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Eve Online New Dark Horse Comic

9h ago | Interview | CCP Games developer Torfi Olafsson discusses the new Dark Horse Comic Book for Eve Online in...

Divinity: Original Sin Dev Talks Boob-Plates, Sexism And Moral Outrage

3d ago | Interview | One Angry Gamer "Caught in the crossfire between the media and gamers are game developers. The de...

Team EnVy’s NBK on their Gfinity win and NiP Magic

6d ago | Interview | EnVyUs snatched another CS:GO title from Ninjas...

Talking video games with Veronica Vain: Vitamin D and sex could fix the industry's problems

27d ago | Interview | GameZone: "It’s an interesting time in the video game industry. Between the stigma that girls don’t play games (which has been disproved countless times already), the ongoing GamerGate controversy,...

Interview With Tanguy Dewavrin of Atom Republic on Atom Universe

7d ago | Interview | With PlayStation Home closing in just over a week, Atom Republic are hard at work bringing their...

GamerU: Game Promotion With Tips And Tricks Videos.

7d ago | Interview | In a recent interview, the video game industry website 80 Level had a chance to talk with the CEO...

Game 4 Interview at PAX East 2015

19d ago | Interview | PAX East, a busy show floor, a buzzing crowd, two men in a chair. One great game and a company that continually produces some top notch games, desp...

The Insanely Loco Locomalito Video Game Showcase & Interview

21d ago | Interview | This article contains a showcase of every current Locomalito release, an exclusive interview with the man himself, and links to his donation page & games! Check it out!

Retro VGS Interview with Mike Kennedy -

6d ago | Interview | Mom's Minute welcomed Mike Kennedy to talk abou...

A Better Take On Video Game Sex

12d ago | Interview | Nathan Grayson writes:"A few exceptions aside, video games are pretty shitty at sex. It's often presented as a stilted, awkward "reward" or a tool...

Eddie Izzard Talks About His New Playstation Series: Powers

18d ago | Interview | Actor Eddie Izzard has spoken about his new ser...

Interview with Dan Holbert, Creator of Paperbound

14d ago | Interview | Dan Holbert of Dissident Logic, lead programmer and creator of Paperbound, discusses the game, hi...

Interview with Hatred developer Jarosław Zieliński

20d ago | Interview | As society circles the drain, some notice in art, music, literature — and video games. Increasing...

Nvidia Hearthstone comp pits you against the pros

20d ago | Interview | A new interview takes a look at Nvidia’s Hearthstone clash that pits the pros and amateurs agains...

TCM rate Europe’s chances in CoD:AW LA Finals

18d ago | Interview | The runners-up of the EU qualifiers are confident they can take it to the Americans on home...

The road to ESL One Katowice 2015

21d ago | Interview | The first $250,000 major in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive calendar kicks off this wee...

PAX East 2015: Exclusive interview with Jessica Nigri

22d ago | Interview | GameZone: "Check out GameZone's exclusive inter...

Ultima in all but name: Shroud of the Avatar

22d ago | Interview | A new interview speaks with legendary developer Richard Garriott about Kickstarting his RPG...
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