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Microsoft Approves of Console Romeo & Juliet With “Love Knows No Console” Achievement

5d ago | Image | The image of two console friends made the rounds today, warming hearts across the world.

Guild Wars 2 Cosplay Includes 9-Foot-Tall Golem

1d 5h ago | Image | Guild Wars fan Enayla has outdone herself here. Not only has she gone and made a fantastic Asura...

A look at the Street Fighter Evil Ryu and Ryu Hadouken Statues

3d ago | Image | Some images have been revealed for the Street Fighter Evil Ryu and Ryu Hadouken Statues.

Metal Gear merchandise shown off at WonderFest 2016

3d ago | Image | During WonderFest 2016 Winter, an event that took place in the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo this past Sunday, a lot of Metal Gear figures were on display, including Raiden and Snake by Good Smile and Un...

Mario Is Mech-ing

1d 18h ago | Image | Toy customizer Donald “kodykoala” Kennedy cut a giant Mario figure in half and used push pin ‘rivets’ to transform him into a massive metal monster...

Eight-Year-Old Boy Apologizes to Nintendo

6d ago | Image | While some might argue that it’s often Nintendo who should be saying sorry to fans (ha!), one eig...

Fan Renders Bring Street Fighter III’s Q to Three-Dimensional Life

5d ago | Image | Shoryuken: Artists have been drawing inspiration from gaming for as long as we’ve been able to...

People Can't Stop Seeing The Witness' Puzzles, Even In The Real World

4d ago | Image | The Witness is a very good puzzle game. So good that folks just can’t get its puzzles out of thei...

This Fallout Mario Cosplay Proves How Amazing That Game Would Be

6d ago | Image | Twinfinite: "With a pip-boy, a little rust and a lot of dirt, almost any franchise can be mashed...

Minecrafter Builds Extremely Detailed Replica of Disney Cruise Ship

6d ago | Image | Can’t afford, or don’t have time for an actual cruise? Spend a couple minutes exploring this 1:1...

Someone get me this Life is Strange phone case

5d ago | Image | Dtoid: The last time I got a new phone, the Verizon rep asked me if I'd like to trade in my...

My Little Pony Cosplay Is Ready For War

5d ago | Image | Kotaku: My Little Pony cosplay isn’t just for furries. It’s also for adults who want to pre...
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Mario Is Mech-ing

1d 18h ago | Culture
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