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Cop Rages During Video Game Session

16h ago | News | An Xbox Live gaming session turned bad when a gamer decided to troll a cop

SEVEN New VR Videogames Confirmed for EGX Rezzed with Sublevel Zero Added

5h ago | News | VRFocus- Next weekend sees the EGX Rezzed event take place in London, UK. There have already been...

Final Symphony: London Symphony Orchestra Tribute to Final Fantasy

20h ago | News | "The London Symphony Orchestra has put together a symphonic tribute to Final Fantasy VI, VII, and...

New ‘Inclusive’ Video Game Site For Women & Minorities Set To Launch March 9th

20h ago | News | Last year saw the closure of a number of websites covering video games. With more and more big name sites either downsizing, or closing all together, the launch of new projects gets peoples attenti...

Wickd rejoins Elements

11h ago | News | Wickd has finally announced that he is going back to Elements. Despite offers from other teams, he still chose Elements because of the team’s posit...

FFXIV: Here's where you can watch the PAX East live stream

13h ago | News | Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be making an appearance at PAX East 2015 and Square Enix h...

Activision/Blizzard Voted One Of The Best Place To Work

21h ago | News | Activision/Blizzard has released news that thy have been voted one of the best companies to work...

Bioware store offering 20% savings in PAX East sale

16h ago | News | The Bioware online store is offering 20% off most of its items in its PAX East sale. Not only tha...
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