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PlayStation Store Global Update – January 15, 2013

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PlayStation Plus Update: Become War in Darksiders, Free for Members

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Steam Winter Sale Day Two

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Top 10 Apocalypses in Games

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Win a PS4!!

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The End is Nigh: The Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Video Games

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Twelve Awesome Apocalyptic Games to Play Before the World Ends

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Top 8 Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

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Disembodied Voices Episode 61: Chickens, Kittens and War

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Around The Web Vol. 7: Halloween Costumes

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Disembodied Voices Episode 59: Apparently We Like Punching Things

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Disembodied Voices Episode 58: Tricksy Pagans

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Just Take My Money: Lovely Limited Edition PlayStation 3 Consoles

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10 Gaming Franchises That Should Be MMO’s

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Achievement Punter: Darksiders Rivers Of Blood…And Tears -StickTwiddlers

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Darksiders Story Review - Gameyarn

834d ago - Gameyarn - "Darksiders is a game that struggles to find its identity. Its gameplay, visuals, audi... | PC

My Darksiders 2 Experience

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5 Things Gamers Secretly Judge Games On

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Darksiders Showdown: War vs Death

846d ago - A comparison of Darksiders against its sequel Darksiders 2. | PC

THQ PC Titles on Sale Via Digital Store

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The Story Mechanic Part Four: Masters of a Universe

854d ago - GodisaGeek: "Whilst I don’t want to speak for everyone who works here, everyone thinks Darksiders... | Xbox 360

Get paid to review products

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The Cursed Checkpoint #119 - Darksiders Retrospective: Layers of War

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The Gamesmen, Episode 80- A Heartbeat And Ribs

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Remember That Game? -Darksiders

858d ago - Welcome to the second “Remember That Game?”, in which I spend some time with an older game and ta... | PC

Previously On Darksiders (All The Cutscenes)

858d ago - Getting excited for Darksiders 2? Get familiar with the story from the first game. I cut every cu... | PC

N4G Radio 08/06/2012

866d ago - The fall rush is looming and the guys are scrambling to prepare for the game onslaught. Hosts:... | PC

Darksiders: Wrath of War

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AU 23 September 2010
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EU 27 May 2011
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