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The original Twitch Plays Pokémon was very special to me

46m ago - Twitch Plays Pokemon may have been a social experiment, but to Tony Nguyen at G4@Syfygames, it's... | PC

Games that should have had sequels (Part 3)

1h ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Over the last couple of days, we have had a couple of the members... | GameCube

The Xbox One Games You Need to Play in August

Now - A new month has rolled up which means new releases are on the horizon. Microsoft has a fairly good line-up on the way for August, so let’s take a l... | Promoted post

The Price of Games Has Increased Whether We've Realized it or Not

2h ago - DLC and other micro transactions have been the topic of much debate recently. While many people a... | Xbox

Five Things Sony Can Take From Their Competitors to Improve PSN

2h ago - The Playstation Network is a great place to game.But, PoliGames thinks it could be even better if... | PS3

5 Upcoming Video Game Movies to Look Out For

2h ago - "With news today that The Hunger Games studio Lionsgate is set to make a Borderlands movie, we lo... | Culture

Here's Our Hopes and Dreams for the Borderlands Movie

2h ago - A Borderlands movie has been announced, and now it's time to air our hopes and dreams for the film! | Culture

One Man Makes a Transistor for Real, and It's Amazing

2h ago - What's better than Transistor the game? How about having the titular weapon in your hands, for real? | Culture

Until Dawn is Scarier Than Any Horror Film Ever Made

3h ago - You've heard it before - eight unnaturally attractive teens go to a creepy cabin in the mountains... | PS4

10 Video Game Movies Better than Pixels and Hitman

4h ago - BNR: Video game movies have a long and awful history. Sometimes they’re mere advertisements, some... | Culture

The Point - What if You Never Play Your Favorite Game?

4h ago - Gamespot: How come we rarely play games outside of our comfort zone? Do we really know what we... | Culture

Custom Made Diorama Model

5h ago - When it comes to bringing Tom Clancy’s The Division to life, Toykyo Joe is your guy. He builds Am... | Culture

Custom Painted PS4 Controller

5h ago - Being a huge fan of Tom Clancy's The Division, a good friend of mine over at DNA-Modz sent me thi... | Culture

TDS Special: Our fondest memories of the Metal Gear Solid series

5h ago - The herd recall their stand-out moments from the legendary franchise | Culture

Why Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 Is a Masterpiece

10h ago - Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader is one of the best flight simulators ever made. In fac... | GameCube

PC Gaming Is Overrated

12h ago - Dom from EGMR writes: "Find anywhere on the internet where anyone saying anything positive about... | Culture

15 Mini-Games More Addictive Than The Main Story

13h ago - The release of The Witcher 3 has seen many wayward players seduced by card game Gwent, and the be... | Culture

The 8 Greatest Blizzard Games

16h ago - IGN Blizzard Entertainment has been making video games since 1991, when it was founded by 3 UC... | Culture

Top Nintendo Missteps & Blunders

21h ago - Nintendo fans, love Nintendo but hate their strange decision making? Check out the Top Nintendo M... | Culture

A devil’s advocate to gaming as a sport in the public eye

21h ago - With Halo 5 heavy-handedly pushing itself to be the premier FPS in the esports field and tourname... | Culture

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure and the power of atmosphere

22h ago - Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, a 16-bit update of the Atari 2600 breakthrough platformer, will nev... | Culture


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Games You Never Heard Of: Backbreaker

23h ago - With Football season upon us, TechRaptors Robert Grosso tackles one of the best alternatives to M... | Xbox 360

20 Severely Underrated Video Games From The 2000s

23h ago - WC Metal Gear Solid 2. Resident Evil 4. Grand Theft Auto III. The 2000s saw the release of so... | Culture

Scientific Speculation on Potential Mass Effect: Andromeda Plot Lines

23h ago - Mark from GamersFTW writes his thoughts on potential plot lines for Mass Effect: Andromeda based... | PC

Four Ways Youtube Gaming Could Beat Twitch

23h ago - Youtube Gaming is looking to take the video game streaming world by storm. Does it have what it t... | Tech

Is Xbox One’s Marketing Just Stupid?

23h ago - Microsoft needs to drop the dudebro advertising of Doritos and Dew to get ahead this holiday season. | Culture
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