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PlayStation Plus: 13 Video Games Everyone Wants To See

9m ago | Opinion piece | WC Sony’s Instant Game Collection is a super...

10 Best RPGs You Can Play On Xbox One

11h ago | Opinion piece | There’s a certain post-apocalyptic RPG on the horizon which is more than a little exciting - but...

7 League of Legends Secrets Fans Should Know

14h ago | Opinion piece | What secrets and hidden gems are tucked away in the insanely popular ‘Legends series? Join C...

PS4 Price Drop To $349.99 In North America, How Will This Affect The Upcoming Holiday Season?

9h ago | Opinion piece | Polk Games discusses Sony's announcement of the Playstation 4 North American price cut. Will this price cut help sony this holiday season against Microsofts horde of console bundles? As well as dis...

Ken Levine stands up for freedom of speech & artistic freedom in games

4h ago | Opinion piece | Less than two days ago Jack Davis (The Gaming Ground) did an interview with Ken Levine, and yesterday Levine stood up for freedom of speech and artistic freedom (yet again) in the world of video ga...

The Problem With Free To Play, Or, Why You’ll Never Own A T-Rex

4h ago | Opinion piece | Play: "Why free to play means you'll never own a T-Rex unless you fork out the cash."

Are the CoD stories getting better or worse?

11h ago | Opinion piece | Sagamer - I am relatively new to the Call of Duty series. Call of Duty: Ghosts was honestly my fi...

Understanding The Video Game Voice Actor Strike Authorisation

4h ago | Opinion piece | Clipping Error discuss the fact that voice actors will at some point in the future be going on st...

#PerformanceMatters: Why Good Acting Is Important In Modern Video Games

12h ago | Opinion piece | Video game actors are contemplating going on strike. Here’s why publishers should, at the very le...

How Dragon Quest Heroes Just Owned Legend of Zelda

14h ago | Opinion piece | Even this big-time Zelda fan can admit that Dragon Quest Heroes does what Hyrule Warriors didn't.

Did Konami Just Botch the Metal Gear Online Launch?

14h ago | Opinion piece | Has Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain quickly went from stud to dud due to its lack-luster onl...

Halloween Games for the Easily Scared Gamers

18h ago | Opinion piece | Not ever gamer can handle the scariest horror games, but fret not, there are games out there for...

Gaming is not just for kids

19h ago | Opinion piece | Are you an older gamer? It's no longer for kids anymore
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