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Swedish gaming companies tackle sexism in video games

1h ago | News | The image of the typical gamer as a lone teenage boy in his room is gone – female gamers have increased over the past six years and today 48% of gamers in the US are women, according to the Enterta...

The FBI may be investigating #GamerGate now or in the future

1h ago | News | Here is more evidence that the FBI is investigating the bilious mob that was #GamerGate: They’ve...

Club Nintendo Europe Offering Mario Golf Balls

9h ago | News | There's something new on the Club Nintendo Europe site. In exchange for some Stars, you too could...

“No purpose to my life”: what can we learn from one high school gamer’s suicide attempt?

21h ago | News | The sad story of one young man’s decision to kill himself, but was it really the fault of video games or is their more to this tragedy?

Science Says MMOs Not Public Health Problem

6h ago | News | Researcher Dr. Kowert did a study (full details due April 2015) and says that labeling games as a...

xPeke announces the first three members of Origen

19h ago | News | A few weeks ago xPeke announced he was making a new team called Origen but he still did not annou...

AVGN Movie Now Available on Blu-Ray

23h ago | News | The AVGN Movie was years in the making, and you can own it forever.

ScrewAttack Announces its New 2015 Lineup

3m ago | News | The wildly popular video game entertainment channel, ScrewAttack has revealed its 2015 lineup of...
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