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Final Fantasy XIV partners with budget airlines to promote game

53m ago | News | Shanda Games partnered with China budget airlines, Spring Airlines, to promote Final Fantasy XIV....

MineThon For AbleGamers – The 72-Hour Minecraft Marathon Starts July 25th

2h ago | News | "Lead by Ethan Smith, a hardworking group of volunteer streamers will be streaming their last 72-...

20th Anniversary PlayStation Optimus Prime Console Revealed

7h ago | News | Twinfinite: "That’s right, your PlayStation can now act as a game console, DVD player, and leader of the Autobot forces."

The Tekken Movie Prequel You Never Asked for Is Coming

15h ago | News | Junkie Monkeys: Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge is coming and judging from the trailers this sequel looks like an extreme downgrade from the previous Tekken film.

NES Batman Action Figure Coming

6h ago | News | Carl Williams writes, "Who here remembers the 1989 Batman on the Nintendo Entertainment System or the movie it was based on? Probably more than a c...

Legendary reveals new look at Warcraft film

11h ago | News | More movie news in the leadup to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend: Legendary Pictures has just re...

Gamasutra Releases Their Annual Game Developer Salary Survey

11h ago | News | Gamasutra has conducted their Annual Game Developer Salary Survey of 2014. Men and Women still no...

Inside Japan's Newest Video Game Museum

10h ago | News | Japan's new video game museum, the Huis Ten Bosch Game Museum, opened earlier this month. Here's...

Robber jailed after break-in was transmitted via Xbox

22h ago | News | A trio of gamers were sitting in their flat playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 last April when a p...
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