do with the game's reception. Please watch Machinima's Inside Gaming video on Destiny's critical reception, as this edition in disappoint will be in-part a response to a certain point brought up in that video: https://www...

Are We Gamers Becoming Harder To Please Nowadays?

478d ago ... I ask this question, because to me, I notice that nearly every new release on the consoles and PC so far, there has been so much hate surrounding each game. Is it because we are expecting too much? Is it the developers releasing games too early, with problems at release (example: Battlefield 4, Driveclub, Destiny). Is it because we get sucked in to the hype train so much that when the actual...

Destiny and Its Loyal Haters: Observations from a Man Sorry He's Having Fun

506d ago ... Launch night came and went with all the wonder and promise of any other. I couldn’t wait to wake up the next day, sprint through my day at work and Fresno State, and get back home to play it. Destiny was great. It wasn’t a revolutionary game by any means, but the mixing and matching of RPG, MMO and a solid shooter with stunning visuals was inexplicably fun. In fact, to this day I can’t ev...

Destiny: The Best Way to Get Loot

506d ago ... Destiny has been out for a while now and we've seen lots of articles all claiming to have "The best way to get loot", however now that Bungie has "Nerfed" the "Holy Loot Cave" what is the new best way to get loot. One of the most frequent ways I see in comments is Crucible. I've seen polarizing views on Crucible. Some say it gives tons of loot, some claim it doesn't give anything. I wanted to p...

Play How You Like And I'll Do The Same

506d ago ... I can't believe that this needs to be said but apparently it does. How you choose to play a game is completely irrelevant to everyone but you. The rules you set up for yourself in playing any game are only your rules, they are no one else's, and you have no right to preach the "correct" way to play any game to anyone else. Today I'm talking about the fanboys who complain about people who use...

Was Destiny Destined to Be a Disappointment?

510d ago ... It is an understatement to say that Destiny's reception by gamers and some parts of the gaming journalism scene has been lukewarm at best with debate after debate about why another one of the biggest releases of the year turned out to be such a financial success but only a moderate critical success. Destiny is the first multiplatform game from former Halo game studio Bungie and was hyped up to...

Final Fantasy XV Looks Absolutely Fantastic, Finally!

512d ago ... I am a forever fan of Final Fantasy, since I first played it as a 12 year old I have been hooked! The series has been a marathon of classics, one after the other we were treated to amazing games. However, final fantasy 13 was the first in the series, if excluding mystic quest, crystal chronicles or dirge of cerberus etc, to receive serious divide amongst its fan base. I personally enjoyed it, b...

Our Favorite PS4 Games So Far

513d ago ... Destiny As probably the biggest release of the year, Destiny is a really fun game to play. Even more so when you play with friends. We have been really excited to get our hands on this and shoot some aliens. Although there are some areas that are lacking, Bungie’s new sci-fi shooter sits very well with us. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Wow there is so much to do in this game! There...

How the Hype-Train Plowed Over Destiny

517d ago ... Oh the sad case of Destiny. How did the most anticipated game of 2014 fall so flat? A few short months ago everyone, myself included, was really enjoying the Beta, so how is it that after final release Bungie’s latest is now stuck at a Metacritic review score of 75/100 with a user score of 6.5? While review scores are definitely not everything when it comes to rating a video games worth, and us...
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