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Japanese Localization Company Gauging Fan Interest in Translating Final Fantasy Ultimanias

16h ago | News | An interesting new petition ha surfaced on today: Paolo Caracciolo, Overseas Department Manager at Interbooks, has come to fans for support — specifically to sign a petition that will dr...

Video game devs to help design Magic 2015

13h ago | News | Richard "Lord British" Garriot and others to design 14 cards specifically for CCG Magic: The...

Here are the specifications of Sentinel's iDroid iPhone case

10h ago | News | Japanese company Sentinel has added a product p...

Gears of War Beta Forums Are Now Live

1d 14h ago | News | Gears of War Beta Forums have just launched.

'The Evil Within' premise spoofed by 'The Onion'

13h ago | News | Bethesda Studios has teamed up with 'The Onion' to create a spoof news story that promotes its up...

Fox News Implicates Dark Souls in Miranda Barbour Murders

2d ago | News | Twinfinite writes, "Oh Fox News. Your ability to baselessly pin tragedy on videogames is unmatche...

37% of Steam Games Sold Have Never Been Played

2d ago | News | Gamer Headlines writes: It’s no secret that bargain-savvy gamers the world over are guilty of buy...

Brad Keselowski To Be Featured In Upcoming Video Game

19h ago | News | NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski is f...

DuckTales Remastered soundtrack gets a digital release

1d 1h ago | News | "It’s been a long wait for any news on an offic...

Shuhei Yoshida Reflects On Two Decades Of Playstation

6d ago | Interview | The head of Sony World Wide Studios gives his thoughts on the beginnings of PlayStation gaming an...

Violent behaviour comes from being bad at games, study suggests

1d 21h ago | News | Violent behaviour comes from being bad at games...

Richard Boeser Interview | Codec Moments

2d ago | Interview | In this Codec Call we talk to Richard Boeser from Sparpweed about ibb & obb, working with Pl...

Video Game Research Shows You're Past it at 25

1d 22h ago | News | Kotaku UK: Scientists have been using games to study reaction speeds as people age and have disco...

Retro Gaming Expo Coming to Blackpool Next Month

6d ago | News | Dealspwn writes: Replay Events are bringing all things retro to the Play Blackpool Expo event nex...

The Halo Bulletin: 4.16.14

2d ago | News | Bravo: This Monday, I came into the office a bit early. It was quiet, with only a dozen o...

Azeroth immortalised in a Horde and Alliance motorbike

3d ago | News | Blizzard recruited the legendary custom motorcy...

Promotional model chosen for Season 2 of Com2uS Pro Baseball for Manager

5d ago | News | Korean television presenter Hong JaeKyung has b...

iDroid iPhone case will be released worldwide

5d ago | News | Some more information on the IDriod iPhone case by Sentinel was shared during Kojima Station...

Dustin Beck: Nothing but growth for eSports

6d ago | Interview | Over 85 million gamers around the world play Riot Games’ League of Legends. The game studio has d...

Do You Want Dave Fennoy to Play Ezekiel in The Walking Dead?

6d ago | News | What seems to have started on an episode of IGN...

Specific Location Of San Antonio's PAX South Released

6d ago | News | Ricky from Twinfinite writes; "After PAX South...
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