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Drama, Drama, Drama.

395d ago ... Bored and curious, I looked up a few YT channels. I won't name them, but you can guess which ones. I will say that they are quite notable and have been responsible for controversy. Anyways, I look up the channels, watch bits of a few videos and it suddenly dawned on me as to how much drama and sensationalism comes out of gaming journalism and gaming in general. Dead Rising 3 comes out to...

Why am I getting dejavu from 6th gen?

497d ago ... Everything that's been happening seems VERY familiar, and I'm surprised nobody else has noticed. The PS4 is the best choice. It's cheap, powerful, has great multiplats, a few great exclusives, and offers innovation aside from the console at a different price. The PS4 is selling extremely well, and is dominating the other 2. Didn't the EXACT same thing happen with the PS2? The PS2 is the b...

My day with the Xbox One

593d ago ... Ever since they announced its existence Microsoft have done a sterling job of convincing me that the last thing I want to plug into my television is their latest console – the Xbox One. It’s their combination of not knowing what they are doing whilst simultaneously thinking they know better than me that has made me a bit wary, but today I was given the opportunity to play on an Xbox One at a pr...

Are the PS4's launch games really that bad, or...?

595d ago ... Over the past few days, gamers around the world are filled with glee now that the PS4 is available on store shelves. And many more gamers will be filled with glee once the Xbox One launches in about a week. Over the past year, the game industry has harped about how PS4 has superior hardware, how the Xbox One has superior online, how the PS4 has superior first-parties, how the Xbox One has a sup...

My Evening with the Xbox One

619d ago ... Xbox Tour So, thanks to the gadget show I was able to spend an evening with the Xbox One at the ‘Xbox on Tour’ Event, the games that were on demo were Ryse, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Zoo Tycoon, Battlefield 4 (watched extensively but didn’t play), Kinect Sports Rivals, Dead Rising 3 and FIFA (didn’t play). Here is an account of the evenings gaming delights that were on offer, but first the…...

I Am Legend: Plight of an Xbox Gamer

629d ago ... As I look around the various sites on this fine internet, I've come across one bizarre S.O.S message that's repeating in a constant loop. The sender of this distress call goes by no callsign yet his cries for help are unmistakably the same. "Help. I am the last true Xbox Gamer. The Sony Ponies have taken over this site. I will be broadcasting this message on all frequencies. Please help me."...

Mighty No.9: The rebirth of a classic.

643d ago ... Mighty No.9 (touted as the spiritual successor to Megaman) is the first project currently in development by indie videogame company "Comcept" founded by the legendary and highly influential videogame developer "Keiji Inafune" best known for having created such popular titles as Megaman, Megaman X, Onimusha, Dead Rising and has also had his hand in many other popular games to come out of Capcom....

The PS4 has no Games only Indies.

672d ago ... This is something that is really annoying me in threads and comment sections. "...AAA exclusives Games announced Ryse vs Killzone:SF Forza vs #Driveclub (an excuse for a racing game) Dead Rising 3 vs What ever dafaq Knack is Sunset Overdrive vs The Order: 1886 Halo 5 vs...............? Titanfall vs Infamous? Black Tusk new IP vs..................? Project Spark vs.................?...

Mixed Bag Talk: Xbox One's Lost Crown & Why That Is a Good Thing

723d ago ... Before I begin I would like you to take which ever brand (Microsoft or Sony) you wear on your butt cheek and take it off and put it aside on the table just for a moment. Not forever your not throwing that bad boy away just for this read. I write this without a ounce of Fanboy mindset one way or another and I ask you to as well. Have you heard of the "curse of the third console"? Well seems e...

E3 wrap-up. The Good, the bad, and the infuriating

747d ago ... Well E3 is over, and the dust has settled, but has each console manufacturer proved to you that they're deserving of your hard earned money? This blog will be the first of a 3 part series discussing the state of the next-gen consoles, the state of next-gen gaming, and the future of gaming. So let’s dive and review Microsoft’s, Sony’s, and Nintendo’s E3 presentations, messaging, and games....

Short and Sweet: Why I Still Love Zombie Games

1032d ago ... I have heard a lot of frustration with the amount of zombie games that have come out and that are still coming out nowadays. Part of me is frustrated too, but I’m frustrated with the zombie games that are low in quality. The games that are just trying to jump on the zombie train and ride it to moneyville. I still love the zombie games that are good, innovative, and different. The upcoming MMO T...

Dead Rising...I mean Dead Island

1594d ago ... Don't you all love it when the market gets flooded with a certain type of game. What's the topic this time? Zombies! Yes with all the news surrounding the upcoming Dead Island I thought I would flush out my thoughts about this game. Now I do love zombies and I don't necessarily mind if the market is flooded with zombie games as long as they are GOOD. I really do like the L4D series and both the...

Has next generation gaming truly begun?

2859d ago ... After playing many games this generation, i have been left feeling disappointed. Gears of War(360), Resistance: Fall of Man(ps3), Zelda(Wii), Ninja Gaiden Sigma(ps3), Lost Planet(360), Dead Rising(360), Rainbow 6 Vegas(ps3, 360), GRAW2(ps3, 360), Crackdown(360), Bioshock(360) and Oblivion(360, ps3) have all been great games, but have left me feeling unimpressed.
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