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From Billboard Charts to Blasting Aliens

83d ago - A feature article on the relationship between mega music stars and the world of gaming | Culture

Best Buy Weekend Sales Include PS4 Games and Other Titles

197d ago - Techtorial: Best Buy weekend sales include discounts for Infamous: Second Son, Middle-earth: Shad... | Xbox 360

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Humble 2K Bundle Lets You Name Your Price for BioShock, XCOM, Spec Ops, and More

300d ago - 8CN: The latest Humble Bundle is now live, eschewing the traditional indie collection for a prett... | PC

Games you may have missed in 2012 (but totally shouldn’t have) «Paranerds.com

851d ago - We get it. Sometimes we miss games. Often it’s because there is just so much other stuff out the... | Xbox 360

The 8 least Christmassy games on PS3 – say hell no to snow with these anti-Xmas offerings

863d ago - Feeling a bit bah-humbug about it all? Here are 8 of the least Christmassy games we could find to... | PS3

2012 An Outstanding Year for Video Game Stories

863d ago - 2012 has been shocking with its multitude of great narratives. Here are a few shining examples wh... | PC

Gameinsight Com-cast Ep. 15: Ebert's Wager

927d ago - On the docket are a discussion about art styles in recent games, where they came from and where t... | PC

OnLive Fresh Releases

1013d ago - MasonicGamer.com: OnLive has added more to its library of cloud gaming titles. To start off we ha... | PC

8bitfix Review - The Darkness II (PC)

1083d ago - The Darkness games are based off of a comic from the mid 90s. When overpowered characters capable... | PC

GK | The Darkness 2 Review

1083d ago - I can understand why the transition from comic book (or any other medium for that matter) to vide... | PC

ThriftyNerd's Deals of the Day for 5-14-2012

1084d ago - The crack deal hunting squad at ThriftyNerd hunts down the best deals for 5/9/2012. Today's sales... | PC

"Tentacles: Not Just for Japanese Schoolgirls." / Bagogames' The Darkness II Review

1094d ago - Morten Olsen of Bagogames: Every now and then I come across something that makes my 3-inch e-peen... | PC

The Dangers of Demos

1113d ago - IGN: First impressions can be misleading: sometimes, demos can damage a game's fortunes. | PC

Primecast Episode 11, “Hey John”

1125d ago - Good evening listners, especially those of you on the West Coast where it is still technically ev... | PC

NfamousGamers - The Darkness II Review

1137d ago - Arcee "Quite honestly, I have mixed feeling about The Darkness II. The first Darkness game establ... | PC

zConnection: The Darkness II Review

1137d ago - zConnection: As disappointing as it sounds that The Darkness II is missing many of the original’s... | PC

Virginmedia: The Darkness II Review

1148d ago - Virginmedia: I find it a fascinating game, empowering in its controls and with some marvellous co... | PC

Tech2 Review: The Darkness II - Fear of the Dark

1149d ago - Tech2 : Sprouting two demonic tentacles from your back has its share of advantages, especially... | PC

IRBGamer: Darkness II Review

1149d ago - In The Darkness II you find yourself reprising your role as Jackie Estacado, a former mob man bot... | Xbox 360

GotGame: The Darkness II Review

1149d ago - GotGame: The Darkness II takes place 2 years after the events of the first Darkness game. Villain... | Xbox 360

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at Releases.com to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

The Story Of The Darkness 2 Shows How Great And How Awful Video Game Storytelling Can Be

1150d ago - Play Vault's Jonathan: "The Darkness 2 can only be fully experienced in the intended way by th... | PC

gamrReview: The Darkness II Review

1156d ago - It's fair to say that Jackie Estacado is not a happy man. Consumed by an all-powerful, dominating... | PC

Zero Punctuation: Darkness 2 Review

1166d ago - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw reviews Darkness 2. | PC

Review: The Darkness II [Press2Reset]

1166d ago - Aenne Schumann of Press2Reset dives into the darkness and proves you need not fear the dark. | Xbox 360

Addict of Fiction: Darkness 2 Review - Shedding some light on this dark sequel

1173d ago - Addict of Fiction take a look at Darkness 2 and what they think of it! | Xbox 360
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Darkness 2

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