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Finally, Someone Is Making A Video Game That Allows You To Date Bears

34m ago | News | Everyone totally understands you may not be handling your breakup very well. Have you considered hopping the friendzone fence for a chance on a furry friend? What’s that, you ask? Why, there are so...

The Evil Within's getting a comic book adaptation

6h ago | News | Titan Comics is set to release a prequel comic of The Evil Within as part of its New York Co...

Politician blames Nintendo for lazy teens

1d 16h ago | News | An Australian politician believes Nintendo and Xbox are to blame for the country's high number of...

Angry Birds Film Cast: Sudekis, McBride, Youtube Stars

17h ago | News | SegmentNext writes: "Publisher Rovio has announ...

Intel removes ads from Gamasutra in wake of GamerGate

14h ago | News | The technology giant, Intel, has recently said in an email from a concerned consumer that they will be removing their ads from the popular gaming website Gamasutra. After some controversial article...

Report: Game consoles most widely used video streaming devices in US

1d 18h ago | News | On Tuesday, Parks Associates published its report, which surveyed 10,000 American homes in early...

First few script pages of Tetris, the Movie released

1d ago | News | The first few pages of the scrip for Tetris, the movie was released as an exclusive to Pocketgame...

Portal 2 improves brain cognition better than Lumosity, study says

2d ago | News | According to a recent study published in Computers and Education, Portal 2 improves cognitive abi...

Gamestop PowerUp Rewards credit card to receive “Day 1 Edition”

1d 3h ago | News | Apparently, GameStop is releasing a "Day 1 Edition" of their PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. As for...

6 failed crowdfunding campaigns for online horse simulators

21h ago | News | Since Horse World: Online reaped the rewards fr...

Hollywood is Actually Making a Tetris Movie

1d 19h ago | News | "Stop the presses! Hollywood is finally doing an epic Tetris movie. As in a movie about fall...

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card from N4G!

5d ago | News | Cat writes, "Because a happy birthday to me is a happy day to you: I've got TWO $50 Amazon (US st...

Exclusive Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Event at Six Flags Theme Parks

3d ago | News | Hardcore Gamer: The event is free with park admission to those who’ve pre-ordered the game. There...

Early Access vs Kickstarter

2d ago | News | This feature talks about the differences between early access and kickstarter when it comes...

Gaming Heads reveals High Elf statue from Elder Scrolls Online

1d 13h ago | News | Collectibles maker Gaming Heads has revealed th...

This is awesome: Lego DOOM set a dream come true

1d 23h ago | News | Lego DOOM. What more do you need to know?

Mami Kawada Providing Theme Song for “Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax”

3d ago | News | Japanese singer Mami Kawada will be providing t...

Amazing Alternate VG Cover Art to Come From New Company

5d ago | News | New company, Better Box Art, launched a Kicksta...

We're at EGX, are you?

6d ago | News | EGX London starts today and will run until Sunday. Square Enix will be attending the event for all three days and they’ve brought some of their new...
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