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Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator brings (part of) the Destiny experience to PC

1h ago - A lot of fuss has been made about the Destiny loot cave. The exploit involved players shooting en... | PC

Destiny: Exotic Armor Class Guide

3h ago - Gameranx: "Destiny's exotic armor system made clearer." | Xbox 360

Extra Punctuation Destiny Ushers in a New Era of Blatant Cash Grabs

5h ago - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw: In the run-up to Destiny's much-hyped release, I remember at one point... | Xbox 360

Destiny Expansion Content Controversy

6h ago - Clipping Error discusses the recent issues surrounding Bungie and their latest game Destiny. Rece... | Xbox 360

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Destiny: A Case Study in Big Budget Hype and Disappointment

6h ago - Bungie didn't just promise us the world, they promised us a galaxy. The developers' first post... | Xbox 360

Destiny's Fate

7h ago - 6aming's Sheldon sheds some light on Destiny, what it does right, what it does wrong, and what it... | Xbox 360

My Theory On The Leaked Destiny DLC Bug

8h ago - Gamers Sphere says: "This is an intriguing little bug. Apparently, a couple of Destiny players ha... | Xbox 360

What The Queen’s Wrath gets right and wrong in Destiny

16h ago - Despite the insurmountable amount of hype from across the gaming populous, including here at TZR,... | Xbox 360

DLC: Real World Destiny Loot Cave Found (Satire)

16h ago - The Deliberate Lies Column, or DLC for short, is a Tabloid style news column where we don't break... | Xbox 360

Is Destiny The PS4's Top System-Selling Game So Far?

17h ago - Without any heavy-hitting exclusives right now, it seems that a third-party multiplatform game ha... | PS4

How To Get And Complete Exotic Weapon Bounty In Destiny

18h ago - "As part of our ongoing series guide and helpful tips, we would like to share how we get and comp... | Xbox 360

Destiny Exotic Gear Guide: Where And How To Buy The Best Weapons And Armor In The Game

19h ago - The gold items in Destiny are the best and most unique available, but what will you need to acqui... | Xbox 360

Is 2014 The Year of Disappointing Games?

22h ago - JoshOnTech: It’s a sad truth: some games simply aren’t very good. They’re always present no matte... | PC

Destiny is the Best/Worst Game I Can’t Stop Playing

1d 2h ago - I want to stop but look at that shiny legendary engram! | Xbox 360

Re-reviewing September 2014’s “must-buy” games

1d 3h ago - GameZone: "Back in August, I looked ahead to September’s game release calendar and, using my prev... | PC

The Next Big Headline Grabber After Destiny Will Be . . .

1d 4h ago - OnlySP: No question about it, Destiny dominated the headlines over the summer. I’ve never seen hy... | Xbox 360

Top 10 Tips To Getting Ahead In Destiny

1d 4h ago - Still struggling in the crucible? Looking for more loot? Then look no further ReadersGambit is lo... | Xbox 360

The Best Exotic Armor For Warlock In Destiny

1d 9h ago - "In this three part series on the Best Exotic Armor for each Guardian class, we have been taking... | Xbox 360

Fall Gaming Season: Did Destiny Take the Wind Out of Everyone's Sails?

1d 10h ago - MiddleEasy's Dave Walsh looks at the popularity of Destiny and asks if the release of Destiny has... | Xbox 360

Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid Lock: How it Works

1d 13h ago - The loot reward for the Vault of Glass raid on Destiny and Bungie only allowing gamers to try it... | Xbox 360

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Critical Miss, Destiny: Loot Plot

2d ago - Grey Carter: I've been trying to think of a reason Destiny's loot system is the way it is for... | Xbox 360

The Best Exotic Armor For Titan In Destiny

2d ago - "After playing Destiny using all three Guardian warriors we've been making notes of each armor ty... | Xbox 360

The Six Biggest Missed Opportunities In Destiny

2d ago - Simon O'Neill of VGamerz lists the 6 things that he believes Destiny got horribly wrong in great... | Xbox 360

Control Your Destiny: Agency and Video Games

2d ago - In the midst of chaos, nothing is more comforting than a sense of free will and agency. Thoughts... | PC

The Best Exotic Armor For Hunter In Destiny

2d ago - "Destiny is in its 3rd week and we are still discovering so much about Bungie's massive Sci-fi U... | Xbox 360
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