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Gabe newell is investing in Food, still not Half Life 3

2d ago - Gabe Newell is now investing in Chefstep's cooking product Joule, promoting it in videos. | PC

Getting Drunk in Icewind Dale

2d ago - Alex from GamersFTW writes: “...To the south of the town, Old Jed was having a house party. He... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

The Augmented Reality & VR Show Announced for 2016

2d ago - 2016 looks to be a big year for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. Wit... | PC

Happy Thanksgiving Here's Seven Things We're Thankful For (You're One of Them)

2d ago - The Games Cabin: If you’re a long-time reader then you’re probably thinking: “What the poo? You g... | Culture

GoManga Int., ORC Debut Indie Games At BSR IRacing Touring Car Championship

2d ago - Higher Eclectic’s initiative to provide its Indie Game Developers with Livestream and TV coverage... | PC

The Most Overhyped Cards in Hearthstone History

2d ago - Matt Byrd of Pixel Critique Looks at 10 Hearthstone Cards that Just Didn't Meet Expectations | PC

Dreamcast Version Of Pier Solar Now Available On WaterMelon’s Store

2d ago - At long last, retro-centric developer Watermelon has announced that Pier Solar is now available t... | Culture

Should we be Excited About Increased Diversity in Video Game Ads?

2d ago - Many people discuss the lack of women represented in video games outside of stereotypes. Sometime... | Culture

Examining the Explosive Success of the $120k+ Hatoful Boyfriend Plush Kickstarter

3d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "Scarecrow’s last campaign was for a Hotline Miami figure. In the end, tha... | PC

Waifu Hunter has a higher ranking than IGN and Kotaku in the top Steam curators rankings

3d ago - For the last 48 hours, there have been a lot of dissing and finger-pointing at the Gaming news es... | PC

The Gamer Headlines Show Ep. 57: PS4 Sales and Captain America: Civil War Trailer

3d ago - Welcome to The Gamer Headlines Show, a weekly podcast discussing video games, movies, comics, TV,... | PS4

Love the one you’re with: A video game odyssey

3d ago - Simon Lundmark: "My first computer was an Amiga 600. Showing up at school, thrilled to share my n... | Culture

17 Best Star Wars Games of All Time

3d ago - Chillopedia: Gaming has exceptionally evolved since the past decade, which is quite evident from... | Culture

My mom’s holiday gift guide for gamers

3d ago - GamesBeat's Mike Minotti: Thanks to my brothers and me, my mom has some experience with holiday s... | PS4

Gamer Gratitude: A Hardcore Thanksgiving Special Column

3d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Thanksgiving is upon us. This is a day we get together with our friends and famil... | Culture

The 3 Types of Turkeys You Find in Video Games

3d ago - Ah, the turkey. A beautiful animal that exudes style and grace as it soars…ah, who are we kidding... | Culture

Thanksgiving Day and Umineko: When They Cry

3d ago - Michibiku's Jenni Lada writes, "Happy Thanksgiving! But today isn’t Thanksgiving Day in Japan. Th... | PC

Failsafe – The Parkour Game To Challenge Mirror’s Edge?

3d ago - We take a look at Failsafe and its similarities to Mirror's Edge, and see if an independent studi... | Culture

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Video game holiday shopping through the decades

3d ago - Take a look back on key Christmas seasons from past generations of video game history. | Culture

GamesBeat’s 2015 ‘Naughty and Nice’ alternative holiday gift guide

3d ago - It’s officially that time of year, when you start pulling out your own hair (or someone else’s, i... | Culture

Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post

Huniepot, Play-Asia and the Gaming community is fighting back against the SJW movement

3d ago - I have been wondering when the big turning point would come for the games industry, because the S... | Culture

PlayStation 1 console wallet back in stock at £9.99

3d ago - DS: This neat retro PS1-themed wallet sold out super quick last time we posted it, so don't dawdl... | Culture

New Legend of Zelda Book Explains Just How Much the Game Changed in Localization

3d ago - A new book series explores the localization of one of gaming's most iconic franchises. The first... | Culture

Another Top 10 Weirdest Video Games

3d ago - Some games are unique and innovative, while others are just flat out bizarre. | Culture

Seven of The Worst 'Black Sheeps' in Video Games

4d ago - Even the best video game series can falter once in a while. Here is a list of the more disgracefu... | Culture