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What is Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Saying to Players?

10h ago - The Chinese Room is best known for Dear Esther, a title that has polarized audiences by largely f... | Culture

Can Cloud or PS Now replace Backwards Compatibility? Are HD remakes really the answer?

10h ago - SegmentNext - "Can Cloud or PS Now replace Backwards Compatibility?" | Culture

WordPlay Festival Returns to Toronto

11h ago - If you happen to be in Toronto (Canada that is) or happen to be in the nearby area (or just want... | Culture

Lionel Messi and Neymar and other Barcelona stars play FIFA 15 at La Masia

11h ago - Neymar and Messi were among the eight Barcelona players who sat down at La Masia to try out EA Sp... | Culture

Get a Free Kindle Fire HD!

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Stunt School: Forza Horizon 2

11h ago - Five of the best tricks to throw in the Xbox One open world driving sim of choice. | Xbox One

Anita Sarkeesian gets exposed as a fraud by Stephen Colbert

12h ago - Anita Sarkeesian went on The Colbert Report on Wednesday to talk about GamerGate, her perceived s... | Culture

The Gamer Headlines Show Episode 3: Bayonetta 2, New Marvel Movies, and Halloween gaming

13h ago - Hosted by Adnan Riaz and Chris Cortes, this week’s podcast has the two hosts talking about the ne... | Wii U

Is Anita Sarkeesian's appearance on Colbert a defeat for GamerGate?

14h ago - When the news broke that Anita Sarkeesian would be appearing on the Colbert Report, social media... | Culture

The Patch #76

14h ago - The Patch Discusses Expansions and Updates | PC

Let's Play - Call of Duty 4

14h ago - Call of Duty week continues as Team Gents faces off against Ray, Lindsay, and Matt in Call of Dut... | Culture

Games Are Poetry

16h ago - Even in the face of mainstream scrutiny during the embarrassing, ongoing #gamergate debacle, ther... | Culture

#GamerGate Defender to MSNBC: ‘Not Anti-Women,’ Just ‘Pro-Transparency’

16h ago - An article on femenist Christina Sommers’ counter claim on the #Gamergate movement while on telev... | Culture

Sony's Event In December Will Surpass Their E3 Showing

16h ago - They're gearing up for a super huge presentation in December and all indications are that it will... | Culture

VR Puzzle Title Nix Wins Off The Map 2014 Award with CryEngine 3

20h ago - The 2014 GameCity festival is currently running across Nottingham, UK, with plenty for virtual re... | PC

Anita Sarkeesian's Gamergate interview on Colbert fair, but not balanced

21h ago - GameZone: "Do you want to know why there hasn't been any resolution yet? Because the two sides ha... | Culture

Four Video Game Luxuries That We Take For Granted

21h ago - GeekParty: "Video games have come a long way. What was once just a toy is now a billion dollar in... | Tech

The Importance of Atmosphere

22h ago - What does immersion need, and what does lore create? The answer should be clear, atmosphere. Whic... | Culture

#GamerGate: TotalBiscuit on Ethics, Was Offered Free Stuff for Reviews

22h ago - -Gaming commentator and critic John Bain, known to many as TotalBiscuit, joins David to discuss #... | Culture

Will Steam Go EA On Us & Xbox One Price Drop Beneficial

23h ago - Will Steam Turn into DUN DUN DUN EA? | Culture

Always On And You've Already Accepted It

23h ago - AUTOMATON asks: Is the constant connection for the players' benefit, or just another twist in the... | PS4

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Niche Gamer-cast Episode 23—The Giant Narrative of Lies from Media on #GamerGate

23h ago - A weekly podcast that covers niche games across all platforms, but sometimes also delves into gam... | Arcade

5 Rhythm and Music Games You Should Try

23h ago - 5 new rhythm games that are a blast to play and advance the genre. | PC

Conservative feminist: ‘GamerGate is a voice for moderation in sex and gender debates’

23h ago - An article about Femenist Christina Hoff Sommers latest youtube video on the “Factual Feminist” r... | Culture

Top 11 Video Games To Play This Halloween

23h ago - Console Monster writes: "Halloween is a time for scaring yourself silly while eating the sweets t... | Xbox 360

Anita Sarkeesian on Colbert Killed GamerGate and Made Gaming’s Future Brighter

23h ago - Ricky from Twinfinite writes; "Anita Sarkeesian and Stephen Colbert may have taken GamerGate to t... | Culture