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Quantic Dream’s PS4 Project “Ambitious”, No Heavy Rain Sequel Planned

444d ago - Studio founder David Cage has revealed that they prefer to work with new ideas and take risks ins... | PS3

Beyond: Two Souls - David Cage talks making a story-driven game and why it's different to film

445d ago - MMGN: The competitive teething issues seem to be largely falling by the wayside now as people beg... | PS3

Beyond, Heavy Rain creator David Cage loves games with 'soul'

449d ago - Joystiq: "Since he's answered so many questions about Beyond: Two Souls, and that the PS3 game co... | Culture

A conversation with David Cage

450d ago - Beyond: Two Souls writer and director David Cage chats with VG247′s Dave Cook about the game’s wr... | PS3

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“We didn’t try to replicate Heavy Rain”: Cage on writing Beyond

451d ago - Beyond: Two Souls writer and director David Cage tells VG247′s Dave Cook how he approached the ga... | PS3

New interview with David Cage hints strongly at Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4

454d ago - A new interview of David Cage has popped up on internet and there were a lot of new details revea... | PS3

Quantic Dream's Tech Demos And Mysterious PlayStation 4 Project

455d ago - GameInformer: "In this video interview, David Cage talks about Pixar inspiring their tech demos a... | PS3

'Beyond: Two Souls' will dictate how Quantic Dream uses the PS4 touch pad

457d ago - Beyond: Two Souls is only weeks away from being released by Quantic Dream and Sony Computer Enter... | PS3

Beyond: Two Souls – David Cage talks movies, audience, accessibility

457d ago - VG 24/7 - "You’d never know that David Cage is in the middle of a whirlwind promotional tour if n... | PS3

BEYOND: Two Souls Interview with David Cage [Capsule Computers]

457d ago - Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote: "David Cage, head of Quantic Dream and Creative Direc... | PS3

Beyond David Cage: the games, the art and the man

457d ago - Digitally Downloaded has penned a major feature on David Gage, the man behind Heavy Rain and the... | PS3

David Cage On Self-Doubt And Admiring Team Ico

457d ago - Whenever people talk about storytelling in games, the name David Cage isn't far away. As the dire... | PS3

6 Game Developers That Should Just Make a Damn Movie Already

460d ago - With many games now taking the more cinematic route, Den of Geek looks at what developers should... | Culture

Breaking gaming expectations with Beyond: Two Souls

465d ago - Shack News: "In a very real sense, failure is not an option in David Cage's games. There is no 'g... | PS3

Cage: next-gen hardware is “a better tool” which offers devs “more subtlety, more nuances”

467d ago - With the industry moving into next-gen, Quantic Dream’s David Cage believes that from a technolog... | PS4

David Cage Tells Us How He Wrote Beyond: Two Souls

468d ago - Stuff: ''Quantic Dream's CEO on the inspiration behind his 2,000-page script, indie games and why... | PS3

Cage: The future of game narratives will be designed with Scorsese algorithms

468d ago - Video game narratives will continue to evolve based off of technology that mimics the style of fi... | Industry

The Dark Sorcerer Demo Ran on Ported Beyond Engine, Will Use a New Engine For Developement

471d ago - David Cage revealed that, shockingly enough, The Dark Sorcerer tech demo was just built on the po... | PS4

David Cage on doing what “no one expects”, creativity & PS4 being “way easier” to develop for

473d ago - OPM: He divides opinion like few other creators, but it’s hard to deny that the man makes some of... | PS3

David Cage On How You’ll Make Choices in Beyond: Two Souls Without Knowing You’re Making Choices

473d ago - Game Director David Cage is known for some rather innovative solutions in his games, especially w... | PS3

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

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David Cage: "We Can Use Technology to Say Something"

477d ago - Speaking at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts' annual games lecture, Quantic Dream'... | Culture

How David Cage hopes to make your grandparents gamers

489d ago - As games continue to focus more and more on compelling narratives and unique storytelling techniq... | PS3

Watch Shuhei Yoshida Sleeping While David Cage Talks

490d ago - Being both the head of Sony Worldwide Studios and the world’s most prolific Twitterer can be a ti... | PS3

The music of BEYOND: Two Souls

491d ago - The BEYOND: Two Souls soundtrack is composed by Hollywood duo Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe, whose... | PS3

Cage: the future of games lies with more meaning

492d ago - Speaking at Gamescom 2013 today, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage called upon the industry to bring m... | Industry

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