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Why are games getting easier?

0m ago - Whatever happened to the glory days of hardcore grinding, seemingly impossible boss fights, platf... | Culture

Grab It's Top 5 Steam Early Access Indie Games

1h ago - "We might be focused on iOS here at Grab It – at least for the meantime – but the strength of ind... | PC

Games are Indiegogo: The crowdfunded hits to watch

7h ago - It's not all about Kickstarter: you need to check out these 7 games on its rival crowdfunding site. | Culture

Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video is important and a must-watch

7h ago - Continue Play's Jenna Fraser says that despite what many in the gaming community think, Anita Sar... | Culture

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Twitch.TV Bought by Amazon for $970 Million: The Good, The Bad, and the Potentially Disastarous

7h ago - 8CN: Well, after a whirlwind of a day, rife with rumors and speculation, it has been officially a... | PC

Top 15 Best Xbox One Games of 2014 So Far

8h ago - GamingSoFar: Here are the 15 best Xbox One video games of 2014 so far. Most of them have been rel... | Xbox One

Top Gaming Icons for Non-Gamers

8h ago - CCC Says: "Honestly, this was a curiosity thing. I was in the mall and saw people wandering in an... | Culture

The Daily Five: Positives About the Gaming Industry

10h ago - "Hey, guess what? The video game industry's social community has been an absolute disaster the la... | Culture

No Man’s Sky Offline Mode Created After Developers Got Tired of Finding Planets Named After Penises

11h ago - As reported in the latest Edge magazine, players can discover the infinite universe of No Man’s S... | Culture

Zoe Quinn and Lying Journalists

12h ago - I (Andrew Otton) look back on my original article about Zoe Quinn and see just how timid I was in... | Culture

Microsoft Doesn't Actually Know What Gamers Want

14h ago - Disastrous PR debacles have seen Microsoft’s Xbox One console slip well behind the PlayStation 4... | PS4

Wtf Gamers Presents: Capcom, Whats the Beef?

14h ago - Kuma Wrote: Welcome gamers to this “What the F**k Wednesday” special where we discuss the industr... | Culture

Forget the kids: Adults will love these retro gaming toys

14h ago - Any fan of retro gaming would love to have any of these nostalgic toys. | Culture

Top 5 Video Game Angels

16h ago - GUG writer, Michael, tells us who the top 5 video game angels are. | Culture

Zoe Quinn and the Real Problem with Games Journalism

18h ago - Robin examines the controversy around Zoe Quinn, why it blew up in the way it did and where the r... | Culture

Why Can’t We All Just Game Along?

20h ago - Are there certain debates based around the video game culture that you just can't stand? Here's a... | Culture

10 Humanity-Restoring Experiences Only Gamers Will Understand

20h ago - WC: "Far from being a demoralising experience, gaming can reaffirm that sense of humanity and com... | Culture

10 Evil Gaming Gods You Don't Want as Your Deity

20h ago - GamesRadar - We all have them: those dark moments of hopelessness when all seems lost, and we rea... | Culture

Video Game Characters That Could Be Athletes

20h ago - IGN - Madden 15 releases today and with it, the next chapter in the long running series from EA.... | Culture

Top 5 Blizzard Games

22h ago - From World of Warcraft to Lost Vikings and more, the 411 staff counts down the top 5 Blizzard Ent... | Culture

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

Top 8 Disappointing Game Companies

23h ago - From Capcom to Microsoft, and more, 411's Marc Morrison ranks his Top 8 Disappointing Video Game... | Culture

North Korea To Release Farming Simulator [Satire]

23h ago - Video Games Made Me Do It: "Early this week the only game development team of North Korea, known... | Culture

Welcome Back Survival Horror

1d ago - [Bryan] didn’t know it until two weeks ago, but there has been a void in [his] life that [he] did... | Culture

Why Online Gaming is so Popular

1d 3h ago - Here are five reasons why you should not give up online gaming and why online gaming has become i... | Culture

This is why people want to watch other people play video games

1d 4h ago - Amazon agreed to pay just shy of $1 billion for video game streaming site Twitch last night. The... | Culture
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