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N4G Deals: Aliens: Colonial Marines $37, ArmA 2 Combined Operation $12 + Free PC Games This Weekend!

971d ago ... Welcome to the first edition of N4G Deals, where our friends from Dealzon find you the best gaming deals from across the web. The post features everything from PC digital downloads to titles for the 360 and PS3. While most of our deals are curated from US retailers, we will occasionally feature digital download deals also redeemable in other regions. Fans of Gearbox software will also want...

A night in DayZ

1135d ago ... 3AM. It’s raining outside. I’ve spent the last six hours putting together a budget gaming rig. Despite previous reservations, everything has come together without incident. All the components snapped together with relative ease and to my amazement the machine fired up first time. I’ve sat through installs of Windows 7, Steam, Arma II, Operation Arrowhead and DayZCommander, determined to get eve...

May Contests: Round 2 Winners

1232d ago ... Round 2 winners below! COMMENT LOTTERY: cedaridge - $50 Amazon Gift Card! cupcake_ownage - $50 Amazon Gift Card! LOYAL READER LOTTERY: kevnb - a $50 Amazon Gift Card! relientk77 - $50 Amazon Gift Card! USER BLOG CONTEST: Well, User Bloggers, after the votes were in we had a tie! Sure, I could've cast a tie-breaking vote, or called in Marc Summers forcing the bloggers to compete on...

My time with DayZ

1238d ago ... DayZ is a persistent multiplayer mod for ARMA 2. It recently released in alpha state and has sent ARMA 2 up to the second bestselling title on steam which is normally reserved for upcoming games. After hearing all the hype from PC Gaming journalists, I decided to visit the mods homepage and was surprised at what I saw. It was the zombie modification we have all been waiting for albeit in an alp...
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