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Defiance Previews  

Defiance: A Hands on Preview - Zero1Gaming

831d ago - Paul gets hands on with the upcoming tv/video game crossover Defiance | PC

GAME Lock-in: An evening of Defiance | Xboxer360

832d ago - Ben of Xboxer360 writes, "Defiance worked great in the community setting, playing something like... | PC

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Defiance Hands-On | GamePlanet

834d ago - GamePlanet: "It’s a rare thing for an intellectual property to deliver a quality product across s... | PC

Defiance hands-on preview: An MMO invested in a TV show - MMGN

839d ago - MMGN: Defiance is an intriguing prospect as games strive to evolve beyond shooting goons and solv... | PC

Meet Defiance: The TV show explored in a game - Ninemsn

839d ago - Ninemsn: It's hard to pass judgement on a game of this scale after just a few hours, but having a... | PC

Defiance Preview | GameRevolution

841d ago - Given that console-bound MMOs have a funny way of disappearing into the ether, I half-expected me... | PC

Defiance Preview | Machinima

844d ago - Machinima: "For all the alien hostilities and the overwhelming expansiveness of its open world, D... | PC

Defiance Preview: Enter the Badlands | Shack News

845d ago - Shack News: "If it takes ambition to make an MMO like Defiance, it takes a certain level of crazi... | PC

OXM - Defiance - Halo meets Borderlands in Trion's hectic MMO

851d ago - OXM - When it comes to sheer balls, you really can't fault Defiance. Not only is Trion tackling t... | Xbox 360

VGI: The One to Watch in 2013: Defiance

876d ago - VGI: "When gamers talk about 2013, names like GTA V, The Last of Us, and BioShock Infinite always... | PC

Defiance Hands On Preview | The Controller Online

900d ago - The Controller Online writes: "We’ve probably mentioned, once or twice before, that Defiance is a... | PC

Defiance preview [BeefJack]

902d ago - New MMO shooter Defiance, produced and developed by Trion Worlds, aims to offer a brand new cross... | PC

Defiance hands-on - a Halo moment for MMOs on Xbox? | OXM UK

907d ago - OXM UK: "Trion Worlds' intriguing TV-game crossover packs a punch." | Xbox 360

Hands-On Preview: Defiance – Campaign & Co-Op Electronic Theatre

922d ago - Following Electronic Theatre’s recent look at Trion Worlds’ Defiance and how the television produ... | PC

VE3TRO: Defiance Preview

924d ago - @ve3tro@ "There are a few MMO(Massive Multi-player Online video-game) video-games out there, but... | PC

'Defiance' preview: MMO shooter twinned with TV show | Digital Spy

926d ago - Digital Spy: "Defiance is an intriguing prospect. Developer Trion took the idea of a future earth... | PC

Defiance Hands-On Preview | The Most Ambitious Cooperative Shooter Ever? [Dealspwn]

928d ago - Dealspwn writes: "Ambitious" seems too small and simple a word to describe Defiance. Its mission... | PC

GotGame: Preview | Defiance

930d ago - GotGame: We go hands-on with Trion Worlds' Defiance to find out if this MMO third-person shooter... | PC

Hands-On Preview: Defiance – The Best of Two Worlds - Electronic Theatre

930d ago - Trion Worlds’ Defiance has been on the gamer radar for quite some time, bubbling under through it... | PC

GamerZines | Defiance: Hands-On with a new kind of Sci-Fi

931d ago - GamerZines writes: According to Trion Worlds themselves, the game that they get asked about th... | PC

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Defiance Hands-on Preview -- A Transmedia Obsession in the Making? | G4

980d ago - G4: "Trion World's gives us an updated hands-on look at its promising, SyFy-series-tie-in game De... | PC

Destructoid Preview: Defiance

988d ago - Destructoid: "Trion's refreshing take on PvP and co-op may just be what MMOs need." | PC

Defiance Preview -- Venturing In To PvP Territory | G4

1029d ago - G4: "In this preview we go hands-on with Defiance's player versus player (PvP) mode and get down... | PC

'Defiance' is a Shooter in an MMO Wrapper | MTV Multiplayer

1029d ago - MTV Multiplayer: "A member of the Trion Worlds team took some time out during PAX Prime to give m... | PC

Defiance Preview | The Controller Online

1045d ago - The Controller Online writes: "When I first heard about Defiance I was, admittedly, a little skep... | PC


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