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GamerGate: The Escapist Magazine’s forums affected by DDoS attacks

8h ago | News | According to recent tweets made by EscapistMag co-founder, Alexander Macris, the site's GamerGate forums have been affected by DDoS attacks.

Custom Ultra-Limited PS4 Air Jordans Cost $950; And Look Awesome

5d ago | News | Joel Taveras, "How much are you willing to pay to display your love of Sony’s PlayStation 4 to th...

Pro Gamer Danny “Phobos” Zeitz murdered selling his PS4

3d ago | News | The world of pro-gaming has been reeling today, as it has recently been made public that the 28 y...

Metal Gear Collection 2014 Revealed at TGS ...And It's Not What You Think

2d ago | News | Kojima has been teasing us with "Metal Gear Collection 2014" the past few weeks and all has finally been revealed.

The Sad, Inevitable Oculus Rift Boob-Grabbing Game Is Here

5d ago | News | You can do some cool shit with the Oculus Rift: You can simulate what flying feels like, or use i...

The E-Mails that Prove Video Games Journalism Must Be Reformed

2d ago | News | In light of our revelations about the secret gaming journalism mailing list GameJournoPros, few c...

Anita Sarkeesian GDC 2014 Ambassador Award met with a bomb threat

1d 12h ago | News | Game Developers Conference 2014 organizers received a bomb threat in response to their decision t...

Dark Souls Dev Won't Stop Making Difficult Games Anytime Soon

1d 11h ago | News | Dark Souls II director Yui Tanimura said during a roundtable interview at the Tokyo Game Show thi...

Girls Are Fighting Sexism With a Video Game About Tampons

2d ago | News | Two New York high schoolers are hoping to combat misogyny with Tampon Run, a game that cleverly r...

Exchange Your Evil and Violent Video Games for Delicious Ice Cream

2d ago | News | From Cinelinx: If you're in dire need of so...

The UK has more woman gamers than men

3d ago | News | MWEB GameZone writes: "According to a recent survey, woman gamers in the UK make up more tha...

Video games cause domestic violence according to CA district attorney

2d ago | News | According to Marin County California District Attorney, Ed Berberian, violent video games and toy...

What ‘GamerGate’ Reveals About the Silencing of Women

3d ago | News | For years, the online gaming community has faced criticism for its often abysmal treatment of wom...

Real #GameDev’s Sound off Regarding the #GamerGate Controversy

1d 7h ago | News | Whether you fully believe in the meaning of #Ga...

E.T "The Worst Game Ever Made" To Be Auctioned Off

3d ago | News | Mike from The Games Cabin writes - "Earlier thi...

The Art of Naughty Dog release date and preorder info

6d ago | News | The release date and other preorder info are no...

In Japan, You Play Oneechanbara Inside of Giant Breasts

2d ago | News | At the D3 TGS booth, players who want to demo O...

The Halo Bulletin: 9.17.14

2d ago | News | Over the past few weeks, you’ve been asking to see more of Halo: The Master Chief Collection...

Hardcore Gaming 101's Castlevania Compendium Now Available

4d ago | News | Carl Williams writes, "The team over at Hardcor...

Korean actress Lee Shin-ae chosen as spokesmodel for Age of Wulin

6d ago | News | Korean actress Lee Shin-ae has been chosen as t...
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