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The Gamer Headlines Show Ep. 57: PS4 Sales and Captain America: Civil War Trailer

3d ago | Podcast | Welcome to The Gamer Headlines Show, a weekly podcast discussing video games, movies, comics, TV, and any other topic deemed geeky enough to be covered. Hosted by Adnan Riaz and Christopher Cort...

Post-Game Podcast Episode #29: Yub Nub and Chill

6d ago | Podcast | Post-Game Podcast writes, "This week, Marc & Corey discuss their love/hate relationship with Star...

HD8bit Podcast Episode 3

4d ago | Podcast | Mike@hd8bit- "In podcast episode 3 we discuss the games we've been enjoying, our GotY nominee's, and next week's releases. We also discuss the Arkh...

Throwdown Ep. 62 – Too Xtreme for the West

4d ago | Podcast | Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "The biggest news story this week is the controversy surrounding Koei Tecmo’s decision to not release Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West due to the backla...

Pressurecast One-Hundred-Four: Microsoft Overcomes PS4’s Price Cut

14d ago | Podcast | Halo Saves Xbox’s October Sales, Twilight Princess HD Heads to Wii U, and We Discuss Our Feels On...

GameEnthus Podcast ep250: Finding Carver or Appliances Y'all!

7d ago | Podcast | This week Slider (@Sliderwave), Scar (@Scarfing...

Game Under Podcast Episode 77

8d ago | Podcast | Some weird Mad Max **** is breaking out in Australia. Tom Towers, the co-host of Game Under...

Gamer Headlines’ Spoilercast: Game of Thrones Episode 6: The Ice Dragon

10d ago | Podcast | Welcome, listeners, to Gamer Headlines’ Spoilercast. As the name suggests, Spoilercast is an in-d...

The Dual Shock Show Episode 94: The Vault Tec Files

14d ago | Podcast | This week on The Dual Shock Show Javon literally phones it in (sorry for his audio) so he and All...

PS Nation Podcast-Ep449-Backward Compatible

12d ago | Podcast | New Releases Gravity Rush Remastered physical release confirmed Disney Infinity: The Force...

GameEnthus Podcast ep249.6 Half Awake or Gaming for Others

17d ago | Podcast | This week Mike (@AssaultSuit), Tiny (@Tiny415)...

ShockCast – “The Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.”

15d ago | Podcast | Fallout 4 is finally here after years of anticipation, and it’s easy to say that we liked it...

The Dual Shock Show Episode 93: Drunker Than Ever

22d ago | Podcast | This week on The Dual Shock Show Allan is joined by Drunk Max to talk Activision blocking Yo...

This Week in Games

17d ago | Podcast | Poli Games talk about Activision Blizzard acquisition of King Games, the makers of Candy Cru...

EP25: Sweet

18d ago | Podcast | Activision Blizzard acquires Candy Crush studio King, BlizzCon 2015 brings a ton of announce...

Pixles and Ink 178 – Game News Doorbell

23d ago | Podcast | With everyone out of the office with this, Cody, Jordan and Brendan hold down the Pixels & I...

Pocket Players Podcast #130: Try Force

19d ago | Podcast | A weekly podcast that covers handheld and mobile gaming across multiple portable platforms a...

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 45: Trapped in a David Cage

21d ago | Podcast | Jay Petrequin, Adam Foster and Gary Swallow dis...
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EP25: Sweet

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