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Top 5 Movie-to-Video Game Adaptations

55m ago | Opinion piece | TCB writes: There’s a few constants you can count on in life: death, taxes and bad movie-to-...

Tomb Raider – Some Handy Facts And Figures

1h ago | Opinion piece | Unless you have been living under a rock (or in a cave seems more apt), you will at some poi...

[NSFW] Japan’s Women’s Rights Review Could Impact Games

8h ago | Article | As of February 10th, 2016, Japan’s record on women’s rights is under review. The review will be undertaken by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and will t...

Which Game Will be the Next Great eSport? Assessing the Contenders

5h ago | Opinion piece | The competition to become the next big eSport is intense. Every major publisher has their own prospective eSports game, and the money is pouring in from every direction. With so many major players...

Let's Dream: What we want from Nintendo at E3 2016

15h ago | Opinion piece | Eggplante runs down what we'd absolutely love to see from Nintendo at E3 2016 in the ideal world....

YouTubers Help Boost Call of Duty’s Microtransaction Gambling System

14h ago | Opinion piece | Wondering why microtransactions are still gaining traction in games, big and small, even though m...

The Virtues Of Going Into A Game Blind

8h ago | Opinion piece | Sometimes knowing next to nothing about a game is the best way to play it.

69 awesomely ballsy easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

4h ago | Article | Now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, you may...

Memorable Music in Gaming #19

8h ago | Opinion piece | Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Some games are ingrained in our memories due in large part to...

20 Thoughts Every Final Fantasy Fan Has Had

17h ago | Opinion piece | WOW247: "With all the hype around the Final Fantasy VII remake, the Final Fantasy IX port, and Fi...

8 Fallout 4 Valentine's Day Cards to Give to Your Companion

16h ago | Opinion piece | Valentine's day is right around the corner, and if you have a fallout fan in your life, these car...

Is two decades of Pokémon more than enough?

19h ago | Opinion piece | IM PLAYIN discusses two decades of Pokémon, and whether or not its had its day. "When I was gr...

9 Destiny Valentine's Day Cards That Are Perfect For Any Fan

19h ago | Opinion piece | TW: Guardians, don’t panic, but Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Maybe you’ve been too caught up...
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