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Retro Gaming Magazine Interviews the RETRO Video Game System Team

8d ago | Interview | Carl Williams writes, "We have covered the RETRO Video Game System for some time here on Retro Ga...

A Chat With Laura Bailey – The Most Cast Female Voice Actor in Video Games Last Year

27d ago | Interview | "Laura Bailey is an impressive name in voice acting, and if you’ve played a video game in the last couple of years, chances are you’ve heard her voice work. She was the most-cast woman in video gam...

Oyaji Girly Might Be the Best Middle-Aged Man Collection Game Out There

7d ago | Interview | The heck? A game where you play a high school girl, capture old men, and dress them up nice to make them more approachable? This could only come from Japan. An interview with the developer of Oyaji...

Say Hello To The Epic Sci Fi Video Game Set In Manchester

14d ago | Interview | The UK’s Northern powerhouse that is Manchester has been home to many memorable things in its tim...

Depression and Art: how to keep the demons at bay

4d ago | Interview | There is no such thing as too dark; everything is relative. An interview with the developer...

Interview with Quest of Dungeons creator David Amador

28d ago | Interview | Quest of Dungeons creator David Amador is nearl...

The 8Bit Punks bring retro gaming to the wrestling ring

9d ago | Interview | Video game culture meets pro wrestling.

NBA 2K16 - 2KTV Host Rachel DeMita talks new season

13d ago | Interview | Eric caught up with 2KTV host Rachel DeMita to talk about season 2 of 2KTV, as well as the new ca...

Meet VaatiVidya & CarsonDrewIt - To Link the Fire: Episode III

11d ago | Interview | In this series Fextralife showcases members of the Souls community, who through their passion, de...

What the future holds for Team Dignitas

13d ago | Interview | Michael "ODEE" O'Dell speaks about his future in League of Legends, Dota and more.

Spot Light on: Final Fantasy singer Susan Calloway Interview

28d ago | Interview | Gamers Elite: "Today, we turn our spot light on the amazing Susan Calloway as she answers our que...
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