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- Xbox 360

During a recent power cut at the office, my colleagues indulged in some ‘what-if’ scenarios, debating the pros and cons to surviving an apocalypse of a post digital age. Survival orientation has changed somewhat over the years, with Doomsday Preppers now relying more and more on hi-tech gadgetry than they would have in the days before the internet. This is why Deadlight holds such an intrig...




- PC

Deadlight takes place in Seattle in 1986 where society is on its last legs as a new virus outbreak that gives the ability to bring the dead back to life and turn them into wild hunters that only hunt living beings to devour the raw flesh and meat straight from the bone. You play as Randall Wayne a park ranger and survivor from a small town in Canada called Hope which was also hit by the virus o...

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US 01 August 2012
EU 01 August 2012
AU 01 August 2012