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Hype Fatigue: Why I’m Exhausted With Viral Marketing, Elaborate Advertising Campaigns and Countdowns

1d 5h ago - Warp Zoned writes: "The machinations of video game marketers absolutely baffle me. Obviously,... | PC

Uncharted Movie Leak Shows Hollywood Remains Clueless Adapting Games

1d 6h ago - In December 2014, Sony Pictures was reportedly breached by North Korean hackers over the controve... | PS3

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Food for Gaming: Buffalo Chicken Wings

1d 7h ago - Castle Pyramid - Whether playing video games by yourself, or playing with friends, chances are th... | Culture

What Are Your Favorite Games To Play While Traveling?

1d 13h ago - Nathan Grayson writes:"By the time you read this, I will be road tripping up the West Coast, or p... | Culture

News Flash: GameStop Is Doing Bad Things Again

1d 13h ago - Price normalization may cause more problems than it solves. | Culture

Violence In Video Games – The GTA Movie

1d 13h ago - Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto tells the account of Sam Houser co-founder and presi... | Culture

The Most Progressive Game in Years Is Also a Violent Exploitative Gore Fest

1d 13h ago - Seriously, Mortal Kombat X is an amazing testament to social justice, and also disembowelment. | Culture

Star Wars: Battlefront will connect Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens

1d 14h ago - Here at Star Wars Celebration, EA is showing off its upcoming gameStar Wars: Battlefront, and we... | PC

Is Virtual Reality becoming a reality?

1d 14h ago - VR is here in a big way but will it become mainstream? We look to the past for answers about the... | Culture

Dr. Keith Fetus, C.H.A.D, and Spirit Airlines

1d 14h ago - A former customer service representative from Spirit Airlines decided to come forward anonymously... | Culture

7 Fatalities that Prove Mortal Kombat has Gone too Far

1d 15h ago - GamesRadar - Fatalities have always been Mortal Kombat's misunderstood genius, rewarding cartoon... | Culture

Where Fighting Games Can Evolve

1d 15h ago - Fighting games seem to have polarized the community that enjoys them into two very separate sides... | Culture

Ocarina of Time 2D Gears Up for Version .20, New Footage, Multiplayer

1d 15h ago - ZI: Last year we introduced you to an Ocarina of Time 2D project which was met with a lot of exc... | Culture

Throwdown Ep. 31 – “Microtransgressions”

1d 15h ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "Due to the recent… kontroversy over Mortal Kombat X‘s... | PC

Vs Episode 111: Ray vs. Jeremy

1d 15h ago - Jeremy steps into the ring in his first VS challenge. | Culture

This Writer Makes Beautiful Poetry in Bloodborne Notes

1d 15h ago - A creative writer by the name of Natalie Zed uses the world of Bloodborne to create and share poe... | PS4

MegaCraft - Westeroscraft Dragonstone, Pyke, and Sunspear

1d 20h ago - Matt and Jack tackle day five of Westeroscraft! Today they cover a lot of ground by checking out... | Culture

Things to do in GTA V - Flare Fight

1d 20h ago - AH flares for their friends. | Culture

First 4 Figures Metroid Prime 2: Samus Light Suit Statue released in U.S.

1d 21h ago - The Metroid Prime 2: Samus Light Suit Statue from First 4 Figures has been released in the United... | Culture

Insert Coin Clothing Announce Monster Hunter Shirts & Sweatshirt

1d 21h ago - From Insert Coin Clothing have announced that they will release a pair of Monster... | Culture

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Entertainment Software lobby pits developers against gamers, once again, to serve their own interest

1d 21h ago - The Entertainment Software Association have their word to say in the current legal discussions in... | Tech

The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 37

1d 21h ago - This week, the guys talk Star Wars, Guitar Hero's return and create their ultimate Mortal Kombat... | Culture

Amiibo: Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, Pac-Man Up For Preorder From Wal-Mart

1d 21h ago - Test your luck and see if you can preorder before supplies run out. | Wii U

9 Most Disappointing Video Game Reboots

1d 21h ago - When new ideas begin to run dry, it’s not uncommon for game developers to look to the past for in... | Culture

Fails of the Weak #239

1d 21h ago - In Fails of the Weak #239, Jack and Geoff bring you an episode filled with Grand Theft Auto V fai... | Culture