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Metal Gear and the Cold War: Proxies, Parasites and Phantom Pain

3d ago | Video | Is Metal Gear Solid V incomplete or is Hideo Kojima crazy? I’ll assume the latter and dance at th...

The Wolf Of Wall Street Recreated In Grand Theft Auto V

11d ago | Video | One of Scorsese's latest gets the GTA V treatment.

New Video Proves Danny DeVito Is the Detective Pikachu We Never Knew We Wanted

7d ago | Video | Danny DeVito as the voice of Detective Pikachu – in the recently reconfirmed that it’s actually a thing Great Detective Pikachu - is a force that will not be stopped. The wheels are in motion peopl...

Boom Raider Fan Video Brings Rise of the Tomb Raider to the Real World

16d ago | Video | EB: The Fury Fingers YouTube channel has released a new gaming in real life video that brings the...

What is the point of pre-ordering games?

18d ago | Video | MWEB GameZone writes: Some people swear by it other people swear because of it, but are pre-order...

McDonalds’ New Mario Commercial is Adorable

27d ago | Video | "2016 is primed to be an enormous year for Nintendo, and the Japanese company is giving itself a strong start by partnering with McDonalds in Japan. Anyone who buys a Happy Set (known as a “Happy M...

One Punch Man Is Recreated Perfectly in Fallout 4

23d ago | Video | A series of Fallout 4 mods has recreated Saitama from the anime One Punch Man. This video montage...

What’s Changed in League of Legends Season 6, as Told by a Musical

14d ago | Video | To help you get up to speed on some of the Season 6 changes, YouTuber Crazy Boris has written, ch...

The Spoiler Filled Batman v Superman Trailer Has Been Remade in GTA 5

25d ago | Video | EB: YouTuber and video game mod-master, Merfish, has recreated the latest full length Batman v Su...

First Hour: Metroid: Zero Mission (Wii U)

17d ago | Video | The Greatest Metroid Game Finally Comes to the Big Screen! Colin Checks Out the First Hour of Met...

When You Don’t Understand Gaming Speedruns

24d ago | Video | Awesome Games Done Quick has finished and it raised over a million dollars for charity. It’s an i...

Some Mad Genius Combined Mario Kart with Kittens

23d ago | Video | Mario Kart is fun, but you know what would make it even better? Cats.

Grand Theft Auto Borrows Drake’s Hotline Bling in This Parody Music Video

26d ago | Video | Grand Theft Auto fans have collaborated to make a parody music video of Drake's single "Hotline B...

Video Shows What a Zelda Game Would Play Like If It Was Like Fallout

27d ago | Video | EB: The bit is priceless if you’re a fan of the...

Everything we know about the Nintendo NX

28d ago | Video | VG247: Nintendo will start talking about its new console this year. What can we expect? The...

The Evolution of Xbox Hardware

28d ago | Video | GameRanx: From Xbox One, to Xbox 360, down to the original Xbox- Microsoft's console histor...

First Hour: Hardware: Rivals (PS4)

30d ago | Video | Tank Battles Made Boring! Colin Checks Out the FIrst Hour of Hardware: Rivals on the PlaySta...

First Hour: Rebel Galaxy (PS4)

30d ago | Video | Become a Space Cowboy! Colin Checks Out the First Hour of Rebel Galaxy on the PlayStation 4!

'SkiFree' In Real Life is Like a 'V/H/S' Segment

23d ago | Video | Bloody Disgusting: 'SkiFree' In Real Life is Like a 'V/H/S' Segment!

LEGO Rainbow Six Siege Is Pretty Accurate

23d ago | Video | Kotaku: A whole round of Rainbow Six environmental destruction with LEGO counter-terroris...

Oslo's City Hall is chiming the Super Mario Bros. theme

25d ago | Video | Oslo's City Hall has begun chiming the theme tu...

First Hour: 1080° Snowboarding (Wii U)

30d ago | Video | One of the Most Overrated N64 Games is Back! Colin Checks Out the First Hour of 1080° Snowbo...

My Amiibo Addiction (A Documentary)

30d ago | Video | Some guys made a "documentary" about their friends obsession with Amiibo.
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