Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
  Interview with Cowardly Creations

Christopher interviews Cowardly Creations Project Director and Programmer, Tadej Kupčič, about some details behind the core mechanics and design de...

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – The Best Game On The Current-Gen So Far | IM PLAYIN

2d ago - IM PLAYIN takes a look at Drinkbox's recently released title Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship... | PC

Front Towards Gamer -- Splinter Cell Echoes #1 Review (Comics)

9d ago - The four-part comic series taking place between Conviction and Blacklist, follow Sam Fisher's ade... | Culture

Boss Fight Books' "Galaga" By Michael Kimball - Reviewed | Cliqist

11d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "On one hand Galaga is an uncomfortable read but on the other hand it is a... | Culture

[VGU] Magic: The Gathering Wrath of the Mortals Event Deck Review

12d ago - Have you ever wanted to beat the odds and overcome great adversity? To face what seems to be the... | Culture

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

[VGU] Magic the Gathering: Mortals of Myth Intro Pack Review

13d ago - Have you ever felt the rush of a glorious charge as you destroy the enemy forces with overwhelmin... | Culture

[VGU] Magic the Gathering: The Wilds and the Deep Intro Pack Review

17d ago - Have you ever felt the urge to crush your opponent with an enormous monster from the deep? Or ext... | Culture

Front Towards Gamer -- The Witcher #4 Review (Comics)

23d ago - The Witcher comic series started off very strong and managed to topple over itself with aimless d... | Culture

Album Review: “Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber” by OverClocked ReMix | Shark Puppet

24d ago - What can OverClocked ReMix contribute to the timeless soundtrack of Super Mario 64? Naturally, qu... | Culture

The Art of Watch Dogs Book Review | Entertainment Buddha

36d ago - To help showcase how intricately detailed the world of Watch Dogs truly is Titan Books has put ou... | Culture

CGM Reviews: Console Wars Book

36d ago - For a relatively young industry, gaming has a lot of stories. Not just records of numbers and peo... | Culture

Journey Into Nyx Intro Pack Review: Fates Foreseen | VGU

37d ago - With full use of the new Scry mechanic, Fates Forseen brings a new level of deck manipulation and... | Culture

Journey Into Nyx Intro Pack Review: Voracious Rage | VGU

37d ago - Unleash the strength of the Minotaurs as this Intro Pack from journey Into Nyx hits store shelves... | Culture

Boss Fight Books' "ZZT" By Anna Anthropy - Reviewed | Cliqist

39d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "In 1991, Epic MegaGames released ZZT into the world as shareware. The gam... | Culture

Journey Into Nyx Intro Pack Review: Pantheon’s Power | VGU

40d ago - Pantheon's Power is one of the five intro packs to come along with Journey Into Nyx, the final se... | Culture

[Continue Play] Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Review

46d ago - Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla takes a look at what is arguably the best videogame to live-acti... | Culture

Review: Persona 3: The Movie #1 Spring of Birth | Dracula's Cave

47d ago - DC - "I can’t have been the only person who watched Persona 4: The Animation and then saw this co... | PS2

Loot Crate: May’s Adventure Theme Review | Lead Example

48d ago - So it’s that time again, Loot Crate. If you missed my previous posting on this, now is the time t... | Culture

Review of Street Fighter Assassin's Fist [Kuma Kreations Ent]

49d ago - Kuma Wrote: It took two people to hear the cries of fans all over the world to give us what we ex... | Culture

March Madness II Mega Ran Remix [Kuma Kreations Ent]

72d ago - Kuma Wrote: I am a person that digs a lot of music, but in each genre something catches my ears a... | Culture

Review: Tomb Raider #3 – Haunted by the Past | DualShockers

77d ago - The third issue of Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider packs the most amount of action seen so far from this... | Culture

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Gaming In Color Reviewed - Cliqist

80d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "Video games are something that a vast amount of people are able to enjoy.... | Culture

Front Towards Gamer -- Tomb Raider #3 Review (Comics)

80d ago - With the pedigree of both the writer and character, Tomb Raider fails at creating an interesting... | Culture

Front Towards Gamer -- The Witcher #2 Review (Comic)

81d ago - In the realm of comic book adaptions to video games, the Witcher remains your best bet. | Culture

Loot Crate: April's Dragon Theme Review | Lead Example

82d ago - Lead Example write "Some of you may have already heard of Loot Crate, me personally, I just stumb... | PC

Important Importables Review: Nendoroid Hunter: Female – Lagombi Edition | GamerTell

91d ago - From the review, "Good Smile Company has made quite a few Monster Hunter Nendoroids, and for good... | Culture
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