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Community Contest: The Last of Us Screenshots

3h ago | Article | "Humor, horror, and beauty are the mini categories I have created. I have at least 100 photos of the game and my playthrough is cluttered with pauses for screenshots, but I’m loving it. So, show us...

E.T’s creator on the game Atari tried to bury

1d 8h ago | Article | In a special editorial from E.T. coder Howard Scott Warshaw, the Atari veteran uncovers the urban...

Gamers Unhappy With Sony’s Rejection of EA Access

9h ago | Article | EA has stirred up a storm with its recent EA Access announcement. While there was some initial debate, the subscription service is definitely exclusive to Microsoft after Sony confirmed rejecting t...

15 Game Quotes that Fit on a Made With Code bracelet

9h ago | Article | From the article, "Since anyone who visits the...

Who said it: Metal Gear Solid or 50 Shades of Grey?

5d ago | Article | So, I thought it'd be fun to take 10 quotes from both the MGS games and 50 Shades, mix them up, a...

Writer for ‘Unrest’ on Kickstarter developers – “you are not Valve”

22h ago | Article | Adam DeCamp, lead writer for indie game 'Unrest...

Streets of Rage: Did Critics Love this Brawler in 1991?

1d 18h ago | Article | Defunct Games takes a trip back in time and sees what critics thought of Streets of Rage back whe...

8 Iconic Movie Directors Who Have Made Video Games

2d ago | Article | Did you know that the director of this summer’s biggest blockbuster wrote a video game about a hi...

5 Terrifying Places Horror Games Should Visit

2d ago | Article | Bloody Disgusting lists five terrifying real places that would make great settings for horror games.

I Spent The Night With Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

5d ago | Article | MONG Associate Writer Darwin Leuba spent the night with the iPhone game Kim Kardashian: Holl...

Girl Power

2d ago | Article | Sebastian Young talks about his favourite women characters from the screen and how they coul...

Retro Weekend: Ninja Five-0

3d ago | Article | Retro Weekend is a weekly series that talks about lesser known retro classics in a unique way. This week we talk about the GBA side-scroller Ninja...

Aisha Tyler Tells Us The Real Problem With Gaming And Diversity

5d ago | Article | The lack of women isn't unique to the gaming industry; it happens in other areas of tech, like at...

The Best and Worst Electronic Gaming Monthly Covers of 1990

5d ago | Article | Take a trip back in time as Defunct Games rates the best and worst Electronic Gaming Monthly cove...

5 reasons Bioware's new game is Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 2

3d ago | Article | From the article, "For years, millions of true...
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Girl Power

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