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Destiny’s Updates Continue to Frustrate Fans

17h ago - Destiny has been in rough waters ever since the game launched. Fans have been frustrated with a l... | Xbox 360

The Xbox One vs PS4 console wars are over; Wii U wins

1d 2h ago - GameZone: "While “next gen” games like Destiny -- which isn’t available on Wii U -- lead many to... | PS4

Why Did I Stop Playing Destiny?

1d 4h ago - "Like many others, I have been playing Destiny quite religiously since the launch in September. I... | Xbox 360

2014’s best game characters to dress as this Halloween

1d 10h ago - GameZone: "Are you one of those people that wait until last minute to figure out their Halloween... | Culture

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5 reasons you should still play Destiny after 1 month

1d 17h ago - The first month of Destiny is gone, and while it has a Metacritic of 7, loads of people are still... | Xbox 360

Destiny is suffering from the same problems that plague MMOs

2d ago - GameZone's Matt Liebl: "I’m a level 28 Titan in Destiny. If I wanted to farm for materials I coul... | Xbox 360

Obvious Destiny Improvements That Bungie Ignores

2d ago - It’s been over a month since Destiny was launched and the way Bungie looks to improve the game le... | Xbox 360

10 things Destiny and Borderlands could learn from each other

4d ago - GR: "Like two brothers who always bicker, Destiny and Borderlands have a lot more in common than... | PC

Destiny Roundtable

4d ago - MunkiMatt says "In the days following Destiny’s release I got a bit of stick for a tweet I sent,... | PS4

The Destiny of Destiny's Future Content

4d ago - IGN: "For Bungie fans that fell in love with the Master Chief’s plight in the Halo series, you w... | Xbox 360

To the moon. Gaming's weirdest, coolest moments on the lunar surface

4d ago - GR: The moon has always been an object of fascination for me. Probably because it's a giant rock... | PC

10 Incredibly Depressing Video Game Stories From 2014

5d ago - WC: Industry speculation on just how ill-prepared developers have been for this new generation se... | PC

Top 10 Scariest And Creepiest Video Game Characters Part 1

5d ago - Counting down numbers 10-6, GamerCrowd's Halloween Special takes a look through the game archives... | PSP

My Impressions of Destiny's Queen's Wrath and Iron Banner Events

6d ago - Destiny's first two big events are over, "The Queen's Wrath" and "Iron Banner". These are my imp... | Xbox 360

Cut content and season passes – is this our Destiny?

6d ago - Last generation saw some really discouraging trends creeping into video gaming. Whether it was st... | Xbox 360

Destiny’s raid matchmaking is working exactly as intended

6d ago - Destiny has been out for over a month now and we’ve had plenty of time to think about Bungie and... | Xbox 360

Destiny's 'haunted' loot cave makes me hopeful for the future of the game

6d ago - Polygon: Much has been made about Destiny's phenomena of the loot caves, and Bungie's response in... | Xbox 360

Destiny Needs a Story with Consequences

7d ago - GoodGameBro writes,"For all that Destiny does right—core gameplay, engaging stylistic development... | Xbox 360

Fear and Loathing with RNGesus: 2014 and the Loot Genre

7d ago - Is it really all about that full set of Raid gear? Or do today's gamers want something more? | PC

PlayStation 4 shows no sign of slowing down

7d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Sony’s PS4 shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The PS4 is continu... | PS4

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

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Destiny – 6 Tips To Survive The Crucible

7d ago - Just picked up Destiny and having trouble performing in the Crucible? Check out these seven tips... | Xbox 360

Destiny Fans, Ditch the Cryptarch and Get Your Light Up By Following These Tips

7d ago - Ed from Twinfinite writes: Addiction to engram hunting is a serious problem affecting many Destin... | Xbox 360

A minor change in Destiny could be a sign of major things to come

8d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: While Destiny has come under a good deal of fire for a variety of... | Xbox 360

Why you're still playing Destiny

8d ago - VGFirst writes on theoretical underpinnings of player rationalisation for continued play of Bungi... | Xbox 360

Opinion: The fundamental flaw of many MMOs (and Destiny) is an obtrusive endgame

8d ago - The issues people have with Destiny are actually common in most MMOs | Xbox 360
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