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A look at the upcoming Medicom Nintendo Ultra Detail Figure Series Action Figures

20h ago | Image | Images have been revealed the upcoming Medicom Nintendo Ultra Detail Figure Series Action Figures.

PUMA MGSV The Phantom Pain shirts, jackets and shoes get new pictures

2d ago | Image | The official Japanese Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain website has been updated with the PUMA Metal Gear Solid V clothing line announced during last year's Tokyo Game Show. It includes t-shirts...

A Metal Gear Solid Restaurant, It Can't Be

7d ago | Image | Kotaku: Dubbed “Metal Gear Cafe,” this temporary restaurant recently opened in Paris. Besides “L...

PAX Prime 2015 Cosplay Gallery

2d ago | Image | New Gamer Nation releases its Cosplay Gallery for the first full day of PAX Prime 2015 direc...

A look at the Funko Pop Fallout Vault Boy Glow in the Dark figure

7d ago | Image | A look at the newly-available Glow in the Dark version of the Funko Pop Fallout Vault Boy.

PAX PRIME Day One Images At Skewed And

4d ago | Image | Skewed and Reviewed have posted a selection of images from day one at PAX Prime.

PAX Prime 2015 Photo Gallery

3d ago | Image | "PAX Prime's booths and displays are almost as ostentatious as those at E3, sometimes better...

Printable Pokemon Coffee Labels

7d ago | Image | As with any long-running pop culture phenomenon, as a franchise gets older, so do its fans....

Happy Birthday Mr.Kojima

13d ago | Image | Kojima will turn into 52 on Monday August 24th and he has shared some gifts photo received from his friends. Thank you and Happy Birthday Mr.Kojima

Cosplayers Recreate Iconic Final Fantasy VII Scene

25d ago | Image | EpicStream: "While we wait for the Final Fantasy VII Remake that Square Enix had promised, let's...

A look at the upcoming Bloodborne Hemwick Charnel Lane Lithograph

30d ago | Image | Some images have been listed for the upcoming Bloodborne Hemwick Charnel Lane Lithograph.

Final Fantasy VII Cosplay Is Dead Perfect

22d ago | Image | Wes Johnson is Cloud and Sarah Quillian, aka Adella, is Aeris. Photographer Jan-Michael Losada ma...

Here's No Man's Sky's Ship Made Out of LEGO

16d ago | Image | No Man’s Sky looks glorious. It’s a space exploration game that gives you a galaxy teeming w...

Probably the best Resident Evil cosplay I've seen

23d ago | Image | Steven Hansen writes: "How heavy is this? Is it painful? What if your nose itches? What i...

Amazing Cosplay Collection at ChinaJoy 2015

25d ago | Image | Compared with ShowGirls, Cosplay is another hot topic at ChinaJoy. Here is a collection of C...

Amazing Blizzard Cosplay Competition at Chinajoy 2015

25d ago | Image | At Chinajoy 2015, Blizzard held their annual B...

'Candy Crush'-Themed Cafe Opens in Tokyo

24d ago | Image | If you're trying to hit rock bottom with your saccharine, in-app purchase-fueled Candy Crush...
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