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DayZ Standalone hires new support lead to fix the issues faster.

5h ago - To fix the problems with the game at a faster rate, company has hired a new support lead. | Xbox

DayZ Standalone 0.44 Hits Unstable Branch; Adds Craftable Bow, Tweaks Throwing And Balances Weapons

3d ago - - "Just days after returning from his trip to Boston, DayZ creator Dean Hall ha... | PC

Carl from 'The Walking Dead' likes to stream himself playing 'DayZ'

7d ago - XMNR: Chandler Riggs is best known as Rick Grimes' son Carl from The Walking Dead​television seri... | PC

H1Z1 Not For The Weak, Wouldn't Exist Without DayZ

9d ago - John Smedley just released a ton more details on H1Z1 via Twitter. Among other things, he credite... | PC

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

DayZ to receive major mouse optimization and heaps of content

12d ago - It’s been awhile since we’ve seen DayZ content rolling out to stable servers. Or, it just may be... | PC

DayZ on console: "the bottleneck is us" says Dean Hall

13d ago - Gamereactor recently caught up with Dean "Rocket" Hall and found out how things are going with Da... | PC

DayZ Experimental Update Could Increase Player Limit; Will Add Karmanovka, Improved Physics And More

15d ago - - Other than Dean Hall's talk at EGX Rezzed, relatively little has been said ab... | PC

Weird Torture in DayZ Reaches Creepy New Heights

20d ago - T1 - “I gotta make sure you can’t run.” Creepy takes on a whole new level in this DayZ video,... | PC

The future of DayZ: Dean Hall’s roadmap to 2015 and beyond

21d ago - “There’s a lot of things DayZ doesn’t do well.” Even with 1.7 million copies and uncountable m... | PC

DayZ Standalone Future Road Map Revealed

23d ago - "Bohemia has revealed the development roadmap for DayZ standalone." | PC

DayZ Sales Figures, New Studio Acquisition Revealed

23d ago - DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed that the game has now shifted more than 2m copies of the game... | PC

DayZ's upcoming 0.37 patch brings survival to a new level!

40d ago - Plenty of content will be hitting DayZ servers over the next two weeks, so if you've been away fr... | PC

Current DayZ development still focusing on survival – Team also looking ahead to vehicles

43d ago - Cooking, bows and throwing still top of the development agenda but bugs hinder patch deployment. | PC

DayZ Development Team Doubled

49d ago - Patches for DayZ have been coming in constantly lately, and their frequency will most likely grow... | PC

DayZ Dev Blog Introduces Physics, Bows, and Pork Chops

53d ago - Rely on Horror: Creative lead of DayZ, Dean Hall has released a video developer's blog of some up... | PC

Newest DayZ devblog details lighting, physics, hunting and vehicles

54d ago - To dismiss skepticism over how DayZ will evolve without his involvement in the future, Rocket has... | PC

DayZ interview: full release, console discussions, horses and Rust

54d ago - Eurogamer: When is DayZ coming out in full? How far down the road are discussions about getting t... | PC

DayZ creator Dean Hall to “eventually” leave Bohemia after work is complete

55d ago - El33tonline writes: "While the Eurogamer story made it sound as though Hall was on the verge o... | PC

DayZ Delivers the Visceral Realism of Opening a Can of Baked Beans

63d ago - DayZ is a challenging game, for sure. Is it "hard" though? Well, it doesn't make things easy on y... | PC

Day-z coming to consoles?

64d ago - Dean Hall, game designer of widely popular zombie mod Day-Z, has said he is open to the idea of r... | PC

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Upcoming features in DayZ

64d ago - What's in store for DayZ in the near future? Well, larger servers, more weapons, improved medical... | PC

DayZ on Next-Gen: "I have talked extensively with Microsoft"

65d ago - GR-UK writes: "In a recent interview with Gamereactor, Dean "Rocket" Hall confirmed that he has h... | PC

DayZ Standalone Unplayable for Some Until Monday

70d ago - Rely on Horror: Early today, Bohemia Interactive pushed out a "critical" update for DayZ Standalo... | PC

Dayz Standalone critical update released – Fixes dead state and adds content

72d ago - A new and unscheduled critical update fix for DayZ Standalone has just been pushed to the live se... | PC

DayZ Standalone has new experimental build, should be live 12 February

72d ago - The DayZ experimental branch is having changes rolled out to it in the form of a couple of new bu... | PC
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