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Mighty No. 9 Director Speeds Through Opening Stage like The Flash

1h ago | News | Inti Creates' Kinshi Ikegami speedruns through the opening stage of Mighty No. 9, the upcoming spiritual successor to Mega Man from its creator, Keiji Inafune.

Konami Announces New Castlevania Game: A Pachinko Machine Dubbed Erotic Violence

3h ago | News | Konami reveals their latest Castlevania game: and it's a pachinko machine dubbed Erotic Violence.

Mountain Dew and Doritos Detail Call of Duty: Black Ops III Promotion

2d ago | News | Activision has announced and detailed their promotion with Mountain Dew and Doritos for Call of D...

Castlevania Developers Tease New Game

2d ago | News | Newly Teased Game from MecurySteam, The makers of Castlevania.

[NSFW] Senran Kagura to Celebrate Oppai Day with Boob Ramen and Discounts

2d ago | News | In another stroke of inventive marketing, Marvelous Entertainment is planning to celebrate the up...

Plants vs Zombies Characters Are Invading All the Games

3d ago | News | Not content with their own world, the characters of Plants vs Zombies are making their way to oth...

Skeptic debunks study on sexist players performing poorly in games

2d ago | News | MWEB GameZone writes: "A study recently found that sexist players perform poorly in games, but ho...

Sonic Throws Some Fast Shade at GameTrailers

3d ago | News | Sonic games may not be what they used to, but sometimes the hedgehog is just done taking hea...

OUYA-Razer Deal: Indie Devs Get Angry, Razer Steps Up

1d 18h ago | News | After the Razer-OUYA acquisition, many indie de...

Persona 4: Animation Collector's Edition gets details and images

2d ago | News | New details and images have been listed for the...

Check Out These Incredible Street Fighter “Continue?” Busts

3d ago | News | Embrace Japan’s Street Fighter figures Continue...

Sony and Morpheus at Game Music Connect 2015

3d ago | News | Recently-announced bookings for Game Music Connect conference 2015 include Chuck Doud, direc...

BioShock and Batman: Arkham Knight Pop! figures announced

3d ago | News | More characters join the Pop! Vinyl collection...

Hori Amiibo Collect and Display Case released in U.S.

3d ago | News | The Hori Amiibo Collect and Display Case has be...

Summer Games Done Quick 2015 Is Now Live!

2d ago | News | For those who are not familiar with Summer Games Done Quick, it is an annual charity event w...

Get Your Game On with Game On 2.0

5d ago | News | The Life Science Centre in Newcastle is hosting a major international gaming exhibition....

The Rock Will Star in a Rampage Movie

4d ago | News | TheArabGamer writes: "The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) will be starring in an upcoming Rampage Movi...

Wireframe Image of Devastator Program for Oculus Rift Unveiled

6d ago | News | Over Twitter today Shogo Hasui the designer of...
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