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Top 10 Convoluted Game Stories

5d ago | Videocast | Shack Reels: Top 10 Convoluted Game Stories

Why We're Fine With Paying $60 For Games

21d ago | Videocast | The IGN crew talks about why you are fine with spending money on games when everything else in li...

Watch: What makes for a great open-world game?

15d ago | Videocast | Eurogamer: "There's a whole lot of people playing Fallout 4 this week. According to the Steam Spy chap, something like 1.2 million copies of the PC version were sold on day one alone. That sound...

Stuff That Sucks - A Game's Value

19d ago | Videocast | Exactly what determines whether a game should be valued at $60? Greg Burke tackles this difficult question in the latest Stuff That Sucks.

Fallout 4 Beer Unboxing & Taste Test

22d ago | Videocast | Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "We unbox and taste test the very limited edition Fallo...

Shack's Arcade Corner: WWF WrestleFest

11d ago | Videocast | WWF Wrestlefest is a classic. See this awesome wrestling game, featured on this week's Arcade Cor...

Prison Potato - Let's Play The Secret of Tremendous Corporation

16d ago | Videocast | PLG continues their F2P quest and plays this weird little indie game that pokes fun at big budget...

Shack's Arcade Corner: Dragon's Lair

17d ago | Videocast | Dragon's Lair is a one-of-a-kind cabinet with beautiful hand drawn animation by the legendary fil...

What's The Best Fallout Before Fallout 4?

21d ago | Videocast | With so many choices, what's the best build in a Fallout game?

BlizzCon Cosplay Arakkoa Interview

17d ago | Videocast | BlizzCon brings the biggest Blizzard Entertainment fans out and some elaborate cosplay like this Arakkoa costume from World of Warcraft. Check out...
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