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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Top 5 Ways to Keep Old Fans Happy and Also Win New Fans

2d ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - Final Fantasy VII is an unparalleled classic and the pressure is on developers of the remake to give the original the respect it deserves while adding new life into the story we know a...

The Big 5 - The Five Biggest Games for Dec 2015

1d 23h ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - We highlight December's 'Big 5', the five biggest games of the month. From open worl...

Should Games Be Subject To So Much Censorship?

1d 23h ago | Opinion piece | In recent news, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is not coming West due to apparent fears over how the Western market would react to the risque game. Is it perhaps time to ask, “are Western gamers being trea...

This is the reason why Kotaku “might” be shut down in the near future

5d ago | Opinion piece | By now, you have probably read (or heard) about Kotaku’s editor in chief Stephen Totilo crying ov...

The Harsh Truth about Today’s Tomb Raider

6d ago | Opinion piece | Alex from GamersFTW writes: “No other franchise represents the general dumbing down of video g...

Getting Drunk in Icewind Dale

2d ago | Opinion piece | Alex from GamersFTW writes: “...To the south of the town, Old Jed was having a house party. He was ‘not so good’ because ‘Grisella, the barkeep...

C'mon, Fess Up: Ever Bought A Console For Just One Game?

5d ago | Opinion piece | Most responsible and savvy consumers say they'd never buy a new system for just one game. But cha...

These God of War Shirts Are Really, Really Bad

4d ago | Opinion piece | Sony has some awful shirts for sale.

Why Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Never Happened

5d ago | Opinion piece | It's one of gaming's most elusive titles, and to this day, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 remains unrelea...

Fallout 4: A Game I Love but Not the One I Wanted

4d ago | Opinion piece | While Fallout 4 may be one of my favourite games this year, there seems as if there is somet...

Lara Croft's Top 5 Moments in Tomb Raider History

6d ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - Lara Croft has had many adventures over the history of the Tomb Raider franchis...

The nine best games to get you through Thanksgiving

3d ago | Opinion piece | One of the best things about video games is how...

Bad Calls: 5 Heroes who made things Worse

5d ago | Opinion piece | Adam from GamersFTW writes "They say you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, and a...

Unprecedented Social Problems We Expect on PSVR

5d ago | Opinion piece | We have described and compiled a short list of Anti-Social "problems" that maybe associated...

Editors' Choice: The Best Games of All Time

5d ago | Opinion piece | This month, the GameCloud Team got together to post their personal picks for the best games...

The Unlikeliest Game Crossovers

5d ago | Opinion piece | Crossovers are a good thing, but nothing can prepare us for the unlikeliest of them that thr...

5 Trends That Have Defined Gaming In 2015

5d ago | Opinion piece | All these things have combined to make 2015 in video games a highly distinctive and fascinat...

On Kotaku and blacklisting

6d ago | Opinion piece | Salida, dear readers! On November 19th Kotaku’s EIC Stephen Totilo released an article calle...
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