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When games do death differently

1h ago | Article | "In games, nothing can be said to be certain except death and… well, mostly that. Death as a...

This Week in Gaming History: Game Boy, Dr. Mario, & Mother Anniversaries

12h ago | Article | A look at one of the busiest weeks in video game history

All Work All Play: The Cinematic Experience of the Summer

4d ago | Article | As video games continue to propel themselves to...

After Silent Hills Debacle, Guillermo del Toro Says He's Done Making Video Games

4d ago | Article | Playboy - Hollywood creative force Guillermo del Toro has had success across just about every medium, including directing blockbuster films like Pacific Rim and Hellboy, screenwriting The Hobbit Tr...

Muv-Luv Creator Kouki Yoshimune with a Message to the Fans

1d 16h ago | Article | The announcement-heavy Sekai Project panel at Otakon featured more than just upcoming game releas...

Survival Games: Genre Still Evolving From Early Mechanics

2d ago | Article | Gamerant Survival games aren’t exactly a new genre—what objective is more prominent in games t...

How video games are helping veterans with life after war

3d ago | Article | And with 22 United States veterans committing suicide every day, Operation Supply Drop’s work with vets — helping them to cope with civilian life and form self-supporting communities — is quickly b...

Gaming Merch of Etsy – Power Armour, Shields and Some Bad Juju

2d ago | Article | Ash talks about Etsy and some of the sweet gaming merch that can be found on the site including p...

From Dragon Quest to Chrono Trigger: The Video Game Art of Akira Toriyama

4d ago | Article | Den of Geek takes a look back at the video game work of manga writer-artist Akira Toriyama.

Go for Pro - Evo 2015 special

3d ago | Article | Player2 looks at their personal highlights from the EVO 2015 tourney

Boss Battle: Tackle the Zeus Thunder Thighs

6d ago | Article | GamerFitNation: The mighty god of thunder has some pretty powerful thighs on him. These intense t...

Insert Coin: The Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For

6d ago | Article | GamerFitNation: Midway is a video game developer that has been around for years. They’ve created...

10 Iconic Video Games You Almost Lost To Development Hell

6d ago | Article | WC Although it may seem bleak thanks to crushing non-announcements and the lingering threat of...

The Brutal History Of Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities

6d ago | Article | Since its inception, Mortal Kombat has carried with it a sense of brutality. Seeing its shar...

All The Best Highlights From EVO 2015

6d ago | Article | The biggest fighting game tournament of the year took place this last weekend as EVO 2015 ca...
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