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Review: Dark Souls II | oprainfall

3d ago - oprainfall writes: "With the success of Dark Souls, a sequel in the making was all but assured. B... | PC

Dark Souls 2: A Second Opinion | RPG Slayer

4d ago - RPG Slayer's Alex Burkamper nearly sells his soul in order to review From Software's wildly popul... | PC

Dark Souls 2 Review - New England Gamer

5d ago - Ashley writes - "I have so much to say about this game that I needed a way to control myself, so... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls 2 Review | CalmDownTom

6d ago - Here at Calm Down Tom we take a look a From Software's newest addition to the Souls series. | Xbox 360

inFamous: Second Son (PS4) Review

Now - Ken abuses his powers in the latest entry in the inFamous series. | Promoted post

Dark Souls II Review | D+PAD Magazine

8d ago - D+Pad Magazine's review of Dark Souls II. "If you’re new to the series and want to know what t... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls II Review

10d ago - PixlBit | "Masochistic is a word often associated with the Souls games. Though they’re known to b... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls 2 Review- You Defeated | Indie Games AAA

12d ago - Pete from Indie Games AAA talks about one of his favorite series and reviews the most recent edit... | Xbox 360

Pixel Gate Reviews: DARK SOULS II

12d ago - I’ve probably redone this review numerous times already, and for some reason I keep feeling like... | PC

Dark Souls II Review - Gaming Nexus

12d ago - From the review: "Dark Souls II carries on the Souls series' trend of being one of the most uniqu... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls II Review - GameFocus - Editor's Choice

12d ago - Harsh, unforgiving, punishing, those are the words often used to describe the games in the Souls... | Xbox 360

Darks Souls II Review - AMHNetwork

14d ago - "Dark souls II is an improvement over the previous game in terms of fluidity and presentation. Qu... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls 2 Review – A Welcomed Return | GeekedOutNation

15d ago - The sounds immerse you in the cursed world you find yourself in, the controls are as intentionall... | PC

Video Review: Dark Souls II [eGamer]

16d ago - Quote: "Here is our video review for Dark Souls II, for those of you who want something other tha... | PC

Dark Souls 2 Review | ENE3

16d ago - ENE3: "The world Drangleic is huge and wonderful. We who dictate where to go, although some NPCs... | PC

Dark Souls II Review - Zero1Gaming

16d ago - Check out zero1gamings review of the most punishing RPG on the market; Dark Souls 2 | PC

Dark Souls II Review: Don’t Fear the Reaper | Laser Lemming

16d ago - Death in the gaming world has developed a stigma. For some gamers if you die it must be game’s fa... | PC

IrrationalPassions: Dark Souls II Review

17d ago - Alex from IP Writes: "Following up in the Souls series is not an easy task, as Dark Souls proved... | PC

Dark Souls II Review (Console Monster)

17d ago - Console Monster's Sam Finch takes on the demoralising Dark Souls II. (X360) "You’ll shout, you... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls II Review | GameCloud

17d ago - William at GameCloud writes: "Dark Souls II is a paragon for all action RPGs. It has been refi... | PC

TOS Reviews Dark Souls II

17d ago - Sam from TOS says: "Ultimately Dark Souls II delivers a pretty average action RPG battle system t... | PC

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Dark Souls II so difficult you'll beg for more | N10 Review

18d ago - Are you looking for a new game that's more than just a challenge? Then look no further than Namco... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls II Review - The Digital Fix

18d ago - It feels like a more inviting, more relaxing and perhaps even a more enjoyable experience than it... | Xbox 360

Dark Souls II Review | Esperino

19d ago - Dark Souls has a reputation for being brutally difficult, but in all the right way. It left a fir... | PC

Dark Souls II Review | Analog Addiction

20d ago - When the original Dark Souls came out in 2011, it was the talk of the town. Brutally difficult ye... | Xbox 360

NGB | Dark Souls II Review

20d ago - NGB Wrote: "As to be expected with a sequel, there’s plenty to be celebrated – improved combat, a... | Xbox 360
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Dark Souls 2

Average Score 8.9 Reviews(137)
Release Dates
PC Release Dates
AU 25 April 2014
EU 25 April 2014
US 25 April 2014
PS3 Release Dates
US 11 March 2014
EU 14 March 2014
AU 14 March 2014
Wii U Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 11 March 2014
EU 14 March 2014
AU 14 March 2014