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Hatred: Violence and Pure Porn

3h ago | Opinion piece | "Meet Patrick. Young and exceptionally handsome. Patrick takes pride in being the best he can be mentally and physically. Educated, intellectual, and operates on a rigorous morning routine full of...

You Can Now Get Retro Gaming Socks

12h ago | Article | More gaming merchandise that's a little different from the norm is starting to pop up online, the latest being these classic gaming themed socks, a...

Gamergate gone too far

6h ago | Opinion piece | "When it began it was something that was so outrageously silly that I didn't believe it. Then once I started to believe it, I learned quickly the m...

Actress Felicia Day doxxed after expressing GamerGate concerns

12h ago | Article | The truly honorable intentions of the GamerGate movement gets another black eye. And I use the word "honorable" in a sarcastic manner.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Final Fantasy VII

6h ago | Opinion piece | WC: To this day, opinion remains divided on Final Fantasy VII. Many believe it to be one of the g...

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Digital Downloads vs Physical Copies

6h ago | Opinion piece | UM: "Invariably, when a video game console announces that it will be digital-only, all hell break...

Gaming needs more remakes

12h ago | Opinion piece | "Having always been a GameCentral reader a few comments regarding Bayonetta in the Inbox rec...

The 8 Most Insane Video Game Conspiracy Theories

9h ago | Opinion piece | 8CN: Everybody loves a good story, and a good story that totally happened to a cousin of you...

Retro Halloweekend: Maniac Mansion

9h ago | Article | This week's edition of Retro Halloweekend has us look at the classic point-and-click adventure game, Maniac Mansion. With it's witty humor and dyna...

12 video game characters who can’t swim (and why)

6h ago | Opinion piece | GamesRadar: Water is the most essential element of life. We need it to survive. But don't ev...

The Dangers of Speaking about GamerGate

14h ago | Opinion piece | People that are involved in the game industry will have surely heard about the movement known as...

Why the man behind Final Fantasy went free to play

11h ago | Opinion piece | "Free to play games are ten a penny on the app...

Serotonin: Feeling safe in your hometown

12h ago | Opinion piece | SEROTONIN: In both games and real life, a safe, familiar hometown can go a long way.

Why you should be Looking Forward to the SMITE World Championships

12h ago | Opinion piece | It's going to be a hot time in Atlanta during t...

11 Video Games You Won’t Believe Are Almost 20 Years Old

19h ago | Opinion piece | WC: When people talk about landmark years for music, 1991 tends to crop up – but it’s up for deba...

Digimon vs Pokemon – fight

14h ago | Opinion piece | Dorit Vaknine likes Pokemon. Dorit also likes Digimon. Which is better though? There's only...

Spooky Games Are Not Always Scary

9h ago | Opinion piece | Plenty of horror games offer a great time, even if they’re not very frightening.

8 games that baffle you with their insane intros

14h ago | Opinion piece | GamesRadar: Welcome to the wonderful world of video game opening cutscenes. They’re mostly used t...

31 Days of Horror Games: The Suffering

22h ago | Opinion piece | Slaying monsters and deciding the fates of others forms the backbone of this horrific romp throug...

10 Video Games That Should’ve Quit While They Were Ahead

16h ago | Opinion piece | WC: Ignoring the countless design and interacti...

Top 10 everyday items that make surprisingly good weapons in video games

17h ago | Opinion piece | Damian Skinner writes:In Video Games even every...

Why I’m Okay With Letting Kids Play Mature Rated Games

17h ago | Opinion piece | Victor states his reasons why he thinks it's fine to let minors play M-rated games.

HATRED's Controversy, Is It Necessary?

12h ago | Opinion piece | As many of you may have seen, a game called HATRED has be making some waves recently due to...
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