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8 Games of 2015 That Will Delay to Next Year

8h ago | Opinion piece | MultiInformer: Gaming lovers are much exited for games that will release in 2015 these 8 games are not gonna release in 2015. All the gaming lovers have to wait for 1 year more to play these games....

When will gamers understand that criticism isn't censorship?

0m ago | Opinion piece | “It’s both possible, and even necessary, to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical...

8 Unreleased Video Games That We Actually Miss

8h ago | Opinion piece | It always feels very bad when games get cancelled. There are numerous reasons of it. Most often i...

Pewdiepie is Pissed at Nintendo, You Won’t Believe Why

16h ago | Opinion piece | Pewdiepie is lashing out at Nintendo for their recent announcement of the Nintendo affiliate program.

5 Gaming Franchises That We Desperately Need on PS4

10h ago | Opinion piece | MultiInformer: Some of the great gaming franchises we already have on PS4 like Killzone, Grand Th...

Smoking Hot Video Game Body Paint You Wont Want To Miss

9h ago | Article | **Possibly NSFW** Video game body paint has got to be one of the coolest things in the world. Bel...

16 Best Video Game Trilogies Of All Time

3h ago | Opinion piece | WC So, what makes a downright brilliant trilogy in gaming? Is it sticking to a well-wo...

5 Games to Never Purchase at Full Price

9h ago | Opinion piece | Gaming is an expensive hobby but helps to know that some titles are worth getting on their releas...

Mortal Kombat: Ranking All the Characters

5h ago | Opinion piece | From the icons like Scorpion and Raiden to the obscure and forgotten like Drahmin and Jarek,...

VGU Talks: Bro Team Pill vs Angry Joe

4h ago | Opinion piece | Bringing up the discussion on Fair Use once again, Angry Joe on YouTube has had a video of his ta...

The Top 10 Stealth Games of All Time

5h ago | Opinion piece | In video games, it’s not always wise to go into a room full of bad guys with guns blazing. That c...

Pokemon Multiverse Theory - Delta Episode Timeline

4h ago | Article | Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's infamou...

4 Things We Would Love From Kojima

4h ago | Opinion piece | FixThisGame focus on their wish-list for things (they think) we would love Kojima to bring u...

Memorable Music in Gaming #3

5h ago | Opinion piece | Chalgyr's Game Room writes: It has been a while since I took a look at some of my favorit...

Telltale Tell All

5h ago | Article | Craig takes a satirical look at Telltale Games first IP. Obviously nothing is known about th...

Sex and Video Games: From Premature Beginnings to Full On Fantasy

15h ago | Opinion piece | Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'Sex and video games have shared a long and not-so-clean history...

The Top 5 Greatest Games that Gamers Forgot

21h ago | Opinion piece | This week A Pixelated View jar their memories and set out to bring some much deserved recognition...

FAQ: What Sci-Fi IP Should Be An MMO Next?

8h ago | Opinion piece | From the big screen to books, science fiction is a beloved genre across all forms of media....

Stunt School: Skyrim

9h ago | Opinion piece | All the tricks you can pull off in Tamriel with horses, dragons and really, really big mount...

Amiibos : A New Way To Pay For Your Favorite Characters

10h ago | Opinion piece | It used to be exclusively DLC, now, there’s a n...

15 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Gamers

15h ago | Article | When they're not in front of a camera, many celebrities love to kick back and relax ... by p...

Most Annoying Enemies From the Zelda Series

13h ago | Opinion piece | ZI: On this weeks top list, we talk about some of our least favorite things, the top annoyin...

13 Horror Games Not to Turn Your Back on in 2015

19h ago | Opinion piece | IGN:"Dracula, Pennywise, Cthulhu: all great evils return after periods of protracted slumber...
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Telltale Tell All

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