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Return of JRPGs:Xensosaga, Dark Cloud, Shadow Hearts, Suikoden

225d ago ... This blog will look at how it really IS possible to revive extinct video game series, so long as there is a will on part of the gamers. Shadow Hearts is a video game series which ended in 2006 due to the publisher who owns the Shadow Hearts Intellectual Property going bankrupt. Dark Cloud and Suikoden are other series which have virtually become extinct as the publishers have shown no interest...

When darkness took hold on gaming.

708d ago ... It was nearing the end of the 16-bit era with the Saturn and Playstation shedding dark clouds over it. There was no stopping it. Games were going 3-D but it felt like they weren't quite ready to be there. Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA were positives in what seemed like the next step and while I liked the way the games moved and animated I did not like the way they looked. The Street Fighte...

Top 10 JRPG games, back when JRPG's used to be Awesome

1212d ago ... A long time ago JRPG's used to use a simple formula, which consisted of epic and unique stories with interesting and strategic battle systems, optional hard bosses and mini games, it was a guaranteed success. But now the JRPG developers have ignored these formulas and the genre is having some trouble on consoles. Honourable mentions: 12. Secret of Mana 11. Dark Cloud 1 & 2

Kinect Will Probably Fail As A Gaming Device

1828d ago ... Its 1989, I'm quite young and impressionable and New Kids On The Block are number 1. I notice an ad, flickering provocatively on the TV, it's a new piece of technology that promises to revolutionize the way I play games. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYBzKFm-rd0 Fast forward to the early 90s, I'm a little older and a little wiser, another ad catches my attention. This time promising to...

My E3 2010 PS3 top 10 wish list

1913d ago ... A bit early. This is the list for my Top 10 PS3 wish list 1.Infamous 2 2.Syphon Filter reboot/sequel 3.Last Guardian 4.Agent 5.Some new Sony hardcore IPs (not designed around move but i don't mind if they support it like Socom 4) 6.Insomniacs new North Carolina, studio what new IP is all about 7.Jak & Daxter PS3 8.Dark Cloud 3 9.Legend of Dragoon 2 10.Resistance...
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