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15 Worst Video Game Deaths. I Can't Unsee These

3h ago | Article | "You’ll have trouble keeping your food down given the viscerality and gruesomeness of the videos within."

Five Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You

14h ago | Article | Video games don't rot your brain, they're actually good for you! Here's five parentally reas...

Kickstarting the Past - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

2d ago | Article | Martin Toney writes: "In Kickstarting the Past we start with a simple question: What if our favor...

Growing Up Sega: The Master System

2d ago | Article | From the article, "[Jerimiah Mueller] plays video games because of my father. Way back in th...

Jeff Gerstmann Issues a Letter From GiantBomb

6d ago | Article | In the last few days there's been a lot of talk about what Giant Bomb is and isn't. What it stands for and what it won't stand for. A lot of people have made a lot of assumptions about what we do a...

An exploration of identity in Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX

2d ago | Article | "While many games have continuously extended their stories into countless sequels, prequels and s...

Millionaire’s Row: What the TI4 winners can buy

1d 23h ago | Article | A new article takes a look at how you could spend that massive Dota 2 The International 4 prize p...

Racing to Kickstart VR: Tammeka Dev Diary #1

4d ago | Article | Following yesterday’s launch of an official Kickstarter campaign for the futuristic racing videog...

7 Awesome Things In Videogames That Were Made By a Single Person

1d 13h ago | Article | Videogames are a big business - and as a nice a...

Tokyo’s Pico Pico Cafe: Where video games meet coffee

2d ago | Article | RocketNews24: Despite having visited the town o...

3 Real Life Sports Events predicted by Video Games

2d ago | Article | Video games are good at simulating things – but sometimes they almost seem to get TOO good. Fo...

Every Time You Blew Into A NES Cartridge Your Brain Lied To You

3d ago | Article | If you’re a gamer who grew up during the 80s and 90s, you know you’re guilty of doing this.

Attack On: Addicted to gaming – Channel 10

3d ago | Article | "Gaming addiction is a serious issue, a very serious issue whereby hundreds of gamers are unable...

Best Selling Video Game of All Time

4d ago | Article | Seriously, you never know what it is.

America, According to Japanese Games

5d ago | Article | From the article, "Video games are, of course, kind of a big deal. The medium owes a lot of that...

Character of the month - July 2014: Trevor Phillips

2d ago | Article | That’s right, this month APVs character of the...

Visual Novels - The Japanese Adventure Games

4d ago | Article | Gameover's look in the eastern market of adventure games. Its history, its status in the we...

Guns, goats, and bomb scares: When video game PR goes bad

4d ago | Article | GamesBeat has collected up 12 extreme examples of video game PR and asked the professionals why i...

Gaming Urban Legends - The Horror Of Herobrine

3d ago | Article | Minecraft has become a huge pop culture sensation, but did you know that it may be haunted b...

Top 6 Indie Games

5d ago | Article | Some of the staff at SpawnFirst got together to compile a list of their favorite indie games...

Don’t Get into Staring Contests with Espurr

2d ago | Article | Never get involved in a land war in Asia, never go in against a Sicilian when death is on th...

Morrowind running on the Skyrim engine will become a reality soon

6d ago | Article | "So ideally I would like to have Morrowind look...

The EZPZ Steam Summer Adventure Guide

4d ago | Article | BeeOhBee of The Gentleman Gamer writes: "Finishing up the Steam Summer Sale has a whole lot...

The Sonic Fan Character Wiki Made Me Make Ridiculous Furries

5d ago | Article | From the article, "At 12:15am last night, [Jenn...
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Top 6 Indie Games

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