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Culdcept Saga Ships

2928d ago - PX360 writes: "Namco Bandai Games announced today that Culdcept Saga has shipped to ret... | 2

OXM US Review: Culdcept Saga

2928d ago - OXM US writes: "Part board game, part collectible-card addiction, Culdcept Saga's stran... | 2

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Culdcept Saga Review from GameSpy

2929d ago - Gerald Villoria writes: "Get ready to roll dice, draw cards, and cross your fingers for... | 2

Culdcept Saga Review (TeamXbox)

2929d ago - If you're more aligned with Bridge than you are with Go Fish, and don't mind Lady Luck dropping i... | 2

Culdcept Saga Reviewed by IGN

2930d ago - Closing comments by IGN's Nate Ahearn: "Culdcept Saga is enjoyable; let me start by say... | 2

1UP reviews Culdcept Saga

2930d ago - Culdcept Saga is ultimately only as good as the core game behind it all, and with new levels, 200... | 2

The Video Game Release List of 2/3 - 2/9 (North America)

2932d ago - This week's North American releases span the PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nin... | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12

Culdcept Saga Blog: Q & A

2934d ago - Namco Bandai addresses some concerns for the upcoming card game/board game hybrid. | 2

RPGamer Feature - Culdcept Saga Interview

2934d ago - RPGamer had the chance to sit down with Culdcept guru and Culdcept SAGA's Localization Producer,... | 2

RPGamer Preview: Culdcept Saga

2934d ago - In Japan, the Culdcept series has seen several iterations, but North America has only seen the li... | 2

GameSpy Preview: Culdcept Saga + Trailer

2937d ago - Magic: The Gathering meets Monopoly in this Xbox 360 hybrid. Spiffy: Lots of strategy involv... | 2

TXB: Culdcept Saga Hands-on Preview

2942d ago - There's a marked difference between turn-based strategy video games based on board or card games... | 2

1UP Previews: Culdcept Saga

2947d ago - 1UP writes: "The original Culdcept on PS2 didn't have much of a chance. A small publish... | 2

Culdcept Saga Official Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes Store

2947d ago - January 17, 2008 (GameZone) - Namco Bandai America announced that the official soundtrack for Cul... | 2, 11

Culdcept SAGA: The A/V Department

2948d ago - This entry discuss the music and art of Culdcept SAGA. Even though the game is heavily focused on... | 2

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of the Next 3 Months

2949d ago - Clayton Ashley of writes: "2007 was a fantastic year of gaming, one fil... | 1, 2, 3, 5, 12

Joystiq Interview - Namco Bandai Stacks the Deck with Culdcept Saga

2949d ago - Jason Dobson of Joystiq writes: "In advance of the game's early February release we man... | 2

The Sleeper Hits of 2008

2956d ago - Game Informer writes: "As we've pointed out before, there's a lot to look forward to in 20... | 1,2,3,5,12

The Year Ahead: Xbox 360 Gaming in 2008

2982d ago - 2007 may have been a banner year for the industry, but because of the fierce holiday competition,... | 2

Culdcept Saga Hands-On Preview (Xbox 360)

2986d ago - From the article: "The original Culdcept was a strange game released for the PS2 in 2003 tha... | 2

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Culdcept Saga demo added to Xbox Live Marketplace

2992d ago - From the article: "Culdcept was one of the greatest underappreciated games the PlayStation 2... | 2

Culdcept Saga Delayed - New Screens

3202d ago - New images of Culdcept Saga for the xbox360. The game has also been delayed according to gamestop... | 2

Namco announce Culdcept SAGA for the 360

3257d ago - NAMCO BANDAI confirmed earlier today that the game is heading to the Xbox 360 this summer... | 2

The first 10 minutes: Culdcept Saga

3360d ago - got their hands on the Japanese version of Culdcept Saga and have posted a video show... | 2

Culdcept Saga Achievement List

3370d ago - The achievements for the card playing game, Culdcept Saga, has been revealed. All achievements ar... | 2

Culdcept Saga

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