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Dead Island: Riptide Brady Games Guide Review

740d ago - Does The Brady Games Dead Island: Riptide Guide Help You Weather The Storm, Or Should It Be Lost... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review | All For Gamenews

861d ago - All For Gamenews - The cinematography of Dead Island Riptide was very convincing at the start. It... | PC

Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

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Dead Island Riptide Pixle Judge review

866d ago - PJ: "The first Dead Island was an outstanding game for multiple reasons. It was unique, fresh, sc... | PC

Dead Island Riptide review – Worlds Factory

876d ago - Another island, the same problem. A perfect (bloody) holiday for our four immune heroes. After 18... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review by The Black Panel

896d ago - The Black Panel writes:This sequel to 2011’s wildly popular open world zombie game falls flat on... | PC

FG: Dead Island: Riptide Review

900d ago - It was October 2011 and European developers Techland release a melee based action zombie game cal... | PS3

Review: “Dead Island: Riptide” | BlogCritics

901d ago - First-person zombie-killing action makes this an exciting game for horror fans. | PC

PluggedIn - Dead Island: Riptide Review

904d ago - PluggedIn - With some game franchises, a sequel can be an exciting prospect—especially if the ini... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review | GamingExcellence

904d ago - Lacking any real improvements, this seems more like an addition to the first game than a real seq... | Xbox 360

Review: Dead Island Riptide [Save/Continue]

905d ago - Dead Island Riptide has been getting lots of flak for being no different from the original. We... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review | Str N Gaming

907d ago - Review of the Dead Island sequel "Dead Island - Riptide" by Str N Gaming. | PC

Dead Island: Riptide | Gamefreaks Review

908d ago - Gamefreaks write: 'Dead Island: Riptide is a First Person Role Playing Game that takes off rig... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review | Splitkick

908d ago - Splitkick: I want to believe that the franchise will realize its potential someday, but certainly... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review | Console Monster

910d ago - Console Monster: "The game is a fun adventure that will be worth exploring for any fan of the fra... | Xbox 360

Dead Island: Riptide Review | Xbox Addict

910d ago - Xbox Addict: "While you will find yourself lost amongst the RPG elements, you will also find your... | Xbox 360

OneHitPixel Review - Dead Island: Riptide

913d ago - Videogames are fun; it’s a statement that highlights what has kept the industry alive for decades... | PC

Dead Island Riptide – Swing for the Head | Lazygamer

915d ago - You can't shake the feeling that Dead Island is a project that's far too ambitious for Techland. | PC

Dead Island Riptide review | T3

915d ago - But Riptide fails to convince as anything beyond an extended game of zombie whack-a-mole. One of... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide | TVNZ‎ Review

915d ago - Dead Island Riptide's not messed with the formula of the first; it's simply taken the game to a n... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review | Mania

915d ago - How much you enjoy Dead Island: Riptide will largely depend on how much you enjoyed the original... | PC

Mad Max (PS4) Review

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Review: Dead Island Riptide | RobotsGoneBad

915d ago - You could say that Riptide feels like an expansion pack, just wrapping some new characters in on... | PC

Dead Island Riptide Review | GamerNode

916d ago - GamerNode writes: "It’s more Dead Island, complete with all of the glitches and clunky animat... | PC

Dead Island Riptide PC Review (TruePCGaming)

917d ago - John Williamson from TPG writes: "While there are some admirable inclusions such as the challe... | PC

Review: Dead Island: Riptide [eGamer]

918d ago - eGamer writes: "Dead Island: Riptide is simply more of the same, and is so similar to the origina... | PC

Dead Island: Riptide Review [NoobFeed]

921d ago - Megan Bethke from NoobFeed takes on Dead Island: Riptide. Dead Island: Riptide is not a game to b... | PC
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Dead Island Riptide

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