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Why you should pay more attention to game soundtracks [Pixel Dynamo]

15h ago | Interview | Pixel Dynamo talks to David Housden, musical composer for Thomas Was Alone and Volume, about the...

Spot Light On: Jessica Straus Voice Actor

2d ago | Interview | GE writes: "In this week’s interview, I’m talking to the amazingly talented Jessica Straus w...

Interview: Arrowhead Games Studio

5d ago | Interview | Emil Englund, the Game Director for Gauntlet: Slayer Edition and Helldivers on PS4 speaks wi...

Boogie2988 Speaks on GOTY and Streaming Culture

9d ago | Interview | Playstation Enthusiast interviewed Youtube and Twitch star Boogie2988 on his thoughts about streaming culture. Boogie talked about his Game of the Year candidates so far and what he hopes to see fr...

"Destiny" Voice Actor Lance Reddick Talks "The Taken King"

6d ago | Interview | In this exclusive interview "Destiny" voice actor Lance Reddick discusses his work on the game, including the upcoming expansion, "The Taken King"

Is the ‘Madden Curse’ the Real Deal, Or Just Amazing Bad Luck?

8d ago | Interview | VICE: "We spoke to NFL analyst Michael Carlson about the risks players take by appearing on the g...

DadsDoghouse: Inside The Destiny Community Interview With Mtashed

12d ago | Interview | MTashed sits down to answer some questions from the Destiny community for the DadsDoghouse Clan.

To Link the Fire: Meet the Souls Content Community

10d ago | Interview | In this series Fextralife will be showcasing members of the Souls community, who through their pa...

The Game Preserve Provides Texas Gamers with Fun and History

12d ago | Interview | Colby Primeaux writes, "If you find yourself in The Woodlands, TX driving north on I-45 from Hous...

Erin Fitzgerald Interview | RPGFan

14d ago | Interview | RPGFan: Erin Fitzgerald is a skilled voice actress who has lent her talents to several anim...

Meet The Enthusiasts Bringing A Horror Classic Back From The Dead

14d ago | Interview | The 7th Guest was groundbreaking in its time. Now one group of fans are introducing its enthralli...

Dr. Hank Chien hammers it home in Donkey Kong tournament

18d ago | Interview | The former Donkey Kong champ won big, but didn't think he would. Learn what was going through Ha...

ICONS: Howard Scott Warshaw's other movie game

20d ago | Interview | Howard Scott Warshaw found success with a Steven Spielberg movie game before E.T.

Satellite Reign: Kickstarting RTS royalty

22d ago | Interview | A new interview with 5 Lives Studios talks about its Kickstarter journey, the latest on Sate...

Meeting Ian Hamilton, One Man Championing Gaming for the Disabled

23d ago | Interview | Ian Hamilton had a nomadic childhood. Bath, Dev...

VGM Vinyl Talk with Data Discs (OSV Interview)

28d ago | Interview | The idea that older game music is being re-released onto a audio medium that was on its way...
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