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Top 5 reasons why Darksiders II is (mostly) great

1416d ago - ( If you’ve been paying attention -- and you should be -- then you’d know that back in... | PC
10° Preview: Darksiders

2220d ago - I can not repeat it often enough: Darksiders is not a God-of-War clone, not a Devil... | 1,2

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Gaming Age - First Impressions: Darksiders

2223d ago - Gaming Age writes: "When you're doing game reviews and you're dependent on publishers to sen... | 1,2

Spaziogames Preview: Darksiders

2228d ago - Spaziogames: Darksiders we talked a lot last year, accompanying the product along its path from i... | 1,2

GamingTrend: Darksiders Hands-On

2237d ago - GamingTrend writes: "As someone who went to a private school up until the 8th grade, I had t... | 1,2

Gaming Excellence: Darksiders: Wrath of War Impressions

2237d ago - Gaming Excellence writes: "We first got an opportunity to check out Darksiders at E3 earlier... | 1

IGN: Darksiders Preview: Halfway Through

2238d ago - Surprising. That's the best way to describe Darksiders halfway through (eight hours in). It's not... | 1,2

Planet Xbox 360: Darksiders - Hands-On Preview

2238d ago - Planet Xbox 360 writes: "This is not your average hack-and-slash video game; it is so much m... | 1,2

Darksiders - Hands-On Preview (PlanetXbox360)

2238d ago - From the hands-on preview: "Mythology and ancient lore have always be... | 1,2

Total Playstation: Darksiders Preview

2240d ago - Adding up all the individual components of Vigil Games' founders, comic book mainstay Joe Madurei... | 1

MSXBOX: Darksiders Preview

2242d ago - MSXBOX writes: "May 2010 will see the release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in movi... | 1,2

GamersHell: The Horseman Cometh: Darksiders Preview

2242d ago - David Adams, co-founder of Vigil, explains Darksiders as the brainchild of a few, but the product... | 1,2

GameFocus: Darksiders Preview

2243d ago - GameFocus writes: "The world may end in 2012 but according to THQ and developer Vigil Games,... | 1,2

Cynamite Preview: Darksiders (PS3)

2243d ago - Cynamite: The apocalypse has already broken countless times in digital form over humanity. But wh... | 1

GameZone: Exclusive Hands-On Video with Darksiders

2243d ago - "At last week's Darksiders press event in Los Angeles, California, Andrew Groen of GameZone... | 1, 2, 11

Darksiders Preview -

2244d ago - Gamervision writes: "Last week I had a chance to sit down with a final build of THQ's fort... | 1,2

WorthPlaying Preview: Darksiders

2244d ago - Darksiders is an original action/adventure game that will plunge players into a near future world... | 1,2

Darksiders Hands-on Preview at CheatCC

2244d ago - CheatCC says, "We're very excited to get our hands on the final product, because if our time... | 1,2

TotallyGN: Darksiders Preview

2244d ago - As soon as you begin playing the game you will notice a lot of similarities to another big title... | 1,2

Gameplanet: Darksiders: Wrath of War Hands-On

2245d ago - Gameplanet writes: "As development studios the world over suddenly tried to look very import... | 1,2

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GameShark: Darksiders Preview

2245d ago - A long sequence of dialogue introduces War, the main character and one of the four horsemen of th... | 1,2

Atomic Gamer: Darksiders Preview

2246d ago - Atomic Gamer writes: "Remember a decade ago when people were freaking out, claiming the worl... | 1,2

Game Vortex: Darksiders Preview - Apocalypse Wow

2246d ago - Game Vortex writes: "Ever stop and think about why you started playing games in the first pl... | 1,2

G4TV: Darksiders Hands-On

2248d ago - Play as War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as you find yourself caught in the middle of... | 1,2

Exclusive Hands-On With Darksiders - GameZone

2249d ago - GameZone recently visited THQ in Los Angeles for a preview event for Darksiders and have posted t... | 1,2,11
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Darksiders: Wrath of War

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