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11 Games That Love The Simpsons Almost as Much as You Do

53m ago - GamesRadar - In a rare pop culture feat, The Simpsons has established itself as a decade-spanning... | Culture

A Cataclysmic Dawn: Zombies And Immersion

56m ago - EGMR writes: "A couple of weeks ago, Rhodes University played host to a week-long, live-action ga... | Culture

What if Nintendo bought Capcom?

1h ago - After Capcom announced in June that it is now open to acquisition offers, Continue Play's Chad Bo... | Wii

VGU Talks: What Is EGX?

1h ago - With the biggest gaming convention in the UK coming up soon there are a ton of people out there w... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

12 Hilariously Awesome Glitches Ever Engineered By Bethesda

2h ago - There’s always a few distinct things which will constantly remind a person they’re playing a Beth... | Culture

Do horror games still scare you?

2h ago - GotGame: Some of those are hard to say if they’re REALLY “horror”, but Silent Hill (though The Ro... | Culture

What is the future of FPS?

3h ago - GamesRadar - At this moment in time, first-person shooters *are* gaming. I don't think that's an... | Culture

In the Shadow of Greatness | A Dreamcast Retrospective (Part II)

3h ago - AUTOMATON writer Graham Arthur delves further into the rise and fall of the Sega Dreamcast in the... | Culture

Gamers need to confront the cultures misogynistic problem

3h ago - Criticism of sexism in video games has been on rise while several trolls took it too far when for... | Culture

Get Your Game On at Fan Expo Canada

4h ago - We give a rundown of some of the cool games on display at this year's largest Canadian comic book... | Culture

DLC: Gaming Overtakes Masturbation as Leading Cause of Blindness in Teen Males (Satire)

6h ago - The Deliberate Lies Column, or DLC for short, is a Tabloid style news column where we don't break... | Culture

I’m tired of the hardcore and casual gamer dichotomy

7h ago - From the article, "For a number of years, the gaming community has set up two cliques. Well, they... | Culture

VGU Talks: EGX 2014 Line-Up

7h ago - The line-up for EGX this year is looking pretty good with games from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo... | Xbox 360

Sexism, misogyny and online attacks: It’s a horrible time to consider yourself a ‘Gamer’

10h ago - Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video, Women as Background Decoration (part 2),... | Culture

Know Your Enemy

11h ago - 6aming's Andy Hemphill discusses some enemies within games throughout gaming history. | Culture

4 stellar TV shows ‘inspired’ by even better games

11h ago - More than ever before, TV and film look to the medium of the game for inspiration. Just look at t... | Culture

Top 10 Video Games About Cats

11h ago - The top 10 games about cats is a purrfect list (no regrets) for gamers with cats. | Xbox

The Daily Five: Best Movies About Video Games

14h ago - "Video games and movies have had a rocky relationship over the years. The two mediums have adapte... | Culture

8 Video Games That Didn't Sell As Well As Expected

18h ago - Escapist: "Today we give you eight games that everyone thought would sell millions of copies. Unf... | Culture

8 Games That Would Make For Amazing Films

18h ago - Everyone knows about all of the horrible movie adaptations of video games, there are really too m... | Culture

Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC) Review

Now - Drew returns to the land of Risen to hack and slash some more. | Promoted post

7 Game Companies that Returned from the Dead

18h ago - GamesRadar - Heroes in games can survive just about any attack and come back stronger than ever,... | Culture

The Top 10 most iconic characters in gaming

19h ago - Continue Play's Oliver Zimmerman lists...well, the top 10 most iconic characters in gaming. | Culture

Choose Your Own Adventure – The Abominable Snowman HD PS4 Port Announced

19h ago - In an exciting turn of events, Goldhill Home Media has announced plans to port its PlayStation 3... | Culture

They Said / We Say

19h ago - Wastelander75 writes: "A few of my fellow editors and I take a look at some of the recent controv... | PS4

Want to save time and money? Stop buying games at launch

20h ago - Polygon: “I have a confession to make,” a co-worker said in hushed tones yesterday. “I have never... | Culture
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