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Evolution of an Old-School Gamer

7h ago - A comparison from the eyes of a gamer in his thirties slating the differences in older games like... | Culture

10 Cortana tricks and Easter Eggs in Windows 10

9h ago - Asked the right questions, Microsoft's Cortana has funny and interesting things to say about Halo... | PC

Check What Xbox One Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all Xbox One games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Pokemon's 20th Anniversary Plans

20h ago - With Pokemon set to become 20-years-old next month, J.C. Smith has been quizzed on the franchise... | Culture

16 Call Of Duty Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

22h ago - WC Although it proves itself to be more polarising with each passing year, Call of Duty is han... | Culture

5 easy sewing projects fit for the Nintendo fabrics that hit Jo-Ann's

1d 3h ago - There are 20 new fabric choices that Jo-Ann has added to their online stock, all from the brand o... | Culture

Cheaper alternatives to high prices exist — you just have to know where to look

1d 6h ago - The Blade's Will Harrison goes through some of the best options for buying new and pre-owned titl... | Culture

Knife In A Gunfight: The History And Evolution Of First-Person Melee Combat

1d 7h ago - GI It’s easy to see why guns get all the glory in video games. Unleashing the BFG on a group o... | Culture

How the WGL APAC Finals got three Aussies talking about World of Tanks instead of AFL

1d 15h ago - Steve Wright, Stevivor -- "Korea has an actual eSports Stadium, and I found myself sitting inside... | PC

The Other Design Elements Of Video Games

1d 15h ago - These are the least observed elements of game design. Not just by the players, but sometimes by t... | Culture

PAX Prime 2015 Party List

1d 15h ago - Wondering where all the parties are at during this year’s PAX Prime 2015? Gamers Heroes has got y... | Culture

Tekken: The Strange History of the Mishima Family

1d 18h ago - As Tekken 7 brings a close to the lengthy rivalry between Heihachi Mishima and his family, Den of... | PS2

Ludum Dare Game Jam 33: You Are The Monster

1d 20h ago - Cubed Gamers writers Robin Wilde and Sian Bradley look over six indie games developed in 48 hours. | Culture

"Flowers" Are The Future of Pokemon

2d ago - The Pokemon Company’s Director of Consumer Marketing rather bizarrely says that the word ‘flowers... | Culture

The Consistent Problem with Episodic Gaming.

2d ago - While episodic gaming may hold some amazing games under it's belt, we can't ignore the glaring is... | Culture

Live-action short featuring Luigi's competitive rage

2d ago - A live-action video called Mario Skates shows off brother Luigi seeking to beat Mario's high score. | Culture

Four Interesting Things to Happen in eSports 2015

2d ago - eSports is growing at a phenomenal rate and I personally feel, 2015 is a big milestone for the in... | Culture

Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

2d ago - FFU: Welcome to another Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay segment where I search the internet for clot... | Culture

Games Like: EVE Online

3d ago - This week, Steven is counting down the games for those of you looking for EVE Online without the... | PC

16 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Nintendo

3d ago - WC From a trading card company in Japan through a stratospheric rise to dominate both arcades... | Culture

This Week in Gaming History: Karts, Ness and Burgers

3d ago - Earthbound, Super Mario Kart and BurgerTime all celebrate birthdays this week. Take a look back... | Arcade

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Metal Gear Solid in 5 Minutes: Big Boss Edition

4d ago - IGN: Before you play The Phantom Pain, catch up on the origin story of Big Boss and find out w... | Culture

Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure: The Weird Platformers of Vic Tokai

4d ago - The Sega Mega Drive's weirdest game? Ryan takes a look back at the incredibly strange Magical Fly... | Culture

Who's the Gaming World Endorsing for Labour Leader? | Cubed Gamers

4d ago - The real question of this leadership content is who's best placed to get the floating Toad voters. | Culture

Bizarre Game Endings: Pilotwings

4d ago - Some game endings are good. Most are bad. And a few just sail out of the blue. One example of an... | Culture

Volume Three of the Tomb Raider Comic Series Releases this Fall, Leads into Rise of the Tomb Raider

5d ago - On November 24th, just fourteen days after the Xbox timed exclusive launch of Rise of the Tomb Ra... | Culture
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