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VG Clash! - Culdcept Saga (Xbox 360)

1281d ago - Koru from here with a brand new series, "Video Game Clash!" where I showcase match v... | Xbox 360

KGR: Episode 5

1521d ago - Welcome back to Koru's Game Reviews. This is Koru from presenting episode 5. Toda... | Wii

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Top 5 Most Overlooked Xbox 360 Exclusives

1990d ago - Although the Xbox 360 has the highest software attach ratio ever for a video game system, many ex... | 2

Podcast: DF #41: 2008 Year in Review

2462d ago - It's a new year and we have a brand new episode for all you loyal(stupid?) listeners. We start of... | 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 11

Gamespot: Culdcept Saga Review

2499d ago - Card-collecting games can be extremely intimidating. Veterans of card-battle duels know the lure... | 2

Game Revolution: Culdcept Saga Review

2751d ago - Game Revolution: It is difficult for the mind to encompass more than two entirely different ideas... | 2

Crispy Gamer: Culdcept Saga Review

2768d ago - Crispy Gamer writes: Here's a strange brew. Combine collectible card games with board games for s... | 2

Worthplaying: Culdcept Saga Review

2769d ago - If you've never played a Culdcept game, we're not surprised. There have been about five of them r... | 2

Culdcept Saga Review at Gaming Target: "Culdcept in a high definition wrapper"

2771d ago - From the review: "Still with me? Good. For everyone that's played Culdcept before, it's... | 2

Destructoid Review: Culdcept Saga

2772d ago - Culdcept Saga doesn't do its best to be accessible and easy to appreciate, and that's probably it... | 2

Culdcept SAGA Review from Video Game Playerz

2772d ago - In the history of gaming there has been kind of a cult following when it comes to games that are... | 2

Gaming Nexus: Culdcept Saga Review

2773d ago - Sadly Culdcept Saga isn't everything it could have been, it would have been nice if they had adde... | 2

MSXbox World: Culdcept Saga Review

2784d ago - Culdcept Saga is very likely going to be a game you will love, or a game you will hate. Those tha... | 2

Culdcept Saga - Gaming Age Review

2785d ago - "Gamers who are into this genre will no doubt enjoy what Culdcept Saga offers, but with the... | 2

Gamezone: Culdcept Saga Review

2788d ago - Gamezone writes: "Even though I was critical of the time it takes to play some of the b... | 2

GameShark reviews Culdcept Saga

2789d ago - "While not the most user friendly game around, Culdcept Saga is undeniably addictive...... | 2

Planet Xbox 360: Culdcept Saga Review

2790d ago - Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Though the cut-scenes and game board renderings of your creatu... | 2

Culdcept SAGA Review From

2791d ago - ZTGD Writes: If you have never heard of Cudcept don't feel ashamed. The original game released on... | 2

X-Play reviews Culdcept Saga

2792d ago - The video review is below. Read the source article for the full text review. Pros: • E... | 2

UGO: Culdcept Saga review

2792d ago - Creature collectors and real estate moguls, have we got the game for you. Culdcept Saga is a stra... | 2

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GameTrailers: Culdcept Saga Review

2793d ago - GameTrailers: A virtual board game that plays like a cross between Magic the Gathering and Monopo... | 2

Culdcept Saga Xbox 360 Review -

2794d ago - Just over a decade ago, developer OmiyaSoft unleashed Culdcept on Sega Saturn. Culdcept was a com... | 2

GameTap: Culdcept Saga Review

2796d ago - GameTap's Robert Coffey writes: I never thought I'd end up in an abusive relationship, that I'd f... | 2

Think you can beat the devs at Culdcept SAGA?

2798d ago - Next Friday, Feb. 15, 2008, Xbox Game with Developers brings you something cool. If you are an av... | 2

CheatCC Review: Culdcept SAGA (4 out of 5) - Cards from Asgard

2798d ago - CheatCC writes: "Culdcept SAGA from Namco Bandai utilizes elements from traditional card col... | 2
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