Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
  Interview with Cowardly Creations

Christopher interviews Cowardly Creations Project Director and Programmer, Tadej Kupčič, about some details behind the core mechanics and design de...

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Friday Night Games: Deadly Premonition

324d ago - Deadly Premonition is dumb, the good kind of dumb that you can spend 15 hours playing and come aw... | Xbox 360

Beating the final boss fight in Deadly Premonition

338d ago - JB writes: I get a baffling sense of achievement from this. The latter half of Deadly Premonition... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Second Opinion

339d ago - GameCritics writes: In case you were left with any questions after reading Dan's primary review o... | PC

Deadly Premonition and Twin Peaks comparison

341d ago - PP writes: The similarities between the Twin Peaks and Deadly Premonition have been much discusse... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Deadly Premonition is the world’s most awful awesome game

342d ago - JB writes: Deadly Premonition. A game that apparently divided reviewers when it first appeared. T... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition: From ‘So Bad it’s Good’ to ‘Life is Beautiful’

353d ago - Twin Peaks. Bizarre. Humorous. Open-world. Survival-horror. Divisive. Cult game. So bad it’s good... | PC

Deadly Premonition: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

360d ago - CG writes: After having read some positive things about Deadly Premonition in some reddit comment... | Xbox 360

Games You Might Have Missed This Generation

375d ago - With the current console generation coming to a close, looks back at some hidden g... | PC

You should have played… Deadly Premonition

386d ago - "We’ve grown so accustomed to the faultless sheen of modern games – to the soulless bombast from... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut review | Parable Games

386d ago - Amassing a large cult following in recent years, Deadly Premonition is a third person survival ho... | PS3

Game Under Episode 9

397d ago - This week, despite it being a pre-E3 podcast, Phil and Tom continue their multiple-hour-over-seve... | Xbox One

10 reasons to play Deadly Premonition

398d ago - DiscDoesRetro writes: "I love Deadly Premonition. I consider it my favourite X-Box 360 game to da... | Xbox 360

What We Can Learn From "Bad" Games

402d ago - If we can not learn from our mistakes, we will not improve. What we can learn from others mistak... | Dev

Remember These: The Most Divisive Games On Xbox 360

403d ago - Official Xbox Magazine: ''With scores ranging from 4s and 5s to 8s and 9s, Remember Me is dividin... | Xbox 360

Revisiting Deadly Premonition

407d ago - Deadly Premonition begins with our protagonist, FBI agent Francis York Morgan, traveling to the b... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition: Best Worst Game

414d ago - It's no secret that Deadly Premonition looks and feels like a PS2 game. It handles like Resident... | Xbox 360

6 horror games we would like to see on PS4 and Xbox One

414d ago - A list of 6 horror games we would like to see on Next Gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). | PS4

Thundercast Episode 18 - Deadly Premonition

417d ago - Shane Ryan, Thunderbolt writes: Matthew Sawrey, Shane Ryan and Richard Murphy discuss Deadly Pre... | Xbox 360

Rapper Pays Tribute To The Classic "Deadly Premonition" Video Game

424d ago - Complex: If you've been playing Deadly Premonition's newly released PS3-exclusive director's cut... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Review | TheHDRoom

430d ago - TheHDRoom: "If you are one of those people who will drink bad milk and instead of pouring it out,... | PS3

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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Deadly Premontion: The Director's Cut review Eurogamer

430d ago - If there were such a thing as video game outsider art, Deadly Premonition would be it. Hidetaka "... | PS3

Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut (PS3) vs original Deadly Premonition (360) video comparison

435d ago - Rely on Horror writes: A lot of people have been wondering how the new Deadly Premonition Dire... | Xbox 360

PSN Users Charged For Deadly Premonition Pre-Order, Still Don’t Have The Game

435d ago - TheSixthAxis: ''Did you pre-order Deadly Premonition from the European PSN Store when it was firs... | PS3

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut - Does the PS3 Version Bring Anything New to the Cult Game?

440d ago - TechStuff: The first experience many gamers had with Deadly Premonition was a fairly strained one... | PS3

Deadly Premonition - Finding the Comparisons to Twin Peaks

440d ago - As mentioned in reviews Deadly Premonition is a game that is very similar to Twin Peaks in style.... | Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition

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