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Will Donkey Kong and Bowser Set Skylanders On Fire?

0m ago - Vicarious Visions had a number of Skylanders SuperChargers Donkey Kong and Bowser amiibo anecdote... | Culture

Really, It’s OK to Not Play Every New Video Game That’s Coming Out

2m ago - VICE: It's September, and the last of what Brits pitifully like to call summer is, most likely, o... | Culture

Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

10 Great Game Soundtracks For Studying

26m ago - IGN School is back in session, which means inevitable late nights putting the finishing touche... | Culture

The Best And Most-Promising Horror Games Of 2015

39m ago - GI This year has already been kind to horror fans, in the twisted way where "kind" means scari... | Culture

Bungie: Doomed to Fail or Destined to Succeed?

46m ago - Are you mad at Bungie? The very reason you're mad might just by why the company survives. | Culture

Throwback Thursday: COD World at War Zombies

58m ago - Today it’s time to dive back in to the blood soaked waters that came packaged with the now wildly... | Culture

Fall 2015 game preview: our 31 most anticipated games of the season

58m ago - The verge: Maybe it’s the first cool weekend of fall and you want an excuse to spend an entire a... | Culture

Pokémon's Multiplayer Isn't Fun Anymore

59m ago - Online and the widespread knowledge of which Pokemon to use and how to train them has sucked all... | Culture

It’s Just a Joke: The Kimmel Calamity & Ignorance Of The Enraged

1h ago - Pixel Gate takes a look at the reaction to a old joke, that seemingly got under the skin of some... | Culture

Gamer's responses to Jimmy Kimmel joke are an embarrassment

7h ago - An opinion piece on why some gamers need to think about how they respond to critics. | Culture

7 Of The Strangest Things Video Games Let Us Play As

7h ago - Video games are powerful things. They can transport us to wonderful worlds that could never exist... | Culture

When Even Pokémon Isn’t Safe Anymore

8h ago - We love the fantasy worlds that video games take us to. But sometimes fantasy can't stop reality... | Culture

The Slim Possibility of a Good "Kojima-less" Metal Gear

9h ago - Can the Metal Gear franchise survive without Hideo Kojima at the helm? Probably. The bigger q... | Culture

How Fallout Shelter Helped Me Love Gaming Again

11h ago - Who knew Bethesda’s mobile game would be more enticing than other recent AAA games? | Culture

Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Secured

14h ago - GE writes: "Metal Gear Solid started in 1987, but for me (and a lot of people) it was 1998. Us Eu... | Culture

Everybody Should Just Get Over Zombies Already

15h ago - Diggy at GameSpew writes: "Films, games, books, TV, clothing ranges, public events, themed cruise... | Culture

The Worst Metal Gear Story Ever Told & How It Predicted the Rest of the Series

15h ago - Den of Geek looks back at the worst Metal Gear story ever told and how it predicted the future of... | GameCube

Fifteen Actors That Could Star In The 'Borderlands' Movie

22h ago - Forbes: It’s Borderlands. It’s funny, it’s got iconic characters and an “attitude” about it that... | Culture

The Life and Times of the MMO

23h ago - The MMO has been a staple of the gaming landscape for an extensive period of time, but what exact... | PC

The 10 Best Cosplays of PAX Prime 2015

1d ago - The cosplayers who attended PAX Prime 2015 turned the convention center as well as the streets of... | Culture


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

9 Incredible Games We'll Never Get To Play

1d ago - Every now and then video game developers make promises they just can’t keep, or circumstances que... | Culture

Video Game Length: A Balancing Act Between Customer And Developer Desire

1d 1h ago - Gamerant Finding the sweet spot for game length is something of a conundrum for developers—too... | Culture

Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Steam Reviews are Drowning in Kojima Jokes

1d 1h ago - Fans aren't too happy that Konami's axed Kojima from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's cover... | Culture

Grizzled Ryu's Beard is Taking Over the Cast of Street Fighter V

1d 4h ago - Street Fighter V has Grizzled Ryu as a pre-order bonus, complete with a beard. But it looks like... | Culture

No, Samus Aran Is Not A Trans Woman

1d 6h ago - Samus Aran, one of the most heroic women in video games, is not trans-gender, thanks. | Culture
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