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My top 10 hidden gems last gen

457d ago ... The Last gen had alot of amazing games but unfortunately alot of these games went under the rubble or played by a small amount of gamers which is a shame because alot of those games were actually better than alot of AAA games . 10-Deadly Premonition (Ps3,360,pc) This game was really bad in almost everything , you will hate everything about it and regret ever buying it , until you get deep e...

The top 10 scariest moments in videogames.

1490d ago ... Seeing as Christmas is right around the bend, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some super scary moments in videogames, be warned, if you are within fifteen feet of a child, put them to bed because things are about to get scary and children can sense your fear, even through walls. 10. Deadly Premonition, staying up past midnight. If you are one of the ten people who has actually...

On Copycats in Games

1952d ago ... For a while now I’ve been steadfastly defending my position as a gamer who absolutely hates cheap rip-offs. I hated World at War’s campaign for ripping off the plot of Saving Private Ryan. I hated Dante’s Inferno (so badly that I couldn’t finish the demo) for copying, literally, everything about of God of War, from the combos to the fucking color-coded chests that you had to button-mash to open...
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