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User Review : Dark Souls

  • Great Gameplay
  • Super rewarding
  • Awesomely varied bosses and enemies
  • Not a very good PC port
  • People who love graphics will be saddened

Dark Souls: The "PC" Version

Let me say very quickly, this is a review for the PC version, so the overall score will be affected by the PC version of this game. Also I am not covering story... it really doesn't exist that much.

For any of you who don't know, Dark Souls is considered one of the most unforgiving games out there to play. It takes fricken forever to beat, and it doesn't hold your hand. It's also been named one of the hardest games ever to appear on console.

I have played this game for 10 hours so far, so whatever you see here is from that experience. Enjoy! :)


For the most part, I find this game very fun to play. I mean, with a 360 controller of course. Don't get me started with how the keyboard and mouse works with this game... the difference in smoothness is huge with the keyboard/mouse and 360 controller. It's ridiculous.

From what I've seen of the combat with a controller, it is "unfairly" balanced. What I mean is, it's somewhat balanced, but enemies still kick your ass. Which is obviously good for this game.
This game doesn't hold your hand, so you have to figure out how to kill enemies YOUR WAY. Throw firebombs, use a normal sword, an axe, you name it. And when you play this game, be prepared for vulgarity galore!

The Difficulty Factor

I think it's great that Namco stepped up to the plate and made a very hard game, which we are lacking nowadays. But there is one problem that they have made that has to do with the difficulty. I can stand how irritating the enemies are, how tough the bosses are, and having to find PERFECT strategies in this game to succeed. But they don't clearly tell you where to go next. Maybe I have missed something in the beginning of the game, but still. I've done the first part of this game, The Undead Burg after 8 fricken hours. But now I am unsure where to go, I know now, but I have to keep looking online to know where to go next, and I hate to do that. I hate looking up strategy videos, but I have to for this game.

However, Namco have got it spot on with the difficulty of the enemies. Even though they piss you off and are really difficult to beat, Namco still gives you ways to defeat them. By using combos, ripostes, backstabs, and things like that which allow you to beat some of the tougher enemies. So kudos to Namco for that.

Overall, once you know where to go, this game is "fairly" the hardest game out there. Plenty of difficult games have no clear cut way to progress, but in Dark Souls if you have some super great patience, you'll progress just fine.


Oh here starts the not so lovely PC port. First off, Namco has said publicly that they had no idea what they were doing with this port. And sorry to insult here, I can see that. Obviously the game "looks" good from pictures. Awesome npc design, model design with the armor and weapons, and some of the areas of this game look pretty nice. But a lot of times you can see some SUPER pixelated backgrounds, like watching a 240p video on youtube.

So if you're a graphics fiend, you will be disappointed. Or you could get some user created mods to help you with the graphics. But despite the graphics, it isn't a game breaker at all, I'm not saying that!

The Fun Factor

If you're in a super good mood and can stand any kind of troubles at the time, this game is hella fun. It also just feels so rewarding to kill some of the enemies/bosses you spent 30-45 minutes on to kill, and the game can reward you pretty well for doing so, which I love.

Final Verdict

Despite some poor choices in the PC port, the core game itself is stellar. I've only played 10 hours because my poor brain can't handle it, and I am not patient enough.

As for the low quality PC port, I do cut Namco Bandai some slack . Even though I think they could have done better, it's their first port. And the game still functions pretty good.

So with the PC version of Dark Souls, I give it a solid 8/10. An easy 9/10 however for console versions.

For the most part okay graphics, but not the backgrounds of this game.
Monsters in this game sound hella scary, at least some of them. And I love the armor clanking noises!
Best part about this game by far, combat is just so fun!
Fun Factor
If you have good patience, prepare for the time of your life!
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