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User Review : Demon's Souls

  • Unique and rewarding gameplay
  • A brilliant world
  • Strategy is required which adds an additional layer to the game
  • Nobody plays online anymore

A new kind of adventure awaits...

After spending a few hours in the world of Demon's souls I feel I am ready to review the content of the game and as the title suggests, this is my first RPG game.

- Gameplay -
Demon's souls, a game critically acclaimed for its difficulty. Personally, I disagree with those profound statements; if someone claims this game is by any means "hard" then I can only come to the conclusion that they are playing the game wrongly, this is particularly true when on their first playthrough. Demon's souls is no Skyrim or standard medieval-era RPG game, instead Demon's souls is a game that demands the player to analyse their enemy and wait for them to expose an exploitable weakness of which they can take advantage of. If you want to survive in Demon's souls then going straight into a fight is by no means the way to go, if you follow the play-style Demon's souls demands, you will have no problem with this game at all because you will feel more rewarded and deaths will occur less frequently pen-ultimately, leaving you feeling a greater sense of gratification. The gameplay is fluid and responsive and as people say, any death is entirely the players fault as they have either missed the right time to strike their enemy or disregarded the environment or health/stamina bars. It can be said that due to the tactical, engrossing gameplay you (as I did) will realise an estimated 1 hour play of the game quickly becomes 2 due to the concentration and fun this game needs and gives. This leads me onto the controls:

- Controls-
The controls for Demon's souls are absolutely perfect and are accessible to all audiences, even me, someone who has never played an RPG before. The controls are fairly basic and easy to pick up, the player should have no problem here.

Playing a 2009 game in 2012 you may feel that despite graphical advances, you would be able to notice any differences made in the 3 year period inbetween. With Demon's souls this however, is not the case. The graphics for this game are excellent and look as good as a game produced now (as well as exceeding the graphics of some games produced now!). The graphics in Demon's souls really are perfect and no issues were found in this area.

-The difficulty-
A commonly raised point when talking about Demon's souls, the difficulty of the game is no problem at all infact, the real difficulty really comes when trying to conserve health supplies or being aware of your health and stamina bars whilst in a fight. If you're a careful player that doesn't play games that promote headless-chicken tactics (Call of duty) then I promise you, if you stay aware during this game and watch enemy attack patterns then you will have no problem at all with the difficulty. My first play-through actually lasted 2 hours as I had become so engrossed in the magnificent world created by From Software.

-The verdict-
If reluctant, BUY THIS GAME!
I have quickly gone from being reluctant to playing this game every night since I love it so much!

Attractive but certainly not the best I've seen on PS3.
In my opinion, the audio-quality on Demon's Souls is superior to the audio in it's successor - Dark Souls.
Very fun, almost unlimited replayability.
Fun Factor
Demon's Souls offers a unique laevel of challenge which is rarely seen in games nowadays.
It used to be fun when people played it. If you want to go online it'll have to be arranged and even then, there are region/level restrictions stopping you.
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StrawberryDiesel4202089d ago

Nice review, however, the game still has a pretty strong online community. It's not huge, but it's by no means a ghost town. I invade people regularly still and have messages that get recommended all the time.

Cam9772088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Oh right, well, I'm quite a high level so that may be why it is hard to find people. I'm on EU servers too, thanks for the kind feedback. I uploaded this alongside my Dark Souls review after writing them for Amazon a few months ago.

No FanS Land2083d ago

Strwaberry diesel, you just made my day! Didn't know the servers were still up!

Kalowest2087d ago

The servers for Demon's Souls are suppose to be shut down.

Cam9772087d ago

They were supposed to in the US but Atlas decide to prolong their life.

StrawberryDiesel4202087d ago

Guess you don't play it. They were supposed to be shut down at the end of May of this year for good but have been extended indefinitely as long as player interest remains consistent. They're alive and well as I write this response.

sdplisken2089d ago

yeah this game is a 10/10 bro

belac092089d ago

the souls series has taken me by the balls and made me its slave.

sdozzo2084d ago

Can't knock a game's "online" three years after the fact. We the community will forgive this... "You have a heart of gold. Don't let them take it from ya"

-GametimeUK-2084d ago

Fantastic review. However, I play Call of Duty and I still wreck face on this game. I'm just diverse like that. It is a tad foolish to underestimate someone just because of a game they play.

Moving on, I agree with everything you say! The game is simply fantastic. The controls really are "that" responsive! You said the controls are easy to pick up and I agree with that, but at the same time if you want to get the most out of the game then you are going to have to learn some tricky maneuvers. Switching your target lock off and pulling off a pivot BS takes some practice for example.

Easy to pick up and will require some skill to master is what I'm trying to say.

I disagree with the score. I would score it much higher, but I agree with everything you wrote. Great review, bro!

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