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User Review : Darksiders 2

A hidden Gem or a Copy Cat

I recently Finished Darksiders 2, let's get few things out of the way.

Yes it copies many of the best game or certain genre, like prince of Persia when it comes to climbing or solving puzzles and the combat is very much like some of the better hack and slash games like God of War. But it also adds its own flavor into the mixture and the result is sometimes a lot of fun sometimes very frustrating game


Long single player story, main story should take you atleast 18-20 hours, add side quests and you can easily get 40 plus hours out of darksiders 2

Combat is a lot of fun, when you get the Orange Very rare or legendary Items it becomes even better. Thing is you can feed you lesser items to the Orange Rare items and gain extra powers from each weapons like better defense, weapons with each hit take enemy life only for your health to Regen or add critical damage. IF not you can improve the current stats of your weapon

the RPG elements, like borderlands 2 and other RPG's you gain experience than with experience you can choose different abilities like getting 3 ghost deaths to fight along you or make your self invincible for 15 seconds etc, But unlike other RPG games out there in Darksiders you can mix and match, so you don't have to stick with one skill tree you can mix and match

with each hit you gain Wrath, with wrath you can unleash special abilities

That's one feature i would like to see in other games, where once you select a skill tree you are stuck with it and have it max it out before being able to invest in other areas

Each enemy drops loot, than there are loot chests so for me the biggest thing was always finding new/better loot, also one area where darksiders 2 does well is it lets you see what loot is laying on the ground before you pick it up, also if its better you can equip it right there without having to pause the game

There are Merchants in the game from whom you can buy and sell weapons along with health potions.

Boss fights are some of the best but there aren't enough of them

There are a lot of Puzzles, it basically goes get into a area, see a lock door than find the key to open the door than fight a mini boss, do it over and over till you get to main boss


There is a Mini map but it really doesn't tell you where you have to go, sometimes its frustrating because there is a lot of back tracking and without a proper map it could get frustrating

There is a fast Track system which is available but sometimes in certain areas it won't let you fast travel, i thought the game could have been helped with a check point marker that tells you where you have to go

First world has many Dungeons and 2nd has some but world #3 and #4 doesn't really have a lot of side dungeons to explore

Camera can sometimes become a major issue, it won't show you where you suppose to land or jump so it becomes very trial and error kind of situation

I am fine with Puzzles and some are really clever but sometimes it could have helped the game to have more combat, issue is you will go sometimes 15-20 minutes without any combat so the constant jumping and solving puzzles sometimes can leave you with a lot to be desired

Game gives you a huge open world but there is nothing to do in it, so you basically go from point A to B while having no mini side quests while travelling, i felt like that was a huge misstep and missed opportunity

Final Verdict

I say this is a must play and worth $15-20 bucks, for me personally its a good 7.5/10 to 8/10 range

I didn't want to spoil the story but understand its a good tale. You are death and are basically trying to clean the name of your brother war one of the 4 horsemen. You will visit many different worlds and most of the times you will enjoy the plot

Voice acting is excellent

must is very repetitive but its also very good

Art direction is excellent

Its a BUY but only if you have a lot of time to get through the game, it took me about 22-24 hours to beat the game and i didn't even do a lot of side missions

Fun Factor
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thegrimphreaker1462d ago

I agree Darksiders 2 takes alot of time to finish. Some moments I almost rage quit because I was stumped. I love the graphics, but I don't agree that it's a must buy, I'd say it's more of a "buffer game"-- a game you play in between other games when you want to play something different.