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Is “Early Access” a Trick to Sell us Unfinished Games?

46d ago - GamerFitNation: Pay now, and you get to play a game before it releases. We’re seeing dozens of ga... | PC

Rust: The DayZ Killer - 5 Reasons to Choose Rust Over DayZ

46d ago - DayZ or Rust: which do you choose? With the loss of Dean Hall on the horizon, DayZ might suffer.... | PC

(Twinfinite) DayZ - The Chernarus Ranger: Episode 2

47d ago - Twinfinite's very own cowboy makes his return in this action-packed episode of The Chernarus Rang... | PC

DayZ Dev Blog Introduces Physics, Bows, and Pork Chops

49d ago - Rely on Horror: Creative lead of DayZ, Dean Hall has released a video developer's blog of some up... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

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For a Moment, Forget the Future of DayZ and Applaud Dean Hall for His Honesty

49d ago - Also because, while some aspects of any business will forever be locked in a corporate vault, the... | PC

Dean Hall Leaving Bohemia Interactive Is A Good Thing

49d ago - Blaine Smith of XMMORPG writes: With the recent news that Dean Hall will be leaving Bohemia in... | PC

DayZ, Dean Hall’s Departure and the Dramas of Early Access

49d ago - In the great DayZ Dean Hall departure debate, almost everybody is right. Including Dean Hall, wri... | PC

Newest DayZ devblog details lighting, physics, hunting and vehicles

49d ago - To dismiss skepticism over how DayZ will evolve without his involvement in the future, Rocket has... | PC

DayZ interview: full release, console discussions, horses and Rust

49d ago - Eurogamer: When is DayZ coming out in full? How far down the road are discussions about getting t... | PC

DayZ creator Dean Hall to “eventually” leave Bohemia after work is complete

50d ago - El33tonline writes: "While the Eurogamer story made it sound as though Hall was on the verge o... | PC

Tales from Chernarus: Dark Magic (DayZ Standalone)

51d ago - James Black writes: "With the standalone release of DayZ recently hitting the one million sales m... | PC

(Twinfinite) Dayz - The Chernarus Ranger

51d ago - There’s no real endgame yet in DayZ, so for now it’s all about making your own fun. For some reas... | PC

Nether Impressions: More Death Than DayZ | Gaming Blend

53d ago - The thing about open world survival games is that there are no rules: You're on your own. Taking... | PC

The Good, the Bad and the Crazy: PC Game Mods

53d ago - GameKeysNow takes a look at the crazy world of PC game modding | PC

In Its Current State DayZ Is Both Pointless And Insulting To Its Fans

54d ago - Blaine Smith of XMMORPG Writes: Usually I would prefix this article with some combination of w... | PC

DayZ: Early Access Preview | Gamereactor UK

54d ago - GR-UK writes: "There's plenty of promise in these zombie-infested hills. Bandits may roam there t... | PC

DayZ Standalone Preview (Invision Game Community)

56d ago - DayZ Standalone is a survival open world game created by Bohemia Interactive, who is also respons... | PC

DayZ - Becoming A Criminal

58d ago - Twinfinite's Henry McMunn retells the story of his first incident with another player in the unfo... | PC

DayZ Delivers the Visceral Realism of Opening a Can of Baked Beans

58d ago - DayZ is a challenging game, for sure. Is it "hard" though? Well, it doesn't make things easy on y... | PC

Day-z coming to consoles?

59d ago - Dean Hall, game designer of widely popular zombie mod Day-Z, has said he is open to the idea of r... | PC

Contests For N4G Members

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Upcoming features in DayZ

59d ago - What's in store for DayZ in the near future? Well, larger servers, more weapons, improved medical... | PC

Otaku Dome: From PC To Playstation: The Top 10 PC Games That Should Be Ported

60d ago - Otaku Dome: PC games getting ported over to consoles is becoming a growing trend in the gaming... | PC

DayZ on Next-Gen: "I have talked extensively with Microsoft"

60d ago - GR-UK writes: "In a recent interview with Gamereactor, Dean "Rocket" Hall confirmed that he has h... | PC

Is DayZ worth buying in its alpha state?

62d ago - With the DayZ Standalone no longer requiring Arma 2, it became that much more accessible to those... | PC

DayZ: The Latest Zombie Blockbuster

62d ago - DayZ taps in to our unquenchable thirst for the walking dead. | PC


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