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Upcoming PS4 Price Drop? Destiny Limited Edition PS4 Pre-Order Up For Only $399

15h ago - In a somewhat surprising news of the day, Amazon has just put up the pre-order for the upcoming D... | PS4

Five Facts - The Ghost (Destiny)

2d ago - Jack and Geoff talk about the Ghost from Destiny in this week’s Five Facts. Super Secret Bonus Fa... | Xbox 360

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate Independence Day with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Explaining Gaming Addiction and How It’s All in Your Head

2d ago - Obsessed and addicted? Here’s how games use our brains to keep us coming back for more and ten ga... | PS3

DESTINY The Last Word (Fully Upgraded Exotic Hand Cannon) Review – The Gun With The Puns

2d ago - Clipping Error review the Exotic hand cannon in Destiny, The Last Word. this gun is one of the mo... | Xbox 360

Destiny is a grind, but that ain’t a bad thing

2d ago - There comes a certain time in Destiny, when the game slows down. When the same areas feel far too... | PS4

The World Of Davo | The Pile Of Shame

3d ago - Playfire: "The Gamer's Pile of Shame grows ever bigger, and with my Steam library over 400 games,... | Culture

Bungie’s Destiny Nerfs Are All My Fault

6d ago - "Bungie recently announced a pile of controversial new weapon nerfs much to the dismay of pretty... | Xbox 360

I sold my soul for a ride to the top in Destiny

10d ago - Every weekend is a new opportunity for these players to reach the Lighthouse and claim new spoils... | Culture

After A Weekend With 'Destiny' LFG, The Game's Matchmaking Issue Is Clear

11d ago - Forbes: This weekend, I did three Nightfalls, three Prison of Elders challenges and one full Vaul... | PS4

Destiny’s Future Gun Adjustments: Balancing The Game Or Making A Cash Grab?

12d ago - Doug from Ourcade Games writes....."Paraphrasing what has many throwing physical copies of the ga... | PS4

Destiny: Why Bungie Nerfing Exotics Is A Good Thing

12d ago - Clipping Error discuss why Bungie nerfing a lot of the guns in Destiny, including some specific e... | Xbox 360

I Jumped Back into Destiny and These Are My Thoughts

12d ago - Trevor Paul from The Game Fanatics writes: "I wasn’t necessarily intimidated by the game itself b... | Xbox

The Gjallarhorn Nerf Doesn’t Solve Destiny’s True Problems

13d ago - Bungie has decided to nerf some more weapons in Destiny for some pretty solid reasons. But, are t... | Xbox 360

Why Destiny Fans Should Embrace The Gjallarhorn Nerf

13d ago - Many Destiny fans are upset about the recent Gjallarhorn nerf news. Despite the outcry, Destiny's... | Xbox 360

Destiny 2.0 weapon tuning: video breakdown of upcoming balance changes

14d ago - Destiny 2.0 drops with The Taken King in September and will bring sweeping changes to the shooter... | Xbox 360

How Destiny’s PvP Converted A Non-Believer

18d ago - GI I’ve tried and failed to enjoy PvP for ages. If my friends could spend hour upon hour locke... | PC

Trials of Osiris Is The New Best Thing In Destiny

20d ago - Kirk Hamilton writes "The agony! The jubilation! The drama and disappointment! I have reached the... | Xbox 360

'Splatoon' and the problem with objective reviews

21d ago - Many gamers have been clamoring for more "objective" reviews, but Splatoon handily demonstrates w... | Culture

I'm a slave to 'Destiny' and I'm OK with that

22d ago - I’m in deep. “Destiny” has me in Crota’s vice-like claws. The journey from level one to 34 is an... | PS4

Star Wars: Battlefront: A Straight-Up Destiny Clone In The Making?

23d ago - Is Star Wars : Battlefront propelling itself to essentially become a more visually appealing vers... | PS4

LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post

Celebrate Bungie Day with These 7 Fantastic Bungie Games

23d ago - Bungie has made memories for a lot of gamers over the past decade. Here are seven that you should... | Xbox 360

Games Like: Destiny

23d ago - Feeling the Destiny itch but wanting to try something different? MMOGames columnist Steven Messne... | PC

Daily Deals: Blade Runner Collector's Edition $10, Dirt Cheap Destiny, PS4 Controller Sale

24d ago - "Low prices on Destiny, Blu-rays, the Wii U Splatoon bundle and more." | PC

Let’s Talk About Gjallahorn

25d ago - Oh everyone remembers the childish screams of joy they let out the first time the Gjallahorn drop... | PS4

Top 10 Game Soundtracks on Xbox One

28d ago - A list of some of the best video game music and soundtracks on the Xbox One | Xbox One
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