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Lizard Squad Update: Hacker Group Holds Reddit AMA

7h ago | News | Last night, Lizard Squad, the hacker group supposedly behind this week's DDoS attacks on PlayStation Network held an AMA on Reddit.

Swatting prank puts school on lockdown and leaves town on edge

2d ago | News | Let’s get the big question out of the way – swatting. What it is? Those of you who are gamers and love to stream gameplay of popular titles such as DOTA2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and so o...

Dragon Age and Mass Effect at PAX PRIME 2014

1d 13h ago | News | Bioware will showcase Dragon Age: Inquisition at PAX PRIME over the weekend. Attendees will be ab...

PlayStation has Twice the Number of Indie Developers Than Xbox

3d ago | News | Last week, the ID@Xbox blog released a post regarding their indie games shown at Xbox’s Gamescom...

SWAT Team Busts Counter Strike Player Mid-Game in Elaborate Prank

2d ago | News | "One Counter Strike Global Offensive player's game was unexpectedly interrupted when a SWAT team...

Jak 4 Project Currently in Development by Fans

3d ago | News | Junkie Monkeys: We’ve discovered something pretty cool for all of you Jak and Daxter addicts out...

The Republican Party has made a video game for election aid

3d ago | News | The Republican Party has created an 8-bit platformer game named Giopi: 2014 Mission Majority.

Happy Birthday Kojima-san

6d ago | News | Article By Metin Ismail of Gamer Attitude. One of everybody’s favorite legendary game designers (well – mine at least) turned 51 today. Hideo Ko...

Women are now a larger gamer demographic than teenage boys

5d ago | News | Adult females now represent a larger portion of...

Interview: James Rolfe & Kevin Finn on The AVGN Movie | DoBlu

3d ago | Interview | DoBlu's interview with the Angry Video Game Ner...

GameFly Has Sold Its Digital Distribution Service

4d ago | News | GameFly has recently announced the sale of its digital distribution service.

Red of Paw’s Oculus Connect-Based Demo Hits Oculus Share

4d ago | News | In July 2014 indie developer Red of Paw ran a s...

VR Compatible Portal 2 Expansion Hits Steam Greenlight

4d ago | News | While famed developer Valve has updated arguabl...

Halo TV Detailed By Bonnie Ross

5d ago | Interview | 343 Industries Studio Head Bonnie Ross discusses Halo TV, Halo 5 Guardians and Halo The Mast...

No Minecon in 2014, but Plans Forming for 2015

4d ago | News | Minecon will not be happening in 2014, but plans are already being made for Minecon 2015

Cesaro Talks WWE 2K15

5d ago | Interview | WWE Superstar Cesaro, the king of swing, talks 2K Sports WWE 2K15 and video games in this ex...

Bringing the Power Glove Back - The Power of Glove Documentary

6d ago | Interview | Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast chats with th...

Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks WWE 2K15

5d ago | Interview | WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin talks WWE 2K15 at the 2K Sports and WWE event befo...

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mega Tin Promos Leaked

5d ago | News | Do you play Yu-Gi-Oh!? Are you looking forward to the Mega Tins this month? Well this might...
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