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Shacknews - 5 Games that Expanded the Star Wars Universe

37m ago | Article | Though Disney has essentially killed off the Expanded Universe to make room for its new trilogy,...

How Old Do Retro Game Characters Look?

32m ago | Article | How old do your favorite retro game characters look? Defunct Games posed that question to Mi...

Top 5 WTF Moments in Gaming

8h ago | Opinion piece | Some games have unexpected or simply downright weird moments in them that stick out. Alex is...

Batgirl: Could a Standalone Batgirl Game Be Next?

4h ago | Opinion piece | With the announcement of the Batgirl DLC for 'Arkham Knight.' Nerd Much discusses if a standalone Batgirl game could be next.

Is Bloodborne The Greatest Horror Game Of All Time?

10h ago | Opinion piece | "There are plenty of good horror games out there that deal in fear and tension. Bloodborne is one of the few that actually deals in true, unadulterated madness."

Daredevil Needs a Video Game – Here’s What It Needs to Be a Success

3h ago | Opinion piece | Daredevil has become the new Marvel hotness, and a video game should follow. If it happens, here'...

The Age of the Remaster (or How to Create the Illusion of Choice)

6h ago | Opinion piece | Remastered versions of old games are still consistently marching their way to consumer's consoles...

There's No Need to Worry About Star Wars Battlefront - Rebel Base

18h ago | Opinion piece | IGN - Yes, there's no space battles, no prequel content, and no single-player campaign, but we're...

Her Name Was Rachel: Honoring Rachel Bryk’s Contributions to Emulation

8h ago | Opinion piece | Earlier this year, transgender developer Rachel Bryk tragically passed away. Her work on the Dolp...

Can Too Many Promo Vids Make You Lose Interest In A Game?

20h ago | Opinion piece | If you see literally dozens of gameplay videos and trailers, don't you start to lose interest in...

Playing Catch Up: A Animatronic Gamer Army

13h ago | Opinion piece | In this Weeks intallament of Playing catch up; a GSR lighthearted take on the weeks events....

The most exciting games for New 3DS may not Come from Nintendo

16h ago | Opinion piece | GamesRadar - If you went out and bought a New 3...

Can DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront Escape the Same Sad Fate as Titanfall?

16h ago | Opinion piece | GamesRadar - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a loose alliance of developers and pundit...

In Defense of Politics In Games

18h ago | Opinion piece | To say that video games should never address political ideologies is to say that video games shouldn't be art. It's a strange and anti-intellectual...

The Huge Problem With Gamers

18h ago | Opinion piece | Video games are designed to be an escape for us. A time for us to enjoy a digital experience that takes us away from all the trials and tribulation...

Games out this month: 10 biggest releases for May

18h ago | Opinion piece | DS: It looks like May will be a busy month for Bandai Namco thanks to the delayed launches of Pr...

Common Misconceptions About Gamers And The Facts

11h ago | Article | There is always a stigma attached to gamers, where society labels us all as fat, middle aged...

Pay to Progress: Exploring Gameplay and Microtransactions

17h ago | Opinion piece | NZGamer: Free-to-play games and microtransacti...

The Call of Duty that Time Forgot

17h ago | Opinion piece | OXM - Of all the lost and forgotten games in history, Call of Duty 3 has got to be the most...

What's the secret to Deus Ex's impeccable design?

17h ago | Article | OPM - Here we go, then. The games writers’ game. The mythical masterwork that anyone old eno...
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