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Deadlight Reviews  

Hands On: Deadlight - Gamersaurs

908d ago - takes a look at Deadlight in this hands on review. | PC

Deadlight PC Review (TruePCGaming)

936d ago - Callan MacKinlay from TPG writes: "There is no reason for anyone to play Deadlight, even if yo... | PC

Deadlight Review | TheGamingExperience

939d ago - TheGamingExperience says: "The easiest way to describe Deadlight is that it is a 2-D platformer a... | PC

Deadlight Review (

948d ago - The XBLA has shown that it is full of pearls, with Braid and Limbo to appear first in service fro... | PC

Deadlight Review - The Refined Geek

960d ago - The year is 1986 and the world has been decimated by a virus that reanimates the dead into flesh... | PC

Hit-Reset Review: Deadlight

962d ago - After a successful summer in Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade promotion, Deadlight finally comes to PC... | PC

NZ Gamer - Deadlight Review

964d ago - NZ Gamer - Deadlight may seem like just another zombie game, complete with the usual slow dim-wit... | PC

Deadlight Review: Platforming, Zombies a Good Mix | GameFront

970d ago - GameFront writes: "Here’s something of an untapped emotion for the side-scrolling platforming... | PC

Deadlight – PC Review | Analog Addiction

975d ago - Analog Addiction writes: "Deadlight is a 2D side scrolling, survival horror platformer, develo... | PC

Putthatback's Deadlight Review

975d ago -'s Review of Deadlight for the Steam Digital Distribution Service. | PC

Deadlight Review |

977d ago - Deadlight, by Tequila Works, is a zombie themed 2.5D platformer in the same vein as the (original... | PC

Short And Simple Review: Deadlight PC - EGMNOW

977d ago - Gamers looking for another unique zombie based game should check out Deadlight made by Tequila Wo... | PC

Deadlight Review | The Game Scouts

1000d ago - Tin Salamunic: Just when you think the Zombie genre has reached its creativity plateau, a game li... | Xbox 360

T3 - Deadlight Review

1013d ago - T3 - Deadlight is a Zombie survival platformer for Xbox 360 that serves up plenty of action invol... | Xbox 360

Deadlight Review - Brash Games

1015d ago - Brash Games writes "With a solid story, a consistently spellbinding art style and mostly impressi... | Xbox 360

PlayDevil: Deadlight review

1016d ago - Is Deadlight just another zombie game? Here is a snippet: "The first act is just amazingly... | Xbox 360

Deadlight Review | Romero Brooks

1018d ago - Romero Brooks: "Games like Shadow Complex and Limbo have melded tried-and-true concepts of an old... | Xbox 360

One Hit Pixel Review - Deadlight

1020d ago - One Hit Pixel: "Underneath the glistening exterior lies a broken being, much like the Shadows tha... | Xbox 360

Ginx: Deadlight Review

1022d ago - Ginx: We review the debut release from Tequila Works, but is this zombie apocalypse fresh, or mo... | Xbox 360

Gamer Euphoria: Deadlight Review

1026d ago - Gamer Euphoria staff member James writes: ''Seattle is perhaps not the ideal place to be right... | Xbox 360

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Deadlight Review | My XBL

1030d ago - My XBL: "Deadlight is set in an alternative ‘Seattle’ in the year 1986 and it is the end of the w... | Xbox 360

Deadlight Review - Glitch Cat

1031d ago - Glitch Cat - Deadlight is a unique experience that is unfortunately is marred by the story and le... | Xbox 360

Deadlight review – Dead wrong | Lazygamer

1032d ago - Garth Holden: "After playing the magical Dust: An Elysian Tail I was looking forward to the next... | Xbox 360

GI: Deadlight Review

1032d ago - GI: Randy Wayne, the protagonist of the “flee from the zombies” game Deadlight, may be little bet... | Xbox 360

Black Panel Review - Deadlight

1037d ago - The Black Panel writes: Deadlight is a side scrolling survival horror platformer that, for the mo... | Xbox 360
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