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Dead Space 3 Reviews  

Year End Review - 1st Quarter: Zero1Gaming

798d ago - Drew begins a four part look back at 2013 starting with January to March | Xbox 360

Dead Space 3 | Codec Moments

856d ago - "It's all markers and parkas!" Codec Moments Reviews Dead Space 3. | Xbox 360

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PixlBit's Dead Space 3 Review

1004d ago - PixlBit | "Last June, EA Labels President Frank Gibeau said the publisher's objective for Dead Sp... | PC

Dead Space 3 Review: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream in Frustration | Warp Zoned

1004d ago - Warp Zoned writes: Isaac Clarke just can’t seem to catch a break. He’s been to hell and back,... | PC

Dead Space 3 | Non-Fiction Gaming Review

1005d ago - The life of Isaac Clarke is not an easy one, there are more problems than just necromorphs to wor... | PC

411mania - Dead Space 3 and Awakened Review

1022d ago - 411mania - So I finally got around to playing Dead Space 3. Having got the Limited Edition versio... | PC

Dead Space 3 Review - Worlds Factory

1024d ago - Many have complained about the predominance of the action against the horror of the predecessors,... | PC

Review: Dead Space 3 | PSNation

1026d ago - While it fails to fully capture that same creepy ambiance the first Dead Space is famous for, it... | PC

Dead Space 3 review | Thunderbolt

1028d ago - Calvin Kemph, Thunderbolt writes: It’s a difficult balancing act for a work of horror to capture... | Xbox 360

Review: Dead Space 3 | Gizmag

1030d ago - Dead Space 3 is a great game. It just doesn't represent a major evolution for the series. | PC

‘Dead Space 3: Awakened’ Review | StickSkills

1032d ago - StickSkills: "The mind games have returned. As a Dead Space fan, that’s possibly the best news yo... | PC

ZaGamer- Dead Space 3 Review

1032d ago - ZG:Dead Space 3 delivers on the nose in this third installment of the epic series. The game has d... | PC

Dead Space 3: Awakened Review - Dusty Cartridge

1033d ago - Brodie from DC writes: For the first time since The Sprawl, I was kind of afraid. It didn’t quite... | PC

Find Your Inner Geek Game Review: Dead Space 3

1034d ago - Weary, old and rusted hallways, decrepit corridors and a deafening space-vacuum silence: these ar... | PC

Dead Space: Salvage (Comic) Review

1035d ago - Dead Space: Salvage does a decent job telling an authentic Dead Space-story. It contains horror a... | Culture

Dead Space 3 review | Select Start Media

1035d ago - "Where Dead Space 1 and 2 both brought something new to the franchise, Dead Space 3 falls flat, r... | PS3

Dead Space: Liberation (Book) - Review on Popzara

1037d ago - Acts as a brilliant supplement to Dead Space 3, and a great choice for fans looking to expand the... | Culture

The Paranoid Gamer Review: Dead Space 3 (Single Player)

1037d ago - The Paranoid Gamer writes: "While Dead Space 3 struggles with issues such as a poorly written sto... | PC

Dead Space 3 Review (6aming)

1041d ago - During the events of the previous games; Isaac has lost one girlfriend, who went what is medicall... | PS3

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DailyGame- Dead Space 3 Review

1046d ago - DG:he survival-horror genre gets such a bad rap these days that it’s tempting to overlook them fo... | PC

Dead Space 3 Awakened Review | About

1049d ago - About: "It gives you about 70 minutes of action for ten bucks, kind of rewrites the conclusion of... | PS3

Dead Space 3 Review | D+PAD

1050d ago - D+PAD Magazine writes: Ever since its arrival in 2008, EA seems to be hell-bent on turning Dea... | PC
20°'s Quarter Circle Forward Review: Dead Space 3

1054d ago - "Most stories rarely put in the effort of coming full-circle from their beginnings. Dead Space 3... | Xbox 360

Dead Space 3 Review |

1055d ago - Josh from Bag of Games writes "Just as Capcom’s beloved survival horror franchise, Resident Evil,... | PC
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Dead Space 3

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