Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
  Interview with Cowardly Creations

Christopher interviews Cowardly Creations Project Director and Programmer, Tadej Kupčič, about some details behind the core mechanics and design de...

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Opinion: Overlooked Console Downloadable Games Of 2009

1640d ago - More than 250 downloadable games were released for consoles in 2009. Some became deserved hits, r... | 1,2,12

Xbox LIVE Xtival Details

1690d ago - The latest Xtival event – Microsoft's Xbox LIVE celebration designed to entice Xbox 360 newcomers... | 2

DGS-Online: Top 5 - Too Expensive XBLA Titles

1800d ago - DGS-Online writes: "DGS is going Dutch this week and gives each greedy Hollander in cards, w... | 2

Thunderbolt: Death Tank Review

1890d ago - At 1200 MS points, its price point as an Xbox Live Arcade title is a big issue as well. Consideri... | 2

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Digital Battle: Death Tank Review – A Little Goes A Long Way

1908d ago - DB writes: "When you introduce a game called Death Tank into the world, you have certain exp... | 2

iTWire Review: Death Tank and Age of Booty

1946d ago - iTWire writes: "It's time for a couple of Xbox Live Arcade review round ups. Beginning with... | 2,5

GamesRadar: Death Tank Review

1947d ago - GamesRadar writes: "Still, the concept is golden. Four tanks spawn at once, each with a simp... | 2

Strategy Informer: Death Tank Review

1948d ago - Strategy Informer writes: "In 2008, the Xbox Live service saw the rise to instant classics s... | 2

PALGN: Death Tank Review

1950d ago - PALGN writes: "Death Tank is a fun game. It's not particularly great, nor is it terrible, it... | 2

WorthPlaying Review: Death Tank

1952d ago - WP writes: "A little over 10 years ago, when the Sega Saturn was still thriving, two first-p... | 2

GamesON: Death Tank Review

1955d ago - GamesON: "Sadly, that's all you get for your 1200 Microsoft Points. Most players will o... | 2

OXCGN: Death Tank XBLA Review

1955d ago - OXCGN writes: "Here is another game that I have added to the ever growing pile of mediocre X... | 2

GamePlanet: Death Tank Review

1956d ago - All up, Death Tank is a lot of fun. It has a solo player game, though why you'd bother GamePlanet... | 2

ButtonMasher: Death Tank Review

1958d ago - At the end of the day the online is where it's at. Playing against people you know makes for some... | 2

Gamebrit: Death Tank Review

1958d ago - Gamebrit writes: "Death Tank was really made for online play so this re-release is a welcome... | 2

NZGamer: Death Tank Review

1959d ago - NZGamer writes: "So far Death Tanks is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had on M... | 2

PEOWW: Death Tank Review

1959d ago - So to conclude Death tank is a great game when played against friends, either at home or over Liv... | 2

TGV: Death Tank Double Review

1962d ago - Death Tank Double Review written by DarkArmada & SuperKlue. The Game: Up to 8 Players... | 2

Totally360 reviews Death Tank

1964d ago - Now Team 17 are off making Leisure Suit Larry games, I wonder if Snowblind Studios / Flat games a... | 2

Gamespot: Death Tank Review

1964d ago - Death Tank will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played Scorched Earth or any of the W... | 2

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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Console Monster: Death Tank Review

1965d ago - Console Monster writes: "Let me start this review by making it very clear that Death Tank is... | 2

Death Tank Demo Gameplay

1967d ago - GT writes, "Contemplate classic cliff-crushing combat." | 2

Death Tank Review at CheatCC

1968d ago - CheatCC says: "Gamers who grew up with Scorched Earth and its numerous turn-based artillery... | 2

IGN: Death Tank Review

1969d ago - Death Tank isn't disappointing solely because of its price; it's the game's soul that leaves plen... | 2

Eurogamer: Death Tank's Ezra Driesbach Interview

1969d ago - This week's Xbox Live Arcade release is an updated version of the legendary Death Tank, one of th... | 2
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