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Cyanide: PS4/XB1 Gap Not Significant For Us

144d ago - Cyanide, developer of the recently released Styx, comments on the PS4/XB1 performance gap saying... | PC

Styx: Master of Shadows Review | Hardcore Gamer

147d ago - Styx: Master of Shadows is as pure a stealth game as they come. It forces you to be thoughtful an... | PC

Blood Bowl 2 Preview Interview With Cyanide Studios

315d ago - Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios were in full force at GDC 2014. The game developer pre... | PC

Player Preview: Dogs of War Online

381d ago - This is Beta takes a look at the recently released Dogs of War Online in its open beta. General o... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Dogs of War Online – A new F2P Turn Based Battle Arena Strategy Game

566d ago - Cyanide announced today the launch of Dogs War Online, a free-to-play turned based arena. The of... | PC

Impire: Does This Ring Any Bells?

660d ago - Essentially a reboot of Dungeon Keeper 2, and it isn't too shabby. | PC

Blood Bowl: Nostalgia is a Blitzer

733d ago - From "I’ve got no idea how it happened. Honestly, I don’t know, but Blood Bowl... | PC

Of Orcs and Men Review [ThisisXbox]

826d ago - KrisWB writes: A while back now I was given Orcs a collections of books written by Stan Nichol... | Xbox 360

PSNATION.ORG - Game of Thrones Review

981d ago - It is more like Game of Drones. | Xbox 360

Game of Thrones [Interview] - Behind the blood, sex and politics (IncGamers)

1037d ago - IncGamers: A Song of Fire and Ice, told by Cyanide Studios. | PC

Game of Thrones RPG - First Look

1037d ago - Nightmare Mode's Henry McMunn got a chance to see how Cyanide Studio have fared developing the Ga... | PC

Exclusive First Look: Confrontation (PC) Preview

1075d ago - If you’re a fan of fantasy or tabletop gaming, you’ve probably heard of French Developer Cyanide... | PC

GamerNode | Confrontation Hands-On Preview

1083d ago - GamerNode's Aled Morgan writes: "Rag’narok, the foretold apocalypse, is coming to the land of Aar... | PC

Preview: Game of Thrones (

1087d ago - got a sneak peek of «Game of Thrones RPG», one of 2012s most exciting RPGs, as we vi... | PC

C:\The Root Scoop - This Week's PC Gaming News

1199d ago - This week's Root Scoop: Use the Force! But I want the keys back by Monday; Minecraft kicks it... | PC

Talks Begin to Bring “Game of Thrones” Inspired Strategy Game to OnLive

1202d ago - Talks Begin to Bring “Game of Thrones” Inspired Strategy Game to OnLive | PC

A Game of Thrones: Genesis Impressions

1250d ago - DeltaGamer spends a few hours knee-deep in feudal politics and backstabbing in Cyanide's RTS adap... | PC

Ausgamers Le Tour de France 2011

1325d ago - "Le Tour. The sweet words ring in the ears summoning visions of mighty warriors charging forth in... | PC
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