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Our Review of Deadly Premonition | Coop Dojo

150d ago - If you’re a PSN member, definitely give it a shot. Likewise, if you like bizarre mysteries like T... | PS3

Deadly Premonition Review | Freedom CGC

460d ago - Only play this game if you have an extremely high tolerance for playing complete sh*t in order to... | PC

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (XB1) Review

Now - Ken revisits the fourth entry in the saga of Dante (and Nero). | Promoted post

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut review | Parable Games

806d ago - Amassing a large cult following in recent years, Deadly Premonition is a third person survival ho... | PS3

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Review | TheHDRoom

849d ago - TheHDRoom: "If you are one of those people who will drink bad milk and instead of pouring it out,... | PS3

Deadly Premontion: The Director's Cut review Eurogamer

850d ago - If there were such a thing as video game outsider art, Deadly Premonition would be it. Hidetaka "... | PS3

Deadly Premonition: The Janus of Games - AlterGamer

994d ago - A tribute or a very, very poor attempt at making a Horror Game? You decide. The Reviewer himself... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition Review | GameCola

1029d ago - "So, one last time, f*** everyone who says this game is just soooo adorable. It IS clever. It IS... | Xbox 360

Universal-Gamer Review: Deadly Premonition

1335d ago - Before sharing with you my views on the independent game Deadly Premonition (X360), I would like... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition review (BeefJack)

1522d ago - BeefJack re-reviews Deadly Premonition to coincide with its Games on Demand release: "I also thin... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition Review - Critical Hit!

1544d ago - Critical Hit! says: "There I stood, in front of the used Xbox 360 games section of GameStop, a us... | Xbox 360

Play Review Deadly Premonition (PS3)

1583d ago - Play: Deadly is either art, or the crowning achievement of some unutterable bastard of a marketin... | PS3

Deadly Premonition Review: A Fresh Perspective (GamingBolt)

1709d ago - GB: "Possibly one of the more exciting games of 2010, I return to Deadly Premonition some months... | Xbox 360
20° - Deadly Premonition Review

1735d ago - During one section in Deadly Premonition I was chasing a dog around the expansive town for near... | Xbox 360

D+PAD Magazine: Deadly Premonition - Reviewed

1744d ago - D+PAD Magazine writes: It seems appropriate that Deadly Premonition should arrive in the same... | Xbox 360
10° Deadly Premonition Review

1751d ago - Marmite. Love it or hate it. Divided opinion. Deadly Premonition has split both reviewers and gam... | Xbox 360

Game Scares: Deadly Premonition Review

1751d ago - I've been looking forward to reviewing this, you see this is at the same time the... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition

1756d ago - "Deadly Premoniton was a really strange experience for me. It proved tha... | Xbox 360

DTG: Review- Deadly Premonition

1761d ago - Coming months after its Japanese and US release, Deadly Premonition finally saw its European rele... | Xbox 360

In-depth Review: Deadly Premonition - Electronic Theatre

1764d ago - Given its relative absurdity, Deadly Premonition has regularly been compared to the works of Davi... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition – Xbox 360 Review by Brash Games

1764d ago - I think it was around the six hour mark when I felt my attitude to Deadly Premonition softening.... | Xbox 360

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Resolution: Deadly Premonition review

1764d ago - Resolution's Greg Giddens writes: There's no two ways about it, Deadly Premonition is an odd game... | Xbox 360

GameStyle - Deadly Premonition Review

1765d ago - GameStyle - Once in a while a video game appears that takes a traditional formula and rips it ins... | Xbox 360

Gamebosh: Deadly Premonition Review

1765d ago - Deadly Premonition is probably one of the greatest games you'll never play. Given the low profile... | Xbox 360

Gameroni review: Deadly Premonition

1766d ago - Lewis Denby writes: "In Greenvale, the rural town at the heart of Deadly Premonition’s mystery, n... | Xbox 360

Metro Review - Deadly Premonition is one of a kind

1766d ago - Do you dare to play the strangest video game of the year? With crazier characters than Twin Peaks... | Xbox 360
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Deadly Premonition

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