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New Working GTA V Stock Market Mega Cash Exploit For PS4/Xbox One Post Patch 1.04

4h ago | News | Se7ensins forum user "DatGews" have discovered a brand new "Stock Market" exploit in Grand Theft Auto V single-player portion, you can check out step by step instruction to make use of this exploit

Major retail websites crushed under Black Friday demand

1h ago | News | Dealspwn reports: "Black Friday madness is in f...

New Asian artists playable in World In Audition open beta

3h ago | News | World In Audition, the online dance battle game...

UAE Gamer Makes Record for the Largest Nintendo Collection

1d 4h ago | News | IGN: "After spending more than $400k, Ahmed Bin...

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. What are You Thankful For?

23h ago | News | We have three US Amazon Gift Cards. Two $50 and one $25. I'm assuming you might be interested in winning one of them? Follow the link to the blog post to enter!

World of Warcraft’s Pepe the bird goes from lark to phenomenon

2d ago | News | GamesBeat: "When World of Warcraft texture and prop designer Jordan Powers drew a sketch of Pepe...

Bloodsucking video game peripheral suspended by Kickstarter

3d ago | News | Kickstarter suspended funding for a project that claimed to match a console game controller to a...

The Indies vs. PewDiePie Game Jam: Twizard

3d ago | News | The Indies vs. PewDiePie Game Jam began this weekend and many game projects are currently being m...

Crazy Legend of Zelda Sword Made in Real Life

3d ago | News | Twinfinite writes: The cool guys over at Man at Arms, a blacksmithing Youtube series... have recr...

Pokemon announces details for the 2015 Pokemon World Championship

1d 5h ago | News | The Gamer Headlines wrote: After this years suc...

Top 5 Most Voted Black Friday 2014 Deals

5d ago | News | This year’s Black Friday shopping holiday event is quickly approaching, with most of the major Un...

IGDA names over 10,000 people the worst offenders of online harassment

5d ago | News | IGDA ,the international game developers association, recently released a resource for how to best...

Miyamoto Discusses Creating Pikmin Short Films, Reveals Pikmin 3DS Theme

5d ago | News | In an interview on the Miiverse, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto discusses making short films compare...

Adult Actress Lilly Evans Talks Gaming and Vaping | RPadTV

2d ago | Interview | Adult actress and model Lilly Evans chats with...

Schools in Scotland encouraging video games for classes

2d ago | News | Scottish schools could be close to introducing...

Fourth Video Games Live album reaches funding goal

3d ago | News | Video Games Live LEVEL 4, the fourth album for...
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