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Film Review: 'GTFO: The Movie' covers the treatment of women in gaming

1d ago | Opinion piece | A look at both the film and some of the online remarks about it

Close Up: Metal Gear Solid Premium Package

3d ago | Opinion piece | A detailed look at the Japanese Metal Gear Solid Premium Package for Metal Gear Solid on the orig...

Positivity Through Gaming

1d 4h ago | Article | Recent events on social media bring a stark reminder about the generosity of gamers and how...

9 Video Game Gigs We'd Actually Pay To See

1d 5h ago | Opinion piece | WOW247: "Some games go above and beyond by delivering their musical performances in the form...

11 Gamer Girls Who Are Captivating Male Gamers Worldwide

3d ago | Opinion piece | Who is your favorite gamer girl out of these 11 babes?

PC Gaming: It's a Love Hate Thing

6d ago | Opinion piece | A long time PC Gamer starts to wonder if PC Gaming is best for him moving forward.

Nintendo Are Living In The Past - And It's Really Frustrating

4d ago | Opinion piece | Will Beach: "Nintendo has had a profound effect on me over the years. But the first rule of being...

Five Super Serious Ideas for a The Last of Us Sequel

2d ago | Opinion piece | VGChartz's Evan Norris: "After voice actor Nola...

HDoom - The hentai Doom mod

2d ago | Opinion piece | Most of you are probably more than familiar with Doom (or Brutal Doom) by now, but did you k...

Evolution of a Gamer 5: Extra Life (Classic EoG)

3d ago | Article | Continuing the run of classic Evolution of a Gamer articles, this one reflect's Ryan's gamer-geek...

Retro Review: 'Bosconian' had what it took to be an early 80s hit

3d ago | Opinion piece | A look at perhaps the most underrated Namco game of the early 1980s.

Uncharted 4's personality could be safe despite dumping Hennig's work

4d ago | Opinion piece | Dealspwn: The departure of Amy Hennig from Naughty Dog in early 2014 was one of the saddest surpr...

Arkham Knight’s Story Is Ruined By DLC And A Disregard For Canon

4d ago | Opinion piece | AG from EGMR writes: "It’s Friday, I’m rather close to completing Batman: Arkham Knight and I’m s...

Why Nintendo Won’t Give Us 2D Metroid And Other Sequels We Want

3d ago | Opinion piece | GI Every year when E3 rolls around, analysts...

What Other Square Enix Games Deserve the Final Fantasy 7 Treatment?

5d ago | Opinion piece | GamesRadar - The internet got hit with a heavy dose of Final Fantasy fever coming out of E3 2015....

Creating a “Mathematical!” Adventure Time Video Game

3d ago | Opinion piece | Stephanie Burdo with writes:...

What's the First Game You Bought With Your Own Money? - GameSpot Q&A

5d ago | Opinion piece | GameSpot - Money wasn't an easy thing to come by when you were younger. If you had any, you most...

Patreon & Rent: Better Support Needed for Altgames

3d ago | Opinion piece | Is it feasible to create video games that are n...

Why Female Lead Characters Are Extremely Essential For Games

4d ago | Opinion piece | SegmentNext - The gaming world is changing. It...

30 Things You Didn’t Know About The Resident Evil Series

4d ago | Opinion piece | WC You wouldn't believe it today considering...

20 Absolute Worst Video Game Spin-Offs Of All Time

4d ago | Opinion piece | WC Spin-offs aren't inevitably always bad, n...

Top 5: Grass in Gaming

6d ago | Opinion piece | VGChartz's Joseph Trotter: "I love grass! Particularly I love digital grass. For me not the...

Impressive Bioshock Infinite Cosplay By Zyunka Muhina

4d ago | Article | Zyunka Muhina impresses Bioshock Fans by honori...
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