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Emotions during recordings? Funniest Snake quote? David Hayter answers fan questions

44d ago - People who are familiar with the popular website reddit, are probably also aware of the 'AMA sess... | Culture

David Hayter: “Kojima-San was always pretty subdued whenever we met”

45d ago - Voice actor/writer/director David Hayter has answered questions from the Reddit community regardi... | PC

David Hayter on cancelled Metal Gear fan remake: It was really fun to do a young Snake again

110d ago - David Hayter talks about the cancelled Metal Gear fan remake, and comments on playing a young Sna... | Culture

David Hayter on his role as Snake: ‘I tried to do something very specific with this character’

263d ago - In an interview with JoypadAndMe David Hayter talked about the Metal Gear series and the role of... | Culture

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David Hayter’s Departure from the Metal Gear Franchise is More Painful than We Know

400d ago - Producer Ryan Payton (formerly of the Metal Gear franchise) shed some light on what Mr. Hayter ha... | Industry

Metal Gear Solid’s David Hayter Joins The Long Dark

437d ago - Hinterland Studios has one more announcement up their sleeve with just about 48 hours left in the... | PC

David Hayter teasing a new game?

437d ago - David Hayter says on twitter: "Announcing a new game today..." Wonder what this could be? | Culture

David Hayter Not Playing Metal Gear Solid V, Unveils Reason Behind This Decision

465d ago - David Hayter has been the voice behind Snake in Metal Gear Solid series for 15 long years. But Ko... | PC

David Hayter Lends His Voice to The Spiritual Successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

518d ago - Indie developer Precursor Games is proud to announce that world-renowned actor and writer David H... | PC

David Hayter Addresses Keifer Sutherland Stealing His Solid Snake Role

520d ago - The voice of Solid Snake will be different in the new Konami game. The original man behind the vo... | Culture

David Hayter Snipes At Konami On Twitter

567d ago - Wow! I guess David Hayter is really upset he won't be returning to the role of Snake for the next... | Xbox 360

David Hayter posts another dubious message

568d ago - Less than a day before Snake’s (new?) voice actor will be revealed during Konami’s pre-E3 show, D... | Xbox 360

David Hayter Might Be Voicing Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

573d ago - It was pretty much confirmed that David Hayter longtime voice actor for Snake in the Metal Gear s... | PS3

David Hayter reacts to upcoming voice actor reveal

575d ago - Today Konami announced that questions regarding the voice acting of MGSV will finally be answered... | Xbox 360

Raiden Voice Actor Joins The Call For David Hayter's Return In MGSV

602d ago - Quinton Flynn, the voice of Metal Gear Solid's Raiden, wants David Hayter back in Metal Gear Soli... | Xbox 360

Hideo Kojima explains why David Hayter is not in Metal Gear Solid V

636d ago - While Metal Gear fans are excited this week with Metal Gear Solid V announced, many are displease... | Xbox 360

David Hayter comments on not being in Metal Gear Solid V

638d ago - David Hayter, the voice actor of Solid Snake, will not be in Metal Gear Solid V. He's made his fi... | Culture

David Hayter Asks How Fans Would Feel if He Wasn't Snake

659d ago - David Hayter's 15 year role of voicing Snake from the Metal Gear series may be over. A revealing... | PS3

David Hayter – A Quick Interview With The Voice Of Solid Snake

972d ago - "Despite his busy schedule as the host of the Canadian Videogame Awards and meeting fans during t... | Culture

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EDGE- David Hayter: My Favourite Game

976d ago - EDGE- David Hayter needs little introduction among hardened gamers: he’s the man behind the Metal... | Culture

David Hayter Hosting The Canadian Video Game Awards

1017d ago - Yes, there is a Canadian Video Game Awards and it highlights all of the top games from Canadian g... | Culture

David Hayter (Voice of Snake) Posted a Mysterious Message

1048d ago - David Hayter (voice of Snake) and Paul Eiding (voice of colonel Campbell) are apparently doing so... | Dev

David Hayter Reveals His Favorite Metal Gear Title

1055d ago - Canadian-American actor, screenwriter and voice actor David Hayter has been voicing Snake for mor... | PS2

Solid Snake Speaks. An Interview With David Hayter (Part 2)

1215d ago - TheGamingLiberty.com: "In Part 2 of TGL's penultimate Voice Actor Week interview with David Ha... | GameCube
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