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Is Piracy Now an Unavoidable Evil in 2016?

2h ago | Opinion piece | Jonathan Blow's The Witness has proven that a large number of people still prefer to steal their games.

Guys, Do You Play Differently When Controlling A Female?

17h ago | Opinion piece | While most guys say they have no trouble playing as a woman in a video game, one wonders if they...

Steam Sales, PS+/GwG and Bundles Have Devalued Games

16h ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - These values are great for consumers, but maybe not for the industry long-term. We t...

Does the Decline of 'Destiny' Spell Doom for 'No Man's Sky'?

13h ago | Opinion piece | Bungie recently email-lapsed Destiny players to ask why they haven’t logged in recently, in a move that felt like a text to an ex: What happened? Where did we go wrong? As gamers sign off from Dest...

Biggest Video Game Controversies

7h ago | Opinion piece | Last year there was GamerGate, and frankly people want nothing to do with that. Messy, pointless and utterly stupid all around, it was merely the l...

Developer Commentary In Video Games: Why’s There Not More of That Then?

5h ago | Opinion piece | Have you ever played a game and thought, 'Gee, I'd really like to have this atmosphere puzzle int...

4 “Marmite” Games

11h ago | Opinion piece | Joe from GamersFTW writes about 4 games that polarize people's opinions and that, like Marmite, people either love them or you hate them.

Top Ten - Blizzard Cinematics

6h ago | Opinion piece | When it comes to cinematics in gaming Blizzard have created some of the best ever made. Check out our Top Ten picks for best Blizzard cinematics be...

10 Things Only XCOM Fans Will Understand

16h ago | Opinion piece | Twinfinite: XCOM fans are hardcore. They’re united across the globe having served the Earth. Tog...

The Worst of the Worst Super Smash Characters

17h ago | Opinion piece | The Worst of the Worst Super Smash Characters covers 5 entries to the series that Nintendo just d...

Star Wars games we'd love to see in development

20h ago | Opinion piece | Gamespresso's Sheldon Jones takes a minute to think about some awesome Star Wars game concepts th...
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