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New Play Arts Kai MGSV Sneaking suit "DD" Figure

8h ago | News | Kojima just posted two new photos of the Play Arts Kai MGSV Sneaking suit "DD" Figure. Pretty cool right? No further info on release day or pricing yet. Stay tuned.

Dying Light Takes Over Pornhub and It’s the Absolute Opposite of Erotic

5d ago | News | In what might be the century’s ultimate boner kill, Pornhub has an advertising takeover for Kinguin running right now, with Dying Light as the theme.

Release date and other details listed for Dark Souls II: Design Works

2d ago | News | The release date and other details have been listed for the localized version of the Dark Souls I...

Nintendo fan builds a giant Game Boy

2d ago | News | Info on the giant Game Boy built by one Nintendo fan.

Tour Dates for Legend of Zelda Symphony Announced

1d 10h ago | News | Love Zelda? Love its music? Then you are in luck!

Konami has not killed the Kojima tree … yet

6d ago | News | Kojima left something behind when he left Konami — and it’s still alive. For now.

There Was A Double Dragon Fighting Game Based On The 1994 Movie

3d ago | News | Double Dragon is one of the most iconic games ever made, and while the series is best known as si...

Details and Images for Kotobukiya Street Fighter Sakura Bishoujo Statue

3d ago | News | Details and images have been listed for the upcoming Kotobukiya Street Fighter Sakura Bishoujo St...

Reggie Fils-Aime, Now Nine Years A Nintendo President

2d ago | News | Nine years ago today, when his body became read...

Grand Theft Auto V Savant Creates Avatars of Mad Max: Fury Road Characters

5d ago | News | A talented gamer in Grand Theft Auto V recreate...

Images and details for Dragon Age Inquisition 2016 Wall Calendar

5d ago | News | A pair of images, along with several details, for the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition 2016 Wall C...

New eSports Platform HYDRA To Launch In Summer 2015

3d ago | News | Project-C GmbH is taking the next step in compe...

Sweepstakes Offers A Witcher 3 Themed Xbox One As its Prize

6d ago | News | The official Twitter account of Microsoft tweet...

How Video Games Influence Me: Kirk Wallace, Illustrator

4d ago | Interview | Kirk Wallace created a buzz for himself as an i...

A stone could save your PC from viruses

5d ago | News | The book “Crystal Energy: 150 Ways to Bring Success, Love, Health, and Harmony Into Your Lif...

Check Out These 9 Incredible Lego Destiny Weapon Creations

5d ago | News | Youtube user Zazi Nombies is at it again, turni...

The Suicide Inducing Arcade Game of The Polybius Conspiracy

5d ago | News | Marcus Estrada writes: "In the past I used to b...

Pac-Man Fever: Musician Jerry Buckner looks back as 'Pac-Man' turns 35

4d ago | Interview | Patrick Scott Patterson of G4@Syfygames writes:...

A Must Have Super Mario Bros. Themed Amiibo Stand to Be Released This Fall

6d ago | News | On, a brand new, beautiful Super Mar...
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